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(before we go further, i'd like for you all to know that this is just an idea! and not in fact a real game in progress!! this has been in the making for more than a month now and thank god it's finally finished tbh it was so much fun!!)
Logo by Abdul-Galaxia

東方湾流変 〜 Disruption of Deep Blue Sea
(Touhou Gulf Stream Change ~ Disruption of Deep Blue Sea)

Motto: Gensokyo's weather is getting highwire again! It appears that its gulf stream has been disrupted!? Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and Koishi are set to find out who did it!!

Playables by Abdul-Galaxia

Heavenly Border Team

1. ReiKari by Abdul-Galaxia

Sparkly Water Team

2. MariTori by Abdul-Galaxia

Scarlet Mansion Team

3. SakuPatch by Abdul-Galaxia

Drowning Subconscious Team

4. KoiSato by Abdul-Galaxia

Plot by Abdul-Galaxia
Plot: Earth's weather is getting problematic, thus the higher ups called the angels and the celestials to give them specific jobs
to control the weather, Cariney and Levia were given the task of stabilizing the gulf stream.
However, considering that they were forced to be in this task, they rebelled by using manipulating the gulf stream to their advantage.
By making storms that build up overtime, they hope that this hurricane will eventually reach the heavens, piercing it and the beings living in it.
However, [playables] notice this and were instantly sent out to figure out whats really happening under the sea, after dealing blows with the previous enemies, they reach Levia who was Cariney's subordinate.
Levia gives them a hint of their plans and they were dueled to find out Cariney's location.
Levia was hindering their water shield during the whole battle, thus rendering it almost sterile during the fight with Cariney.
[playables] were too late to notice that their shield has been hindered and thus they were subject to almost extreme water pressures.
Cariney uses this weakened shield to her advantage, but she decides she can't kill them off as she will be judged and instead was giving [playables] force fields so they can reset their shield's "timer" before it breaks during battle.

Stage 1: Dusty Shore ~ Eternal Fog

Cirno ver 2 by Abdul-Galaxia


Rank: Stage 1 Midboss
Species: Ice Fairy
Gimmick: Snowflakes-shaped danmaku.

Sethumi by Abdul-Galaxia

 す中味 セスみ

Sethumi Sunakami

Rank: Stage 1 Boss
Species: Newborn God
Gimmick: Fog/Dust clouds around the screen.
Originally an egyptian god that happened to be newborn at the time of the incident, Sethumi challenges the player to a duel to see if her god abilities have fully returned.
Based on Seth, the god of the desert (including desert storms), thunder, evil, pain and suffering.

Stage 2: Head into Sea!! ~ Layer 1

Diantha by Abdul-Galaxia


Rank: Stage 2 Boss
Species: Lionfish
Gimmick: Spikes/Needles that hurl to the screen.
A usually calm lionfish who wanders peacefully around the sea, however they were angered
by the protagonists hurting all the water fairies and set out to battle them for justice.

Stage 3: Jellyfish Soirée ~ Layer 2

Yuushitsu by Abdul-Galaxia

 衝撃 有櫛

Yuushitsu Shogeki

Rank: Stage 3 boss
Species: Comb jellyfish
Gimmick: Jellyfish danmaku.
Born from a rich family of comb jellyfish, she is known to be cocky and smug, she loves to show off her colorful lights and tends to bully lower class jellyfish.

Stage 4: Fade to Black ~ Layer 3

Marinelle by Abdul-Galaxia


Rank: Stage 4 midboss
Species: Seahorse
Gimmick: Seahorse tail-like danmaku. (imagine phase 3 from Koishi's "Embryo's Dream" DS)
A lone seahorse who lost her way through the sea, she saw the protagonists and wanted to ask them for directions.
But she delivered the wrong image.
Sakamata no Haida by Abdul-Galaxia

逆又 の ハイダ
Sakamata no Haida

Rank: Stage 4 Boss
Species: Killer Whale
Gimmick: None
A being born out of ancient folklore, killer whales were worshipped as gods by the Haida clan.
Her entire powersource relies on this ancient folklore being intact, however. Each decade she gets weaker as the history behind the worshipped killer whales gets more lost in the past.
(She becomes a stage 3 boss after the events of this game)

Stage 5: Abandoned Atlantis ~ Bubbly Hell

Mizuma Melite by Abdul-Galaxia

 メライト 水間

Mizuma Melite

Rank: Stage 5 midboss
Species: Betta-fish mermaid
Gimmick: Uses her tail for attacks.
A bettafish who has gained enough strength to evolve into a mermaid.
She's sassy and doesn't get around with other betta fish mermaids.
It's been rumoured that she has traveled far and wide to go to the arctic to see the auroras.
Levia Forneus by Abdul-Galaxia

Levia Forneus

Rank: Stage 5 Boss
Species: Celestial
Gimmick: Bubble Shields, Temperature of danmaku. (can make them faster or slower depending on heat.)
Cariney's subordinate, she controls the bubbles, pressure and the global temperatures of the sea.
While appearing as cheery, she is strategic and is in fact disliken by her fellow celestials, she is often represented as a fallen celestial. [hence her naming.]

