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On the Origin of Species

It's one of the most important books ever written. It presents one of the greatest ideas anyone has ever had. More than 20 years in the making, "On the Origin of Species" arrived on the scene in 1859. This 502 page book would go on to revolutionize how we understand the living world. It would introduce the general public to the simple process responsible for the remarkable history and astounding diversity of life: Evolution.

- Prints Available (INPRNT / Society6)
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I really like your style on this!
It looks awesome, but you keep it simple.
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This looks so sick! and if you'r interested I've got an article you might find interesting: Darwin and his finches - The evolution of a legend [link]
PS: What program did you use?
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Hey, well thanks, much appreciated :)
And I used Adobe Illustrator.
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FYI. Loved this piece. I featured the work on a recent blog post of mine and gave you credit and a link back. I'll check out the rest of your gallery. Here's the post if you're interested: Darwin Day and Ken Ham’s pseudoscience
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Well thanks, I really appreciate that. Glad you could make use of it.
Darwin Day would be wonderful... unfortunately I couldn't imagine that ever happen in this country either. At least it could still be an unofficial movement. It would be nice to see an organized nationwide event... something like natural history museums offering free admission and setting up a special Darwin event/exhibit.
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Sure thing. Yeah, it's pitiful that the U.S. doesn't already have some kind of celebration of Darwin's work. We claim to be the greatest nation in the world, yet we kowtow to religion and fail to wholly embrace evolution as a fucking fact and everything else that science has to offer.
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I appreciate your enthusiasm for science! I wish people would get more excited about it! I don't even know that much yet, but I still love it! YEEEEAAAAAH SCIENCE! JOINMEINMYENTHUSIASUM.
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And I appreciate YOUR enthusiasm for science, my friend!
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Great design and composition. Good color template as well.
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I want this on a T shirt.
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just so great
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#Screeners Deviation of the Day 4/26/12 on Screeners Facebook [link] and Twitter @dascreeners
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Thanks for the feature!
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Our pleasure. It's an amazing piece :)
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This needs to be made into a shirt! Beautiful design! :)
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I third this!!!
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I second that! Would love to wear this during my week long lecture on evolution!
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wonderful work. looks modern and traditional at the same time.
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