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Tarzan the Barbarian | Disney and Dragons


Turned some more Disney Heroes into DnD characters for this week’s Speedpaint!

As always, any and all feedback is very much appreciated; Love to hear what you think! (^^)/


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Wonderful design! Totally lives up to the name "Tarzan".

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eat your heart out conan!! XD
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He looks even cooler than ever.
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Nice! I like how you incorporated his spear and Sabor's claw marks into the design
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Here are my ideas for disney heroes being turned into D&D characters.
Meg-Warlock or Cleric
Hercules-Fighter or Paladin
Jack Skellington-Necromancer

Love your sketches, hope you do more of these soon.
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Spirit Totem: APE
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Possible animal empathy/beast-speaker magic?
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this is my forte lmao
I love the design of his clothes! Tarzan really suits being a barbarian lmao (of course he does)

btw, Would you do all the rest of the princesses too?
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Brother Bear reference~

It's amazing~
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Another favorite of mine! :D great work!
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I just finish watching the speed paint. This is truly amazing!
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You said it!
Tarzan and the others are lookin' good!
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We definitely need more Disney and Dragons Princes, lol.
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I remember adoring Tarzan as a child, loving Phil Collins music even before he went solo also helped xD 
Seeing him redesigned here as a Totem Barbarian is awesome. I wonder if Gorilla is one of the possible totems for a Totem Barbarian.... 
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Probably homebrew but I wouldn't doubt it
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Yeah there is likely a homebrew one for it. There is an Ape totem which is similar, so i could see Tarzan using that totem since one for specifically gorillas doesn't exist in official books. 
He'd get a climb speed, which makes sense for Tarzan (starting at half his land speed at 1st level, then increasing to equal to land speed at 5th)
+2 on intimidate checks, again makes sense
and Power attack as a bonus feat, which works for a heavy hitter like Tarzan. 

So i'd imagine that to be his dedicated totem, since a Totem Barbarian cannot choose multiple totems. They pick one at 1st level to dedicate themselves to and cannot change that choice later on, except under extreme circumstances (what qualifies for this is up to DM interpretation)

^^; i used to play a lot of barbarian when i first started D&D so...i kinda know a fair bit about the class. Now i mainly play Rangers or Rogues 
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Love how you expanded on his design!
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I love your Disney D&D things!
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woah he looks so awesome!
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