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High Hopes Low Rolls: Terra [SPEEDPAINT]


Solo view of Terra, the Eldritch Knight - one out of nine party members featured in a much larger painting of the adventurers from the DnD campaign I play in: “High Hopes Low Rolls”!

As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, love to hear what you think!


CHECK OUT THE FULL PORTRAIT: DnD portrait: High Hopes Low Rolls! [SPEEDPAINT] by ABD-illustrates


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Your art is so amazing! I can't possibly express how much I love it!

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This is a really cute Genasi! I love your colouring for the eyes and the natural hair!

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Really smart name.

Really nice! But she looks more like a Monk than like an Eldritch Knight 
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At first glance, I thought Terra was a tiefling Monk (Way of the Four Elements) but man was I wrong  on that lol.  

I really love her pose though: its very evocative and gets to the molten core (hehehehhehe see what I did there? ) of the character. 
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The warm earthy tones are so nice on this one!! I also adore the way you drew the hair because it really just looks fluffy and fun. The magma lines also really stand out despite the earthy tones, so good job with that!
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I like this character best out of them all. I was also kind of drawn to the character bio you read off during your speedpaint. Great job on all the others too, keep up the great work. Oh and give your dnd friends my regards and good luck on their campaigns. I kinda wanted to get into dnd but didn't know how.
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Ohhh how cute!!! I love how you drew her hair!!!
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out of all the designs you just posted i think i like this the most!
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