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Taking on the Mirror Castle [DnD Commission]


Special bonus commission from last months set!

The commissioner wanted to get a surprise wedding gift for his fiance in the form of a custom painting of their DnD characters, Gork and Windal. This was such a sweet project to work on - hope they enjoy the big day!



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Love your stuff. 😁 Have a nice day.
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this is so gorgeous !! 
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Is that a flippin' Mork and Windy reference!?!?! Also these are some cool...gnomes? Dwarves? Hu-Mons!? I like'em.
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When shading do you usually use blue, purple, or red? Or do you use them depending on the mood of the piece? Sorry if my question is complicated I kinda just recently learned how to shade w/ colors and since I’m not experienced (cuz I’m only 12) I was wondering if you could give me some tips?
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I know you weren't asking me, so I hope you don't mind me answering.
I was once taught that shadows are not black but normally blue and therefore purple is also great to use.  I have seen that's what ABD often use - and I do the same :)

Shading is definitely based on the mood you want to provoke in the viewer but also the atmosphere you wanna achieve in a piece.

Speaking of which: I read a few days ago in Imagine FX an article where a professional artist (can't remember who) gave some advice on shading. So when the light/highlight is warm, use cold colours for shadows (blue, purple etc.) and if the light/highlight is cold, then the shadows should be warm (like red).
I gonna try that :D

A drawing execise I wanna try as well is to find an existing normal reference (can be a family picture, a stock photo etc.) and try to replicate the exact reference as a drawing. This way one'll get more insight in how shadows, highlight and moods works :D
The point is not the way you decide to draw the person/object but for the colours - maybe even backgrounds - practise.

If you got more questions etc. feel free to ask me :heart:

I wish you the best of luck!

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oh wow thank you
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My pleasure <3

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Wow, keep up the good art! 😁
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where can I commission you?
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whoa, very professionally done! :D 
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I simply adore your artstyle and with the context of the comission it just makes the picture a lot cuter, <3 
Are you doing any more commissions at this time?
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Holy crap that’s so sweet, and ofc I know you did justice to the character and the people behind them!!!!💜💖💜💖💜💖💜
Love your art style!
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