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PRIDE 2017 - ABD-illustrates and friends!


Drew my friends and me to commemorate us going to this year’s Pride Parade! This was super nice to work on ^^

As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated! Love to hear what you think! :D
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THE ACE IN THE BACK IS SO CUTE ASNDJKSDNFKJG- epic drawing, fills me with good feels
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That lil asexual in the back-

This is so damn cute.

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wanna hear the best insult i have made to trash 'i hope your bf dick rotts inside of you' to my so called friend love ya all stay safe and nice drawing

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gracias por este dibujo! como parte de la comunidad LGBTIQ me siento orgullosa de este dibujo :3 te ah quedado hermoso y es un "orgullo" (XD) para mi uwu <3 tenga su reloj <3

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okay but like,,, thats true, as a trans dude i can confirm that we are hotter

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i agree true hotties some of Ari's dancers are trans and hot as frick

Ari? is that ariana grande? *furiously googles*

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yes i call Ariana Grande by her nickname Ari cuz it's cute

YOU'RE cute <3 hehe

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thank you but trans dudes are cuter

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This is beautiful!

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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I love all the different characters!

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Really lovely - I like the soft edges and the feeling of warmth, joy, love, and friendship. Really great work.

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I absolutely love this piece ^v^ :D

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WOOHOOO! beautiful❤️

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Be proud rainbow peeps. You deserve it.

Ally for life.

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where can i get a "trans dudes are hotter" shirt lol i want one

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It is quite awesome and funny XD

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nice and sweet

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