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High Hopes Low Rolls: Malark Dundragon[SPEEDPAINT]


Solo view of Malark, the Assassin - one out of nine party members featured in a much larger painting of the adventurers from the DnD campaign I play in: “High Hopes Low Rolls”!

As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, love to hear what you think!


CHECK OUT THE FULL PORTRAIT:  DnD portrait: High Hopes Low Rolls! [SPEEDPAINT] by ABD-illustrates


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I get the feeling he comes from a warmer, more xeric area.

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he's edgy, I like him. Good job

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I just, Love your party? so much??? These are the types of parties I love, but I have one question, Could I please Attempt, and I mean attempt I could never get it as amazing as your art, Malark or Ava? With their creator's permission of course.
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I think this is my favorite pose out of all of them. I'm always so impressed by poses where the back is mostly to the viewer. There's a whole lot of details with this design too, and I think the rimlight really works with it. Also this was the character you used in your manga-esque picture a little while ago? Your speedpaint voiceover said that he was sent to assassinate Paddy but then he was willing to give himself up for the sake of the party? That's some great character development!!

(I'm getting very invested in your party's characters from the little I know about them)