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The Sun | High Hopes Low Rolls Tarot #19


For this week’s speedpaintI took a look at the process that went into another installment of the HHLR Tarot Series! ☀️

This artwork is the second in an ongoing set of Tarot designs created for the original animated series, “High Hopes Low Rolls” – and if you like the look of it, then you can get it for yourself on a bunch of items over on Redbubble! All proceeds from our store go towards the production of the series (^^)/


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I love your character's design as is already, but the card really complements him, imho. Nice work. I'll be looking forward to more tarot cards. :D

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wow this is really very nice indeed
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This is really great!  I love the effects! :la:
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It looks awesome! I did take inspiration from your character Paddy when my friend needed help designing her character. I hid the inspiration in the mask of my friend's character. Keep doing what you love and thank you for inspiring others to continue to do what they love as well.
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handsome boy cry i'd die for him 
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Good morning, Awesome!!!☀️☀️☀️.
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This is so well drawn! So energetic and handsome and pretty to look at, and calming!
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this is amazing!
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i love this character so much!!! his little eye markings remind me of a raccoon and he's just so cute!!
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everything about this is just stunning
amazing work !!
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I adore this with my whole being! <3
this is a major arcana- seen as the 'yes card', very joyful, positive, carefree, also correlated with the horned god/sun god

This is so beautifully depicted! the lighting and expression is just, YESSSSSSSS!!!
amazing work!
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i jut watched your speed paint video earlier, great work!!!
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The Sun - Upright: happiness, luck, jovialism and optimism. Reversed: Sadness, depression

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