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Everything is Permitted

By abdelrahman
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Here comes the sequel to "Nothing is True wall pack" [link]
Feel free to copy this to other websites as long as you mention the source :please:


Includes the following resolutions:


3360 2100
2650 1600
2650 1440
1920 1200
1920 1080
1366 768


2650 1920
1600 1200


640 960
540 960
480 854
480 800
320 480


800 1280 [galaxy tab - motorola xoom ...etc]
768 1024 [ipad 2 - HP touchpad ... etc]
600 1024 [HTC flyer - HTC EVO 4g]


1440 900
1280 1024
1280 800
960 800 Untexted version
960 800 Texted version

+ Bonus wall


Ezio stock [link]

Created in CS5
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One Pic Thousands of Word´s!
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I have 3 monitors, any chance you'd think about making another 2 images to fil them? :) 
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Don't see why not, here's a 10080x2100 version :)
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Love it. Would prefer a non=blur version mind. Thank you! 
abdelrahman's avatar
Not possible sorry :)
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Ubisofts creed.

"Nothing is real, everything is pre-rendered"


Still a nice wallpaper though, just not very happy with Ubisoft's recent turn of actions.
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I stopped caring about that franchise after brotherhood, the graphics do improve with every new release, But it seems like the series has lost it's soul or something ..
There are more AC's now than i can recognize, it's become more of a ritual to release a new game (or more) every year. can't really keep up.
With that said i confess that i'm still keeping my eye on newer releases, perhaps hoping for a srious come back .
Glad you like the wallpaper, let me know if you need anything :)
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Good job! I love this wallpaper!
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This is astonishing!
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i havent even beaten ac 1 but i think its cuz i dont really want to. i love the story so much i couldnt bare to play as a different character. It'd feel like im cheating on Altair...
abdelrahman's avatar
I thought the same before starting with AC II
The changes in the game only turn things better believe me
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lol i dont know... it just pains me to see Ezio go as the main character. Not much credit was given to Altair. until Revelations
abdelrahman's avatar
Revelations ruined everything about Altair
his voice is 180 degrees different, his clothes are all shinny and silly and even the mission design was not that good compared to Ezio's
now i remember Ubisoft making a flick where you get to play as altair in AC II and that really felt like the good old deep character of Masyaf
keep telling you man .. PLAY AC II .. you won't regret it i promise
dennyt93's avatar
lol thanks bro. i am going to, i am close to beating ac 1. just need a 360.
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great game... finish all waiting for ac3
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I like the game series (currently waiting for the last game) and I also like this WP. Hopefully I can create a good bootsplash for my computer with this :)
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glad you like them :)
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Love this background, got into the game not too long ago, and already its one of my favorites. What font did you use for the writing?
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the font is called Trajan ... the same one ubisoft uses for this franchise
it also comes with windows
thank you for passing by and leaving a comment ... glad you like my work and the game as well
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any chance of a 1280x800 for my laptop and 960x800 for my android phone?
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with pride ... 1280x800 and 960x800 have been added to the pack in the ordered folder
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