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My Bio
Hello friends I'm Abby and I like peaches and night-time

Favourite Movies
Finding Nemo, Toy Story, World War Z, The Heat, Back To The Future Trilogy, Easy A, Zombieland, The Heat, Get Smart, The Hunger Games, Summer Wars, Rent-a-Cat, Brave, Aladdin
Favourite TV Shows
Forensic Files, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Two and a Half Men, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Brain Games, Summer Heights High, Angry Boys
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Arctic Monkeys, The Naked and Famous, Kate Nash, Satellite Stories, The 1975, Vocaloid, Glasperlenspiel, Regina Spektor
Favourite Books
The Book Thief, The Long Walk, The Name of the Star, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson Series, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, M or F?, Speak, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Flowers for Algernon (and like 3024850 others)
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Spyro, osu!, Rayman, The Sims (lol)
Other Interests
Drums, music, psychology, cello, Germany/German, reading, frolicking, night-time, adventuring/exploring, anime and manga (I'm not a weeaboo I promise), movies, writing, hanging out with friends, video games, fencing etc
Surprise I got tagged in a thing Name: Abby Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 162cm/5'3ish Age: 15 Sexual Orientation: Like bi/pan and not exactly asexual but bumming is a terrifying and deeply uncomfortable prospect so Favorite colour(s): Real real dark 2am blue Relationship status: got rekt by Porridges ( Shoe Size: Umm.. 38 what is that in NZ sizing who knows Location: Ookurando Nyuujirando figure that one out you fucking weeaboos Are you a Virgin?: Yppp What makes you happy?: psychiatry and reading and drums and music and whimsically moving around places with no destination and late-night bus rides by myself then walking home and bein
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So unsurprisingly the journal thing never really happened but I was never really here to be a writer (or actually an anything) A lot has gone on in the time I haven't cared enough to update this, but unfortunately me not caring enough to update this is a continuing affair and thus this journal will likely never again be updated after this entry (not that anyone reads this anyway aha and I never did really find much excitement in writing it so I feel like this is a suitable ending for both sides) This was mainly written just so that big old one isn't there anymore- I have nothing of any real value to say I'm just tapping out words whoops Anyw
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Hello again friends my exams have officially started (actually not quite yet it's just little tests and things until like next week I think) and so far I've had a history internal (big weird thing not really an exam but like an assessment thing idk you're all American anyway aren't you) which went quite well and I also had a math test today which was good although I conked up on a few questions at the end :s Also I was selected to do this German test-thing ages ago and I forgot about it but I got the result back today and I got High Distinction (v/ good) which was a nice surprise to start off the day :"D In other news it is now only 50 days
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omg abby!!! it is i sarah cooper
Thanks for the fav, it was probably ages ago tho >w<
No worries amigo 8-)
Thanks for the fav! You're hella rad!
Aww no problem, and thankyou c':
Thx for the fave - sry for late reply
Not a problem :)