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A patriot's lament

For the record, I was planning on posting this message regardless of who won the election, for no matter which candidate was elected, we the people all lost a little something...we've lost more of our trust in our representatives, we've lost more of our faith in our democracy, and we're in serious danger of losing our sense of civility and decency, all as a result of this divisive election.

Today, I mourn just a little for all of us and lament over the state we've let ourselves get to.

Tomorrow, I salute and carry on as any responsible citizen ought to do.

Long live the republic.
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This is really touching and deep, but I honestly don't care for the election I think sleep for me is a bit more important  smile? 
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To be honest, I will not be surprised if this is the beginning of the apocalypse.
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Eh...this country's been through worse. We will endure as long as we choose to do so.
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Bush years must be the worst in recent memories.
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Der Fuhrer seems to have many of the qualities associated with the traditional Antichrist.  I never believed in that crapola until now.
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