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Broken Glass Tutorial

By AbbeyMarie
What you will need:
Photoshop 7 or higher
Intermediate to advanced knowledge in Photoshop
Broken glass: Cracked Glass Texture III
Brush 1: Speck Brushes
Brush 2: Explosion Debris Brushes or

This effect could probably be replicated in other image editing programs, but I am afraid I only use PS so I can't really answer any questions about how to do it in any other program. I am also on a PC not a Mac - so keep that in mind.

Notice anything wrong or confusing PLEASE TELL ME!


Background: Elandria

Thank you for the DD!

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© 2013 - 2021 AbbeyMarie
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Wow, thanks for sharing!! Those steps really make something so complex-looking quite simple. I hope I can use it in an artwork soon! Thanks again! :heart:
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There is a newly improved tutorial here: How to Create a Broken Glass Effect in Photoshop

You can still use the same texture I used in this version as well, so don't worry about the premium resources used! 
twocupsofbancha's avatar
Oh wow, that looks amazing!! Thanks so much for linking it to me, I'll check it out asap! :heart:
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Oh this is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this tutorial!
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Thank you for making this tutorial! I have searched for it for such a long time and finally I found it. I can't thank you enoughh. Apparently, I have never used Photoshop before but your tutorial helped me to know more on how to use photohop. Thanks again!
AbbeyMarie's avatar
You are welcome, my pleasure! 

I should have a better one coming out soon actually, I'd keep an eye out for that!
KamyuSe's avatar
Alrighty, will definitely check it out! XD
CamaroGirl666's avatar
Amazing tutorial! Simple and easy to follow :love::+fav:
Feeretta's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial, I used this here:…
PaMonk's avatar
Fantastic Tutorial.:D And Congrats on the DD.
Sorianumera's avatar
I used your awesome tutorial for my new work:
89. Through the Fire - I don't like Tuesdays 
It was so helpfull! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! :party:
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shadeley's avatar
This tutorial is awesome --though I had to change some steps because I use a CS5--, thank you! :w00t: I used it here:…
UnderlandDigital's avatar
Hi honey! This tutorial was credited here:… thank you so much! :huggle:
in-the-change's avatar
Sketchevrywir's avatar
Thanks for sharing your amazingly helpful tutorial! I have used it here! :heart:
KoreanAloeJuice's avatar
Hello! I used your tutorial here:

Thank you so much! I did not do it nearly as much justice as I should have, but unfortunately, my art skills in general are brokeded...
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GoldMist's avatar
Hi, i want to thank you properly about this, here's my outcome artwork, thanks a lot :D…
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it wouldnt be beautiful without your tutorial. Thanks a lot :D
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