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Bleeding Star Clothing Webpage

This is the new layout for the Bleeding Star Clothing website. Yes it's a little crazy if you didn't notice, but I bet you've never seen anything quite like it. The feeling of the website shows a large part of my emotion everyday... the feelings of love and hate, happyness and terror, fantasy and nightmare all wound into one... I like it... im excited to get it animated and ready for the web.. i hope you like it too.

This has turned to to be a pretty popular peice... so I figured i would write a little bit more about what it meant... If you think this peice is "cliche" or generic then you have obviously missed the point... My main inspiration for this peice was a video by Evanescence- Everybody's fool... there are a couple parts SO layden with pop culture design its almost sickening.... but that is kinda the point of it. I also am a big grunge artists... so I wanted to find away to mix the POP culture, bubbly, techno, rave, so on and so forth with the grunge "punk" world... and also make it dark at the same time. Thank you and goodbye.

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Oh my goh! I love this!!! :heart:
Davalbane's avatar
This is a very dinamic and powerful design. Love it!
Elex39's avatar
emokittenlovesyou's avatar
I absolutely love the layout!! ^^
Omniflux's avatar
Very unique. Love the colors!
alextiley03121986's avatar
Great typeface, great colours, great images.

Love it.
i-am-a-pickle's avatar
I like the layout. And its crazy in a good way.
selina's avatar
I really love the messy and grungy look of it! Nice job!
alexacl's avatar
OMG amazing!
gothicgemini's avatar
ok that's great
but i feel crowded
it'have to be more simple
ABeautifulTragedy's avatar
some do... but the design was proven to be successful... kept people interested. = ) very old though, check out new stuff.
mochamouse4's avatar
tengo gusto realmente de este bein muy del gran trabajo
ylitol's avatar
Website looks nice and cool design
herryC's avatar
it's rocking out loud!
ndrewblack's avatar
nice work.....
MrsFena313's avatar
very eye catching design
WaynePeEl's avatar
WoW, this is great xD, Fav.
JaninaN's avatar
WOW! I am looking for a webbdesigner and found this pice.. I dont even know what to write. Its just so ME! I love it :D Do you work whit this or is this the only one you will ever do?
mirror-book's avatar
It's nice that you can pull off the messy look without it being cluttered and confusing. Kudos. :heart:
psychoticdesign's avatar
crestind's avatar
Beautiful! I can never get my grunge designs to work out right.
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