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Sumaf 98 by spandexsleuth

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Sumaf 97 by spandexsleuth

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Sumaf 96 by spandexsleuth

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Sumaf 95 by spandexsleuth
Kidnapping Female Art
Video Mei in trouble by Natsuko-Hiragi
Video Kyoko fell into Monokuma's trap by Natsuko-Hiragi
Nighty night Misty and Emma by MonsieurPaul3D
Kidnapping Female Stories

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hold it there by devoisback

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jim koed by spandexsleuth

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looking for answers by devoisback

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highly strung by devoisback
Kidnapping Male Stories

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Kidnapping Female Celebs Art

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Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy by the-real-millstone

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COMMISSION - Irina Shayk bound and gagged by napdog86

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COMMISSION - Irina Shayk bound and gagged 2 by napdog86

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COMMISSION - Odette Annable chairtied by napdog86
Kidnapping Female Celebs Stories

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Kidnapping Male Celebs Art
Kidnapping Male Celebs Stories
Kidnapping Couples Art

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Cbc7 by spandexsleuth

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Cbc6 by spandexsleuth

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Ssa27f by spandexsleuth

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Tight Amateur Tape Wrap Gag by WrapGagLover
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Tight Amateur Tape Wrap Gag :iconwrapgaglover:WrapGagLover 756 74
Commission_COP_in_Distress by NickLaw-Arts
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Commission_COP_in_Distress :iconnicklaw-arts:NickLaw-Arts 1,373 29
Commission_PoliceWoman_in_Peril by NickLaw-Arts
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Commission_PoliceWoman_in_Peril :iconnicklaw-arts:NickLaw-Arts 857 18
Roped Gal Sketch A by em-car
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Roped Gal Sketch A :iconem-car:em-car 311 5
Kidnap commission 2 by BlackProf
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Kidnap commission 2 :iconblackprof:BlackProf 879 21
Free feet. by SneakerBoyBondage Free feet. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 52 7 Tape. No escape. by SneakerBoyBondage
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Tape. No escape. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 40 9
Adidas Spezial Sneakers. Legirons. by SneakerBoyBondage Adidas Spezial Sneakers. Legirons. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 6 4 Young male handcuffed. by SneakerBoyBondage Young male handcuffed. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 5 3 Resistance is futile. by SneakerBoyBondage Resistance is futile. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 13 0 Dinner is served. Enjoy the boy. by SneakerBoyBondage Dinner is served. Enjoy the boy. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 24 4 Handcuffs ready? by SneakerBoyBondage Handcuffs ready? :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 6 0 Rainboy... erm... bow. by SneakerBoyBondage Rainboy... erm... bow. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 6 0 Be my guest, boy. by SneakerBoyBondage
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Be my guest, boy. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 51 7
My private private. by SneakerBoyBondage My private private. :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 3 3 Waiting. Will he leave or will he stay? by SneakerBoyBondage
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Waiting. Will he leave or will he stay? :iconsneakerboybondage:SneakerBoyBondage 14 2


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Welcome To Abduction Fantasies

Here is a little bit about this group:

1) This is a place to share fantasies about kidnapping, being kidnapped, fan fiction concerning celebs being kidnapped, and even alien abduction fantasies. There are folders for each!

2) This is NOT a place to kill, murder, hang, torture, maim, dissect, cannibalize, etc. Anything like this will be deleted.

3) If you are interested in RP, you may comment on the wall and let people know your interests.

4) Remember that these are FANTASIES, and should not be applied in real life!

5) If you are interested in sharing some of your work, or have suggestions on art that fits the theme, please join as a member and share! We'd love to see the best of what our community has to offer!

6) Have Fun and tell others about us!!

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A place for kidnap peril in art and stories, as well for others of like interest to meet and set up RP.
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TiedTklshGrl Featured By Owner Edited Oct 12, 2021
Hi everyone! I am looking for a partner for a sexy 18+ kidnapping bondage RP. You can read more about my OC Jess, my likes and dislikes here on my DA page here:
  A Little About MeHi Everyone! I am a female bondage RP fan, but relatively new to DA and this group. I recently graduated from college with a major in Business and a minor in English Lit. But I have also been fascinated with bondage RP for several years, as a tightly bound and gagged damsel. I love to fantisize that I have been captured, tied up and gagged by one or more firm but gentle (male and/or female) villains, who play with my mind and body for their own wicked amusement and pleasure. 
Please note that I am a cute but feisty damsel - very step of the way I will try my best to escape, resist and not give in to your evil intentions. In return, as my captor(s) you are relentless, even cruel, but never violent as you render me helpless and play with me. Your goal will be to tease, torment and humiliate, but not harm. The precise circumstances of how I came to be your helpless captive can be determined after we agree to RP.
Scenario "Loves' include:
*Thoughtful, detailed plotting and writing, wi

