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iPhone 7 concept entry

By AbdouBouam
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contest entry for the weekend challenge by :iconmotioncommunity:
i'm not really a fan of iPhonesdoesn't mean i'm a fan of samsung neither, but this is how i imagine the next iphone 7, features:
*curved screen to fit better in the back pocket
*the dimensions are the same as an iphone6
*the screen goes down beyond the home button,the extra space can be customized and shortcuts can be added, uses the whole space available when playing games or viewing videos in fullscreen mode
*brushed aliminium back, with a bigger glowing logo on it
*a pair of speakers on the bottom, on the left and right fo the charging port with USB 3.0 support
the screenshot is actually taken from firefoxOS emulator on my computer that i tweaked a bit
blender 2.75.1 and cycles, 512 samples, total work time is 3 hours including render time (2 hours)
added watermark because i've seen it all over the internet
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Sh*t, the curved shape for that smooth back pocket fit is genius !!
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The phone itself looks apple-ish, but to be honest, the UI looks android-y.
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the UI was from firefoxOS , that's why it looks similar to adroid
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This actually looks quite awesome! It would be awesome to have a curved screen, although I have always wondered how that effected watching stuff like videos. Supposedly, a glowing logo was a possibility for the iPhone, to at least the iPad, but I never heard anything beyond that. I imagine having a glowing logo would cause a bigger drain on the battery.

I could easily see having a "gesture zone" at the bottom where the simulated home button is. They could use gestures similar to what Palm used with the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus.
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The curved screen would actually make watching videos better, especially with the iPhone 6's "split pixels". If you hadn't heard of those, basically every pixel on the iphone 6 has 2 subpixels on each side, which makes viewing form the side much easier. The colors don't get washed out and colors don't bleed.:D
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That makes sense actually! :D
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thanks :D
actually the curved screen doesn't change a lot on the display, but the touch screen feels more comfortable, especially on the top
and about the logo i was thinking that it can "gather' the LCD backlight and use it, and glow only when the light is low (like in the nights) and stay neutral when there is a strong ambient light (of course there should be an option to disable it)
and actually the home button isn't simulated, there's a bump there and you can feel it, it's just running with touch and not press now, what i was thinking of is to create shortcuts of your preferred apps/actions there (like the icons near the menu button here… ), it shows when you aren't running fullscreen apps or not watching videos and automatically turns into black when not needed
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That's awesome! :D
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oneplus one is real dude. it comes for 250 bucks :P
AbdouBouam's avatar
I don'r know that one, is it the chinese one that comes with cyanogenmod by default?
angelus-novus's avatar
I dont know if it is chinese, anyway, every smartphone is assembled in the far east. Yes it comes with cyanogen by default. I bought one. Really good smartphone. First models had an annoying problem with a sort of "yellow stripe" on the bottom of the screen but I must say I have not this problem. It costs 250-300 $ but it worth much much more.
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I wanted to get it, or at least any other phone that comes with cyanogenmod or supports it, but unfornunately i'm stuck with an xperia e with an un-unlockable bootloader, there isn't much i can do with it
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i assume you already checked on xda-developers forums.
anyway, i can confirm you OnePlusOne is a stunning phone. And community is developing a lot of custom roms, even improving cyanogen features.
it remembers me my previous samguns galaxy 2. i bought it 5 years ago and so I changed it with my new one plus one. I hope it will last as long as the samsung one, but I bet it will.
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yes, it checked it and it says "bootloader unlock allowed: no", and the only solution needs payments, and sony says that it cannot be unlocked. i found a software that says it can unlock it, i will install windows and try it, but i'm not sure about it
i tried cyanogenmod, it's better than android IMO and allows a lot of other things that you can't do with android
angelus-novus's avatar
cyanogen IS android.
AbdouBouam's avatar
Yeah i know, but it's forked from google's android and it became a separate modded version
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order! this device!
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Send 2 million dolars to to preorder, this is definitely not a scam
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Love the lighting! What programs did you use?
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Thank you
i used blender :)
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*android fan resisting the urge to want to buy this phone*
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Nothing wrong with buying an android phone if you like it, if i use my phone for regular uses only and not the stuff i do now (controling my computer with it, using the linux commands, tweaking the system...etc) i would get an iphone myself
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