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Vinicus in stickin' around art style! by abbyelizabeth2007 Vinicus in stickin' around art style! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 4 0 a template by abbyelizabeth2007 a template :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 0 happy bday devaint art! by abbyelizabeth2007 happy bday devaint art! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 0 Ask My Ocs! by abbyelizabeth2007 Ask My Ocs! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 2 10 Kick by abbyelizabeth2007 Kick :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 3 1 2026 world cup logo by abbyelizabeth2007 2026 world cup logo :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 0 2026 paralympic fan made logo! by abbyelizabeth2007 2026 paralympic fan made logo! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 0 6 Calgary 2026 fan logo! by abbyelizabeth2007 Calgary 2026 fan logo! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 10 Naples 2019 mascot idea by abbyelizabeth2007 Naples 2019 mascot idea :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 11 Fifa mascot by abbyelizabeth2007 Fifa mascot :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 1 1 yey by abbyelizabeth2007 yey :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 0 0 a gift for my buddys on devaint art by abbyelizabeth2007 a gift for my buddys on devaint art :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 2 2 Look! by abbyelizabeth2007 Look! :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 0 12 playhouse olympic by abbyelizabeth2007 playhouse olympic :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 2 0 ARhythm by abbyelizabeth2007 ARhythm :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 0 0 Team Mascot by abbyelizabeth2007 Team Mascot :iconabbyelizabeth2007:abbyelizabeth2007 2 0


Guardians Of Light Episode 37

Rock Around the Clock In A
 Race Against Time

The Guardians were in the plane to Rio de Janerio, they all had white clothing, with some colors with accents, some wearing orange for professional success, some wearing blue for harmony, some wearing yellow for prosperity, some wearing red or pink for romance, some wearing purple for inspiration, some wearing green for health, and some wearing mixed colors. Why do Brazilians wear white on new years? Adara questioned. In Brazilian culture, all are expected to wear white attire to welcome the New Year, in order to attract peace and happiness Vinicius explained. Are all the people going there going to be wearing white? Marsa asked. I'm not sure, but we got our casual clothings just in case Marcio explained. Everyone giggled in joy. Well, let's go celebrate an hopeful new year! Vinicius cheered. Everyone cheered in joy and hope
:iconkaylamagical2453:Kaylamagical2453 4 2
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house,
Not a deviant was clicking
On a touchpad or mouse.
Deviations were packed
In their boxes with care
In hopes re-designers
Soon would be there.
The deviants were nestled
All soft in their Profile
In hopes that a change
Would come soon with style.
They’d heard mysterious stories
From the Betas upstairs,
And they knew something special
Soon would be theirs.
New dark mode, new light mode,
Love Meter, and more!
New backgrounds, Profile headers,
More storage for Core!
One curious deviant,
Sketchbook tight in their grips,
Couldn’t wait one day longer,
They must see Eclipse!
They ran up the staircase,
Threw open the door,
Awoke all the betas,
And all of this for:
A glimpse of the new version.
A screenshot, a peek.
The clatter woke a beta,
Who started to speak.
“We’re working some kinks out
So it’ll be perfect when
It’s released to more soon.
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,034 5,746
Magic School Bus kids in KND style by ArthurEngine Magic School Bus kids in KND style :iconarthurengine:ArthurEngine 11 15 Me During The Youtube Shutdown by Kaylamagical2453 Me During The Youtube Shutdown :iconkaylamagical2453:Kaylamagical2453 5 5
Codename: KND: operation: c.o.l.d.
WARNING: This episode may contain several references to Batman. You have been warned! 
Welcome's been a while. I've managed to uncover another the second story. This time it focuses on Numbuh 60 AKA Patton Drivisonky who didn't get that much attention in the adventures of Sector V. But here's one that might interest you. His story takes place after operation: p.r.e.s.i.d.e.n.t. and it explains further how former 4th Grade President Jimmy Nixon McGarfield became evil by operation: s.n.o.w.i.n.g. Now without further adieu...

