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SMG wip 3

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It's cool that the gun has a

E. lectromagnetic
P. rojectile
L. auncher

But why a cloaking device
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sweet smg design. though not sure why its got a cloaking device attached to it (seems like and easy way to lose your gun). and also im confused as to that the under slung attachment is?
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That face when you're invisible, but you're holding a flashy red gun: (    °)
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1. Why would you give a brightly colored weapon to a stealth soldier in the first place? 2. Any clocking device worth its salt would also cloak anything the soldier is holding or wearing or else it would only cloak what ever it was attached to. 3. Baring a device that can extend to everything. A stealth soldier would wear a cloaking cloak which you could hide any weapon under. 4. That just seems like a waste of a probably very expensive piece of tech just to cloak a gun. Also I think attaching it directly to a gun would shake all the wiring. and 5. again an EML seems way out of place for a stealth weapon. EML are super loud and flashy. Id rather attach something more practical.
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1. Because it has a cloaking device. (Also, that was kind of the joke right there.)
2. Maybe the gun can cloak the whole soldier then(?)
3. Seems much more complicated to use that way than to simply put a device on the gun.
4. No price is too high for a true ninja. Also we can make it recoilproof. We have the technology. =P
5. The E.M.L. is of course for when the worst case scenario happens, where stealth fails and you have to destroy all evidence and leave no witness to make sure your stealth operation is successful.
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never mind about the under slung attachment. though an E.M.L seems like something you would attach to a more stable platform like an assault rifle
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