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New Years Resolutions!

Mon Dec 29, 2014, 5:33 PM by AbbeyMarie:iconabbeymarie:

Some people love them others are sick of them, but I certainly understand the appeal of starting something new right at the beginning of the year. It just FEELS right. Like waiting till monday to start that diet you 100% are actually going to start this time, because no one want's to start on a Wednesday right?


I have a few! They aren't really linked to the new year, but they are things I'd like to continue to work towards and achieve!
  1. Get my license. I'm 23 and still can't drive. I have a car and a learners permit, and by this time next year I will have finally joined the rest of the world in driving bliss. Or die trying.
  2. Be a part-time freelancer. Making 100% of my living off of freelance work seems to hefty a goal. If I can just make a good majority doing freelance I will be happy! For now. 
  3. Date! Pretty boys can start sending in their applications early! 

And then my big goal I'd like to accomplish is....move to Maine! Main has become my promised land to me. I have never not lived amongst the cornfields of Illinois, and I am sick of it and I'm ready to head east.  I don't know anyone there, I have never visited there, and I have no
real security there. I just need to give it a shot. 

I have other smaller ones too. I'd like to get into jogging once it gets warmer. I want to send my parents on a week vacation. Other small lifestyle changes that have to do with my anxiety. All that good stuff!


What about you? What are you hoping to tackle in the new year? How was 2014 for you? Do you have the weir hatred of odd numbered years that I constantly hear about? 

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SadisticIceCream Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015   Writer
I can't drive either. :XD:

I'm hoping to work on my writing more and keep up the good mental-health habits I began to establish this year. I really slacked off during the holidays, and I'm feeling it now. =p
CrystalClear-Art Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My goals for this year are to live healthy and to be able to provide an additional income for my family. And to take more photos of my daughter and of nature.
TriZiana Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, love your resolutions!! And if I can make a living of of freelancing, you sure as hell can. You are a much better artist than I am. And Maine... Well I recently started learning a lot about it, the series of books I am working on illustrating mainly at the moment play off in Maine. So I have been doing a lot of research on the landscape and culture there. I must say, I don't much like the idea of living in the USA, but if I had to, I would choose Maine. It's an amazing part of land!! So I really hope for you that you can move there!

Personally, I believe in having one main goal for each year. It's easier for me to focus all my energy into one thing, than to have a split focus and in the end not being able to achieve any of them. Last year my goal was to be able to do start freelancing full time and eventually get the mippieArt designs enterprise up and running. By September last year I reached that goal and since then I have seen my business blossom in ways I could have never imagined. (good karma I believe, hehe) Seeing as how I had a few months left after all that, I took on a new goal, jsut a little one, to finish the year of - Quit smoking after having been a smoker for 13 years. And I have now been smoke free for about a month, and I'm pretty sure I won't ever go back to it again. 

This year my goal is a bit more mental and directed at self-growth, rather than material growth. My goal is to not once criticize another persons habits, personality or mindset. It's something I do more and more, because of all of the idiotic people on the internet and the idiotic people in real life. I just decided that I have many faults myself, and until I am perfect, who am I to judge others for how they are. I'm not somebody who can ever keep my opinion to myself, I'm very outspoken. And I think, if I had to be around myself a lot, like be another person watching myself, I would annoy the shit out of myself. Because I'm such a know it all. So this year, I'm going to learn how to keep my mouth shut and not step on toes... 
shadeley Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
More studying, more social life (this will be hard) and more improving on my photomanipulation skills. :D
Happy New Year to all the members! :party:
Gejda Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
One of mine is similar to yours - being able to support myself at least partly through freelance work. I started getting jobs lately though, so it's pretty possible it will work, hurray! 
dA related one - be much more active here in general. I stopped doing much of anything lately and I intend to come back. :D Other than that - work hard on my second try to get into a Music Academy! This time, I am pretty sure that I will finally make it. :P
SnowInHades Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
New year resolutions... I like idea, but it never works for me. All I can do is take the year as it comes and hope for positive outcomes.
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