Kids Next Door! Let's read some lost adventures!






Codename: Kids Next Door:
now loading:

operation: c.o.l.d.

Written by :iconFarinaArtist: (Tom Warburton) :icongamewizard-2008: (Alison Wilgus) and :iconArthurEngine: (Mo
:iconfarinaartist:FarinaArtist 10 7
Codename: KND: operation: b.a.t.h.
Greetings, you are now about to read a first in a twelve part series of the Kids Next Door files of Sector V's adventures that were never discovered up until now. I really don't know why they didn't find and release these 10 years ago after operation: i.n.t.e.r.v.i.e.w.s. but hey, sometimes we gotta do stuff when the time is correct. So anyway...
Kids Next Door! Let's read some lost adventures!






Codename: Kids Next Door:

now loading:
operation: b.a.t.h. 
(adapted from the comic operation: b.a.t.h.t.i.m.e.)


Written by :iconFarinaArtist: (Mr. Warburton) and :iconArthurEngine: (Mo Williams) 
Numbuh 2/Hoagie P. Gilligan
Numbuh 4/Wallabee “Wally” Beatles
Mr. Squeaky (New Character, :iconpin
:iconfarinaartist:FarinaArtist 15 8
Invader Zim GIR Controller by BunniiChan Invader Zim GIR Controller :iconbunniichan:BunniiChan 25 10 IRL GIR by Nouta777 IRL GIR :iconnouta777:Nouta777 29 11 Luca Scared Over Kamen Rider Shin by RaphaelFernandez2001 Luca Scared Over Kamen Rider Shin :iconraphaelfernandez2001:RaphaelFernandez2001 11 4
R.A.D.D. Season 1 Chapter 3
(This Episode Takes Place At The RaphaelFernandez2001 Friendly Estate In Puzzle Island Where I Was On My Phone, Looking At My Accounts, While Tiffany And Yana Were Chatting And Raiga, Madison, And Bella Were Playing Around.)
The Hatchling Trio: Raiga, Madison, And Bella. Now That I Think About Them, They’re So Cute And Awesome Since When I First Drew It And When I Saw Her Fan-Art On Tiffany’s Twitter And DeviantArt Accounts, As Well As Yana’s Tumblr Account. (He Sees His Notifications On His iPhone 7.)
(We See Raiga, Madison, And Bella Having Fun.)
Madison: Wow! Bella’s Drawings Are So Cool!
Bella: Even Raiga’s Japanese Rider-Ranger And Angry Birdies Stuff Are So Awesome, Also! He’s Such An Otaku, Just Like Any Other Person I Never Heard Of Before!
Raiga: Yeah! (He Giggles.)
Madison: My Favorite Sweets Are So Delicious, Raiga’s Favorite Things Are So Awesome, And Your Drawings Are So Cool And Cute!
Raiga: Yep! (He Giggles.) Oh Hey Bella! Wanna
:iconraphaelfernandez2001:RaphaelFernandez2001 4 19
.:World Cup Mascots:. Ciao by MundienaSKD .:World Cup Mascots:. Ciao :iconmundienaskd:MundienaSKD 20 2 Kick, abbyelizabeth2007's OC by MikeJEddyNSGamer89 Kick, abbyelizabeth2007's OC :iconmikejeddynsgamer89:MikeJEddyNSGamer89 3 0
Gknd promo project :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 76 73
The Many Faces Of Ting by pinkandorangesunset The Many Faces Of Ting :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 40 16 Pattie by MikeJEddyNSGamer89 Pattie :iconmikejeddynsgamer89:MikeJEddyNSGamer89 2 1 knd collection by pinkandorangesunset knd collection :iconpinkandorangesunset:pinkandorangesunset 14 15


