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Merida the Ranger | Disney and Dragons


Turned some more Disney Heroes into DnD characters for this week’s Speedpaint!

As always, any and all feedback is very much appreciated; Love to hear what you think! (^^)/


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I like the boots, cape, belts and other items, but I think you should have done more with your clothes.

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Yes god Marida needed a redisons for her dress and this is perfect
Jeht-Maverick's avatar
Oh my God I'm in love...
JOkes aside, this is seriously a fantastic look. Do you mind if I use parts of it for a character of mine?
Rugnificent's avatar
If she were a superhero; I’d call her Arrowstorm.
Fantasybond's avatar
This looks awesome! :D I've just been watching your youtube vids on these and they all look incredible; love the thought you've put into the colour palettes and costume design. And Merida is one of my fave disney princesses :)
Anime-Freak102's avatar
Merida looks amazing! I'm loving this series, it's very interesting to see how they'd fit another genre

Are you open to cosplayers using your designs for costumes?
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Merida looks awesome! love the outfit design Thumbs up! 
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Nice, i like how you make her look good without having to add lots of shadows

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Yup. This checks out. Great artwork too!
koffeebat's avatar
Just brought this print! I absolutely love it
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The Disney Princess team's resident Badass Normal.
Saron-the-Glaceon's avatar
I think it'd be cool if she was a Werebear! :3
Duskbrdarkfang's avatar
This is amazing, keep up the great work! ^_^ 
BellMontique's avatar
We can all agree that if it wasn't Ranger, she'd totally be a barbarian, right?
princessofDisney27's avatar
This outfit suits Merida. Plus Ranger is perfect on her class :)  love it!
peaachi's avatar
Love to see your take on Tiana
So brave and perfect at the same time! Just wait till she gets to be more older.
JackieOMyart's avatar
I love Merida! Awesome work x
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