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The final piece from my latest batch of commissions, and by far the biggest one of the lot! Drawing big parties like this is always a real challenge to put together but I had so much fun working on this one :D

(Characters featured are not my own - cheers again to @ sinaasaappelsap on instagram for commissioning this piece! :D)

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Nice! I always love a good D&D party fanart!

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my Jesus compared to me you are a god and I just an insect I may know how to draw but far surpass me

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Cool they look like a team
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Ahh I love seeing D&d groups and you draw them so well! Reminds me of my group, 1HP club- love the colours and how well they blend
But gotta say, OMG I WANT THOSE DICE

Hatsune Miku-15 (Happy) 
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Accurate representation of my typical DnD party, actually what it looks like, I'm usually a rouge getting drunk and brawling shirtless and shoeless, because Fight Club belongs in DnD!
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Your work is inspiring, i adore the composition between the characters <3 
gotta love the shading on that d20 
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Does anyone know where their commission information is?
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Thank you so much!
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No problem! Their other information can be found in their DeviantID near the bottom of their profile <3
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This is stunning work!
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This is awesome! :D
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I love your art! Because of you I'm drawing my DnD group!
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OhhhHHHHH!! This is so cool!
I really enjoy seeing your DND party arts, cus every group is a little different in character and composition, so it's interesting to see how you draw each character and position them on the page. I'm really loving the magic effects on this one, and that beautiful half-orc lady in the top left. The dice thrown out around them is also really amazing!
This party looks really interesting too! I've always wanted a DND party that got along well enough and long enough for someone to commission art for them!!

Fantastic job, I can't wait to see what else you do!
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ONLY 8 COMMENTS! Sempai, might notice me, lol anyway great job on the art once again!
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THIS IS AMAZING! you draw poses so well!
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The colours are so beautiful 
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