:iconinvader-zim-love: :iconknd-numbuh2-fanclub: :iconteentitansno: :iconfootball-mascots-fc:


heres part 2 of shows that you may (or not) know it aired!
1. sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat 
sagwa, was aired on pbs kids from 
September 3, 2001 – October 5, 2002, it's kinda forgotten, and theres a small fan base of people, and it was based of a book by amy tan,
the show follows the adventures of Sagwa, who  resides in a palace of a magistrate in China in what is assumed to be the modern-day Fujian provinces of the People's Republic of China and Republic of China respectively (possibly during the late Qing dynasty, as shown by the characters' clothes), as part of a royal family of cats who have the ability to write with their tails. She and her siblings, along with various other cats and Fu-Fu the bat, have adventures that are usually accompanied by moral lessons, as is typical with most children's shows. However, one aspect that sets this show apart is its display of various aspects of Chinese culture, which helps promote awareness and understanding of other ethnicities, sadly, the show, was lost in time, 
2. big bag.
The show was made by CTW [later seasme workshop] and CN, yeah, THAT CN! cartoon network! the show had 6 shorts in season 1,
  • Troubles the Cat - This is the first totally original cartoon based on Latino characters to air in the United States. It was developed for television by Nina Elias-BambergerJim Martin, Marie Poe, Luis Santeiro, and Nina Shelton. The group of kids includes a six-year-old Latina named Marina and her multicultural friends. Marina's cat Troubles (voiced by María Conchita Alonso) uses a "troublescope" to sniff out problems that develop in the group's relationships. Troubles invites home viewers to do the same, using their cardboard tubes as troublescopes "to see what the kids are really thinking and feeling". 24 episodes were made.
  • William's Wish Wellingtons - William's magic boots called Wellingtons make any wish come true. They're a wonderful tool to solve problems with if he can only figure out the right thing to wish for. Each story, whether it's about looking for buried treasure or William wishing himself invisible at his sister's wedding, sparks the imagination of viewers. 13 out of 26 episodes made were aired. Andrew Sachs provides the narration.
  • Slim Pig - A two-dimensional pig who lives in a three-dimensional world named Slim Pig (voiced by James Spector) is a uniquely proportioned animal who can slide between the barriers that surround his farm. Slim Pig demonstrates that it can be fun to explore and discover new things. Fellow farm animals like Duck, Little Chick, Rooster, and Horse admire Slim for his ability and desire to venture beyond their world. 13 episodes were made.
  • Koki - In this claymation segment, a four-year-old chick named Koki has a life similar to that of a preschool child. Koki is learning new responsibilities while adapting to relationships with her family and friends. Koki's younger sibling, an egg, represents a new challenge for her. 13 episodes were made.
  • Tobias Totz and His Lion - Centered around the relationship between two unlikely friends: a man named Tobias and a not-so-ferocious lion. Tobias is a retired zookeeper who is frequently asked to return to the zoo and solve problems. These shorts explores alternative solutions to difficult situations. 13 out of 25 episodes made were aired.
  • Samuel and Nina - A dog alter-ego of Charlie Chaplin named Samuel (voiced by Allen Enlow) and a prudent, down-to-earth squirrel named Nina (voiced by Fran Brill) embark on adventures and help humans and creatures in distress by using their imagination. Samuel shapes his hat into a creative piece of apparel, appropriate for his role in each crisis, and prompts viewers to do the same. 13 episodes were made.

But in the 2st season, every segment except Troubles the Cat and Koki were removed. A new segment was added
  • Ace and Avery - This segment focused on a bespectacled boy Ace (voiced by James Spector) and his raccoon sidekick Avery (voiced by Kevin Clash). This segment was the most likely to incorporate craft elements from the main storyline. 13 episodes were made.

The show had viewers to watch with a bag in with a pair of socks, 2 spoons,  a hat, and a carboard tube, witch the charaters would use in the puppets segments, or the animated shorts,

the show have's 3 VHS, and shockeny, no dvds! and its lost, [and btw, the theme is kinda catchy!]

3. george shrinks, 
this show, [like sagwa] based based of a book named after the same name by willam joyce, [the same creator of roile polie olie!] and it aired on pbs bookworm bunch!
the show was about of a ten-year-old boy named George who, one night dreams that he is three inches tall, only to wake up and discover that it is true. The show details his adventures with his friends and family going through his adventures on his mini machines that George and his musical father have created.
note, all things to there owners!

