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Mimi to Alpha (transformation Request) pg 1

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A request for . Another thing about requests... they'll be free for those who request them for now(closed) but can be bought as commissions. To make this process more fun for everyone, donate points!
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I will just comment on this, since I have not really any money to throw much around for little while. so, her I go! I love how your character Mimi's face is! She looks serious or in fright.^^
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Thx! I'm all about facial expressions! You're actually spot on with the guess! She is BOTH serious and frightened!Maybe even a little angry but I didn't emphasize that. That's a mistake on my part Sweating a little... .  Thx for taking the time to figure out what exactly u liked about the page instead of just saying "good" or "awesome",or even,"bad" or "awful". I love to receive constructive criticism and appreciate if you point out any issues/accomplishments that you notice and why! I can only get better!  
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I just thought what if I was in her shoes, what would I feel?^^
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Good strategie! That's actually how I nail the facial expressions! I erased it several times because i didn't feel it was "intense enough".
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Just keep telling yourself. What if I was in their shoes and what would I do or say?
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alright! will do!
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BTW. It reminds me of you. No offense. I see Mimi's part of you in ways. I mean, you are her creator!
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LOL! Ur right!( tho I'm not sure how I would be offended) Most, if not all, of my characters contain scattered parts of me and people I've known for a long time. Most parts of my characters' personalities, however, are more made up the deeper into them you venture. I don't mean to insert aspects of myself and loved ones, but i guess as a writer it kind of just happens. I liked the way she turned out!
Once I rap up Mimi vs. Death Constrictor and/or Werewolf Skins, I'll introduce other characters. 
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