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Many many thanks to Sophquest for the Daily Deviation on

Fire in the Sky by abenoking

Many more thanks to the fellow artists who commented, favorited, and viewed the piece!
Any of my fractal and vector based work can be requested as a larger print.

Fractals can take quite some time to render, sometimes several days.  Please be patient while this happens.

Watermarks will be removed from all pieces.

To request a print, simply send me a note to let me know which piece and how big.  I will reply as soon as possible.
All works copyright by me, and by proxy through my online alias and domain, unless noted.

Please feel free to download these images for your own personal non-profit use.  However, copying, displaying, modifying, and distributing (nonprofit or otherwise) of art is prohibited unless you have obtained express written consent from me.

I make sure that all of my watermarks are unobtrusive.  Please respect that.