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Dizzy Bear

Featuring a VERY dizzy bear. :D He was spun one too many times on the round-about.
Black-and-white film used. This was a project for photo class, a theme shoot.

My theme was youth. :D

LoL! I'm getting a lot of comments about how people interpret the photo differently. Some people say it looks a bit sad, probably because he's left alone? While other people see it in a more lighter sense. :D But that's the beauty of art!
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Dec 11, 2009, 7:59:29 PM
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LOL This is a very good photo. Yeah I would say I would title this "Forgotten" It does look sad to me. Art is beautiful, no matter how unattractive a specific piece of art may be.
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D: It still has so much dust on it. OCD. *Headdesks*
Everyone's interpretation is different so there's no wrong answer, right? ^^
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awwww, i like it
it's cute
Aberr's avatar
Whoa, you're back. O.o'
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I love teddy bears. This is sweet, but a little sad :(
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I :heart: this! soo cute, but really great shot too - lovely light! :aww:
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wow nice shot
love it
now go join a photo group on dA and submit it !!
Aberr's avatar
A photo group? What's that...? xD
BriBriBlitz's avatar
ill tell u at school
cause i cant explain it without useing my voice ^^;
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I just found one. xD
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It says Photography or something.
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Haha, funny story about those... I made Binx a promise I was going to try and find one nearby us, 'cause they took all of them out of our parks because they were a "hazard". [ Unfortunately the closest one I've found so far is three hours away. O-o ]

Hmm... this is a really cute picture, though. I love that bear, so curly and adorable.
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Yup. Round-about. O.o' A hazard? That one is in the BABY playground in our town. xD
ShilohStrange's avatar
I know!! Those things... oh, I love them so much. And they just had to take them out of my whole town, with some lamo reason behind why the did so. D<
Aberr's avatar
LoL They're fun. Spinspinspinspinspinnnn~
ShilohStrange's avatar
You spin my head right 'round, right 'round~!!
Aberr's avatar
LoL. Our version is...

"나도 어디선 꿀리진않어
아직 쓸만하고 죽진않았어
너 하나 때문에 망가진 몸
사라진 꿈 못찾는 맘
널 위해서라면 이 한 몸 날려
니가 있는 곳이면 달려
하지만 그댄 내게 안녕 또 안녕"

Or in case you can't read that...

"Nado eodiseo kkullijin anheo
ajik sseulmanhan geol jukji anhasseo
neohana ttaemune manggajin mom
sarajin kkum motchatneun mam
neol wihaeseoramyeon i han mom nallyeo
niga inneun gosimyeon dallyeo
hajiman geudaen naege annyeong tto annyeong"


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