Stage 6: Bright Lights Of Waters ~ Disruption of Gulf Stream

Cariney Naunet by Abdul-Galaxia

Cariney Naunet

Rank: Stage 6 Boss
Species: Celestial
Gimmick: Force-Fields that reset shield's timer, Water Roses. (Imagine Koishi's roses from SA but instead of just appearing/disappearing they explode into water bubble danmaku)
The culprit of the sea flow disruption incident, She is essentially made of water and controls the seas and their flow at will, she and Levia were tasked to stabilize the sea flow but made it worse.
Ho҉w̢ev̸e̕r̀,̷ ͞it's be͞ȩn҉ r͘e̸vealed t̶h̶a̡t͡ ҉Le̡v̶i̸a ̀tri͟cķed ͟he̴r͟ ͠ţe̛a̷m͡mate ìnt͡o̴ ţh̢i͜n̢kin̕g̷ ҉th͝a͜t th̶e ͜h̢ighe̸r ͜ưps҉ ̢and͢ ͢thé ̛ang̢el͠s̕ wer͠e ̷making f̵un͘ of҉ h͢er due ̴to̸ ͡the͢ ͞fact ̡s̨he ͡was͏ ́t͡a͘sked in̷to̷ ̨"wash̵i͘n̵g̛ the ̴dir̶t҉y̸ ̧ic͏k̡y ͜w̸a͢t̸er",̨ ̨t̷hu͡s͟ br̷in̕ging̷ ͟th̨è st͏a̴b̡i̢líz͝in̷g ͡t͞o a ́h҉alt fo͢r thè next̷ 3 yea҉rs.̡
Extra by Abdul-Galaxia

Plot: After the events of the main story, the higher ups called the angels to set up a counterattack to the rebels who caused the gulf stream disruption incident, a week later they have made a huge hurricane that can wipe thousands of people and also includes large major storms following to disrupt them deep in the sea, the protagonists were surprised to see a large scale hurricane again and set to the eye of the hurricane to see 2 angels.

Stage Extra: Hurricane Of Heavens ~ Death to Sea

Jebril by Abdul-Galaxia

Jebril Shinobu

Rank: Stage Extra Midboss
Species: Angel
Gimmick: Soul Danmaku
A B-Class angel who was tasked along with Seitenki to counterattack the rebels of the sea flow disruption incident, she maintains the exosphere and she absorbs and extracts souls to her weapon to use for attacks.
Seitenki no Sorasoojuu by Abdul-Galaxia

静天気 の 空操縦
Seitenki no Sorasoojuu

Rank: Stage Extra Boss
Species: Angel
Gimmick: Bright Attacks and Weather-based danmaku
An A+ Class angel who's tasked with Jebril to counterattack the rebels in the sea, she controls the sky and it's weather and climate, rumors say that she's fairly young relative to average angel ages. [presumably only 100 years old.] Nobody knows how she got that far in such a short time.

It's been presumed that she can create a high class typhoon within minutes, with huge deadly storms following it, it's unknown if this is the true limit of her powers.

She's known to be fairly hostile towards her teammate Jebril, often commenting on her anger issues and her weak status despite being able to extract and import souls.

Iǹ ͏a̴ dįff̨er҉e̕nt t͠ime̕li̷ǹ͞i̸n̴gs ̢m̨ig̛ḩt'̢v͢e̢ b́eén͡ ̛di̴ffer͜en͝t.͠

Alt Extra by Abdul-Galaxia
Plot: After the events of the main story, a huge sandstorm emerged a week later from the same shore the newborn god was in, the protagonists have set out to find them again only to find Tenshi with her.

Stage Alt. Extra: Extreme Sandstorm ~ Foggy Nightmare

Tenshi by Abdul-Galaxia

比那名居 天子
Tenshi Hinanawi

Rank: Stage Alt. Extra midboss
Species: Celestial
Gimmick: Flings her sword to the ground, sending a red shockwave through out the bottom of the screen.
A bored and childish celestial.
She wants to team up with Sethumi to wreck havoc upon Gensokyo like she did before.
Sethumi 2 by Abdul-Galaxia

 す中味 セスみ

Sethumi Sunakami

Rank: Stage Alt. Extra Boss
Species: Desert and Sandstorm God
Gimmick: Fog/Dust clouds around the screen. [A++], Glitchy Magic Circles.

Shé ̷̕͞r̢̛è̢̛t̷͡ur̛̕n̷s͢.
͞͝À͏n̕͜҉d̕ ̵͏ţ̵ḩ̴i̸̧s͠ ̴̨ţ̴i̧m̧e͜͞, ̸͞s҉̕h͝e̷'́s̷ ͟at̴͟͜ ̛h̛er̨ ̛f̴͟u̡̕l͢l͏̶̡ ͜͠p̛͜͡o̶w̵͢e͜r.͘͜
̵̨̕C̵͘͜a̕͘n ̛͝y͡o̵u ́͞͡b̶̡e̛a͘t̶̀ ́̕h̡͞͡ęr?̀


My friends for supporting me throughout this idea, without them it wouldn't have been completed this fast!(?)
Rumiflan, BiCOV, Daemoniken, Plucky-Nova, Feraligono for all the props that i used for the characters here!! Thank you so much for making them!


jo'on's theme song will always be madonna's material girl and if you disagree you're wrong, thats the Law
oh and right, bec not many people know that but patchy is my new 2hu wife instead of reimu now sayofuckinnara reimuhakurei2 BITCH
its so weird how characters like tokiko get massive popularity?? its odd af
Chrome 2018-06-14 08-05-09 by Abdul-Galaxia
2018-06-14 08-10-46 by Abdul-Galaxia
this feels so refreshing,,,, it was like 25k before i cleaned it
i can't believe i'm actually writing the space encyclopedia again, it feels so fresh to start on it again!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hello!! my name is abdul, i'm just ur average gay artist(kinda,,, i just use walfas to make my stuff)!

i do alot of touhou/space personifications art!! and rarely any other series(eg: madoka magica) so i hope you like them!!

my walfas dna: 3.39:abdul:100:0:124:274:209:2:0:1:0:78:0:242525 (please make sure to recolor my bow blue, thanks!!)
Discord: mutuals only!
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message me for discord/skype/line/tumblr(main blog) if we're mutuals!!


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