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Curiosity of the Quantum Cat

The famous "Schrödinger's Cat" thought experiment has a cat placed in a box with a device that has a 50/50 chance of killing the cat, suggesting that after a while the cat would simultaneously be in both possible states: alive and dead, until the box is opened to actually observe the outcome, where it will only be one state or the other. It was not meant to be taken seriously, Schrödinger meant it to be an absurd example illustrating the problem he saw with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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My psychology teacher says that the cat is dead because it suffocated due to there being no air holes in the box.  And you can't add air holes because then you would be able to observe the cat.
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Ha well if you NEVER open the box or wait long enough to observe then yea eventually it'll die of asphyxiation, dehydration, or starvation depending what it was provided with. The longer it goes, the more likely it is to be in a state of death until it's inevitable.
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Excellent work, I'm sure it's great on a T-shirt :la:
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nice visual representation of what is probably one of the more trippy thought experiments/examples of quantum mindscrewing i've read and heard of ^^
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I think the trippiest one is probably still the electron interference pattern though xD
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Amazing illustration of Schrödinger's little paradox, and good job on knowing that it was meant as a jab against the apparent (at the time) absurdity of quantum physics and their tendency to work with probabilities (especially that infamous Copenhagen interpretation, gee...), and not as an actual example of how the physical world works.

I once had a girlfriend that wanted to try that on our cat, though.

I will definitely get a T-shirt when I have the money.
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Well thanks!
Glad your cat wasn't subjected to an impromptu science experiment :)
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I love quantum mechanics! I first got interested in it when I heard about this same theory on a show called Flash-Forward.
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AWESOME!!! Amazing visual of one of my favorite theories, if that can be called a theory. Hmm yeah thought experiment is better haha! Amazing man! You got yourself a new fan! I would LOVE to have this design on a shirt! You selling it somewhere?
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Thanks for all the support! It's currently not sold anywhere but I intend to, looking into options. I could let you know when it's available.
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Awesome! Please let me know dude! I'd suggest either Society6 or Redbubble, those are the best two options I've encoutered!
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so what happend after
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