So...... I was bored, and felt like we need to know about  3 shows that you may (or not) know it aired! 
1. The mr. men show;
This show was adapted from a line of books, Mr men  and little misses! and no, im not talking about the 90s version, im talking about the 2008 version, the show is about the adventures of the MR. men and the little misses in the wacky town of dillydale!
2.     Kappa mikey;
This show you may know for having a pilot that was found! any ways, the show is about a rather self-centered, cocky adolescent American boy named Mikey Simon,  who wins a starring role in a popular Japanese television series LilyMu by centering on a team of crime-fighters with personalities based around typical anime characters. He becomes acquainted with his co-stars,  and having weird adventures off set.
3. Time Warp trio;
this show, like the Mr men show, was adapted from a line of books, the plot is; For his tenth birthday, Joe receives a mysterious blue book from his magician uncle and namesake, "Joe the Magnificent," known only as "The Book". Using a number of often unpredictable and/or unintentional voice and print cues, The Book frequently transports Joe and his friends, Fred and Sam, to a variety of places in history, and one time they get in the year 2105, where they meet their own great-granddaughters, Jodie, Samantha and Freddi. The only way they are able to return present-day brooklyn is to find The Book again within whatever time period they are in. And sometimes they trio goes with joe's sister, anna.

Vinicus in stickin' around art style!
Well... vinicus and toms birthday is today but i wanted to draw vinicus in a differnt art style so i chosed Stickin' Around!
everyone, ASAP. block ! they are bad, i am not joking right now, please spread this news around and report that group to make sure the group and the people who run it gets banned from the site permanently and possibly contact the authorities.
 i think this song fits for my buddys who live in the  east coast, they will get Hurricane Florence as they must survive while Hurricane Florence is happening
happy bday devaint art!
 Happy happy birthday, happy birthday cake!Happy happy birthday, Happy happy birthday, happy birthday Devaintart!! Yay!
i hope no one stealss the cake!
Ask My Ocs!
rules: - No Questions Regarding Fan-Art/Comic Requests. 
- Make Sure Your Questions Are APPROPRIATE.
guss what? iwon a  yes i can tech award. so around 4, i will be gone on DA because so i can get the award and i think around 8 i will be back,
heres my mascot for the 2026 world cup! and its one of nickqoulands birthday gifts i made for her!
2026 world cup logo
hers my logo for  if canada us and itlay won the bid! note its also one of the birthday gif to nickqouland!
welp, this is crazy, i got 999 nofications! O.o
i made the mascots for calgary 2026 bid! cally the bobcat and gary the Silver-haired bat! they were born out of the hope of calgary 2026! they respent the animals of calgary where the animals that gary and cally are based of live! and if you take the ly out of cally and mash it up with gary you get calgary!
going to school tommrow i will be back at 2 or 3  


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im a girl who really loves olympic mascots
and other olympic mascots. my BFFS: Nickquoland, penajo007, Suzytronics1995, Josh0108, MikeJEddyNSGamer89, RaphaelFernandez2001, BancyStudios1994, BuddyBoy600, ArthurEngine, pennywhistle444, Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k , pinkandorangesunset. PokeGirlRULES,

and im apart of… other; NOPE by Mintaka-TK STOP CHASING ME, YOU ROTTEN BUZZING THINGS by Mintaka-TK Fries Stamp by Mintaka-TK Candy Stamp by Mintaka-TK Lemurs Stamp by Mintaka-TK Codename: Kids Next Door Stamp by Mintaka-TK Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 3dsxl Owner Stamp by JazzaX Chrome User Stamp by JazzaX Cerebral Palsy Ribbon by Hotd318 Starfy and Kirby stamp by Miruthekirby
Canada Stamp by NoNamepje Between the Lions Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Pepper Ann TV Show Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Codename Kids Next Door Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Arthur (TV Show) Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 The Magic School Bus Stamp by KittyJewelpet78


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