I has also posted promos for three of my favorite RP scenarios here:  Abduction Bondage RP Prompts 18+Hi there, kinksters! I have three different 18+ abduction RP prompts I’d love to try out. Please note that these would involve 18+ abductions, non-consensual bondage, edging, forced orgasms and other forms of erotic ‘torture,’ along with threatened/implied rape and sexual slavery. If you find themes like these offensive, please do not continue.In each of my proposed scenarios, I would play my OC Jess McKenzie:Name: Jessica “Jess“ McKenzieOccupation: Aspiring model and internet personalityPhysical Description: 5’ 3” tall, with big hazel-colored eyes, dimpled cheeks with a few freckles, a cute little nose, pouty lips, and long auburn-colored hair - usually kept up in a perky ponytail. Jess has a petite ‘athletic hourglass’ figure, with toned muscles from her daily yoga practice, as well as round, full breasts, a slender waist, tight little buttcheeks, toned and shapely legs, and pretty little feet.Personality: Jess is friendly and outgoing, bubbly, optimistic and a bit naive. She gets along with people easily, and can sometimes be overly trusting. Although Jess adores being the center of attention and loves to dress scantily, tease and flirt, she has difficulty with more serious relationships and intimacy, fearing that people might only like her because of her appearance. She has few close friends, and currently has no steady boyfriend because “she is too busy right now.” And although Jess tends to touch people’s arms when taking to them and usually gives a big hug to almost everyone she meets, she is also extremely ticklish, and doesn't like being touched without her permission.Backstory: Blessed with an abundance of looks and charm, a career in modeling seemed like a natural thing for Jess to pursue. Although she is still looking for her ‘big break‘ in the modeling business, in part because she flatly refuses to do any nude or topless work, Jess has been making a name for herself by posting lots of sexy selfies on Twitter and Instagram, and has recently been fully monetized.Scenario Prompt #1: Jess in Distress - Modeling MischiefJess has successfully auditioned for a prestigious bikini modeling photoshoot. What she doesn’t know is that the photographer also has a sideline business ‘acquiring‘ select beautiful young women to serve as personal bondage toys and sex slaves for very wealthy clients, and that one of those clients has selected her! Will Jess be able to escape from the ropes, gags, tickle torture and sexual molestations of the photographer and his/her ‘assistants’ before she is bundled up and transported to her new life as some pervert's rope bunny?Scenario Prompt #2: Jess in Distress - Babysitter BluesIn order to help pay the bills between modeling gigs, Jess sometimes takes on babysitting assignments. This one is from a wealthy divorced man, who wants Jess to supervise his two teenaged sons. Unknown to her, the man has taught his sons to be very good at subduing, gagging and tying up their babysitter victims, so that they and their father can ‘explore’ and ‘play with’ their helpless captives’ bodies. Will Jess be able to get away from the boys’ groping, fondling and tickling hands before their father gets home to have his own special ‘fun’ with her?Scenario Prompt #3: Jess in Distress - Stalker’s Obsession/Rival’s RevengeBecause of her sexy selfies, many of Jess’ followers on Twitter and Instagram like to fantasize about being with her, and some of those fantasists have girlfriends who are none too pleased about it. One of these stalkers/rivals has decided to ‘take things to the next level,‘ and hire some professional kidnappers to abduct, gag and bind Jess so that the stalker/rival can tickle and erotically ‘torture’ the captive redhead and then either keep her as a sex slave or make her ‘disappear.’ Will Jess be able to somehow escape her captors’ tight ropes and stifling gags, and thereby avoid a horrible fate as a bondage tickle toy and sex slave?If you find any of those scenario ideas exciting, please send me a PM with your OC’s name, physical description, personality, backstory, and of course which scenario you would like to RP. I hope to hear from you soon!

If anything above catches your eye, please feel free to DM me. I hope to hear from you soon!

~Jess Heart 
Plague-Rats Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2021
Pub by Plague-Rats  
paradox-10 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2021
Hi! I'm interested in doing a kidnap & imprisonment rp, only request is that you give good detail in writing. Open to anyone
mb19black Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Hi, I'd love to be kidnapped and imprisoned if that's what you are looking for?
ManToBind80 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2021
Hi. I'm looking for a kidnapping/blackmail RP where I (or my character) ends up as a bound and gagged slave for a woman. So anyone with a female character is welcome to contact me. The story I have posted should give some idea of what my likes are, and anything else (like my limits and the setting) can be found out by asking or discussed before we start. Hope to hear from someone soon.
mb19black Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2021
Hi everyone! i am new. I'm a male who loves to pretend to be knocked out and abducted, and i love to be barefoot whilst doing it. If there is anyone who would like to see me in a particular scene or pic let me know! Also happy to chat about abductions too!

Thanks :)
TheOneAndOnlyMach9 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Interested in bondage and distress Role Play?  Original Bondage Photography?  Visit the Theater Discord!
StrugglingFiction Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Sub Looking for a Dominant for any type of RP. I'd love to brainstorm something, though Pokemon had been on my mind recently! Anyways, just shoot me a Note if I have your attention. ^^
tapedupcouple Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2021
Anybody interested about chatting about kidnapping a young married couple?
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