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High Hopes Low Rolls: Ava [SPEEDPAINT]


Solo view of Ava, the Druid - one out of nine party members featured in a much larger painting of the adventurers from the DnD campaign I play in: “High Hopes Low Rolls”!

As always, any and all feedback would be very much appreciated, love to hear what you think!


CHECK OUT THE FULL PORTRAIT:  DnD portrait: High Hopes Low Rolls! [SPEEDPAINT] by ABD-illustrates


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Officer: She had a blood alcohol of 0.0

"Thats not bad?

Officer: The meter reset after 99.9

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I find it so satisfying that you have this 'sweet, fey, flowery, springtime and gentle' like character design. Yet they're actually who they are and it looks like trouble has probably happened in your campaign with her.

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She’s my favorite 😂😂

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I love it! Once I played a Deep Gnome Druid named Fae. She was of the circle of Land Underdark and she was all about poison, alcohol, smoking. She desperat wanted to be a Fey and in the end her wish come true. Now she has a giant garden with plant from the Feywild. <3

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Is it just me, or does she have a beard, or at least some stubble?

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its not you, she's a dwarf, and in DnD female dwarves can grow beards. : )


But is it a "must-do" for female dwarves?

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im not sure personally, i just wanted to help.

Well, it's putting some character on her, at the very least. "The drunken bearded druid is a girl!" That's quite the fun reaction.

Well, from what I understand, she has alcohol in every potion.

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I love how energetic she looks
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As a fellow druid player, I love this girl.  She gives me life.
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I love this character's design! She looks so quite XD Also quite unique design trait she's got with that little beard! She looks so fun and charming! ^^
xXCatdemon1995Xx's avatar
Is that a boy or a girl? I see like start of a bear but I see boobs so i'm confused, unless it's trans but i'm curious.
FrendshipIsArt's avatar
Pretty sure she's a girl. That's what he said in the speedpaint video
xXCatdemon1995Xx's avatar
did he? i'm deaf then, sorry!
Olympian3's avatar
Plus all dwarves have beards male or female
xaandiir's avatar
I just really love the color scheme on this? So many greens but it doesn't get lost in anything. And the rainbow of color from the flowers really adds to the design. Plus that pose!! A fluid dynamic pose that really adds to the character. Just looking at it makes me smile so wide. I love this one so much! <3
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I want to party with her
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