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Happy Couple [DND Commission]


One of the more detailed pieces from my recently finished batch of commissions - absolutely loved the color palettes I got to work with for this one! :D

(Characters featured belong to @ okayseesee on Tumblr + their DM)



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So pretty and cool!

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The colors are soooo nice! It really makes the characters compliment eachother. Nicely done!Thumbs Up [F2U] 
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AMAZING! I love your Disney N D series, but all of your art is amazing!
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oh wow coool.
Mantic-Minstrel's avatar
Totally thought this was Caleb and Molly from the thumbnail
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Are you sure? I mean the shoulders, the hips, the dress, the face. If that is a guy that is the most feminine looking guy ever
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Thick shoulders are usually with girls, but guys come in different shapes too.

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I love this! Especially the compositional flow with the cloth... really nice!
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Very good work!  I have multiple DnD characters of my own if you'd like to come see them. 
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How do your groups design your character outfits..? I'm trying to draw my friends characters but I have no idea... I have a habit of giving characters hoodies and T-shirts... Doesn't work here ( ´◔ ‸◔‘) ;
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lovely darlings omg, the colors are absolutely gorgeous !! 
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*screams* this is so pretty ;;<3
SilentTravels's avatar
This is awesome!
I want the guys boots...
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HOLY BALLS CALEB X FEM MOLLY yoooooooooooooooooooooooo
What are their names?
ArpeggiosMelody's avatar
Nicolas and Nierophren! They're a good friend's DnD babs and I love them so much holy cow
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They look fantastic, Always have been jealous of your ability to do Lineart haha
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the colors indeed look good! nice job! Clap  
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