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He was cold and wet. It started too long ago, this thing he called life. Nowadays, he traveled with a group of wanderers, all of which were indifferent to each other. There were times when they used to care more, but the location, the paths they walked..all held innate gloom and misery. Tonight he had guard duty with Harren, the youngest of them.
The embers burned, and the wood crackled lightly. As the smoke rose into the air, Harren became uneasy. Everyone was silent here. People only communicated when it was absolutely necessary. That's what made this place depressing. People gathered and worked arduously day and night, into the early morning. The benifits were just meager enough to sustain their misery until the next day of work, hence the cycle continued, unless someone decided to break it. The ones who did died, not at the hands of the group, but the dangers outside of it. This was Mosnia, and that meant danger. Mosnia was often reffered to as Earth's 'dream world'. Som
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Same Ceiling
Same Ceiling
Morning is Orange
"You slept in again."
"Yes, I know."
"I don't know. I wasn't tired at all. I couldn't find a reason to get up." Jen shrugged her shoulders and tossed away her sweaty blanket. Her room smelled terrible. "I feel restless."
"It's hard to imagine why with all the time you spend in bed. Have you found a job yet? You might as well do that if you're not going to try in school." Sherin was Jen's mother, and she thought of her maternal position as an obligation. If Jen didn't do one thing, she had to do something else. It didn't matter if it was actually worthwhile or interesting. Jen had to do something.
"I'll get up in another hour, then I might go for a walk or read a book." Jen wasn't sure if she was really going to do any of these things. She knew it'd make her mother happy (and get off her back) if she at least pretended to have a plan for the day.
"That's better than nothing. I'll be gone for the day. I might come home around lunchtime," said S
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free flowing,
far going,
crafts of home,
beneath the covers,
guns and stone,
are on the headlines,
living lightly,
then silence,
old men hide their bones,
bare their teeth,
sweeping cupboards,
like rhythm of chatter,
he's in the attic,
red is fleeting,
the man outside picks up a paintbrush,
art is dead.
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Sunset Park
Take a breath,
For sunset park
It's not the dark,
It's made of sparks,
I see red skies,
That once were blue,
I see a maze,
It's in was too,
whispy days,
the same ol' craze,
It's in the daze,
It's been a year,
From me to you,
It's sunset park,
Forever true.
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Five Day Demise
July 7th, 2006
One on One with myself
Me: What up bitch?
Me: no need for frivolity today, I feel so sucky...
Me: why is that?
Me: i didn't do anything but sit inside the house, eat crappy food, being grounded sucks
Me: yeah, just the other day-
Me: no reminiscing right now bub
Me: damn, than what do you want to do. Up for a good game of scrabble.
Me: no way in hell
Me: now, what's wrong with scrabble?
Me: you're wrong with scrabble
Me: wanna make out?
Me: already did that this morning, loses its touch after awhile
Me: You're loss, whatchya thinkin' about
Me: not much, just how much more boredom's in store for me tomorrow
Me: Yep, you're a whiny sonuvabitch
Me: what'd you say?
Me: Nothing
Me: an ice cold milkshake would really hit the spot
Me: What about a beer?
Me: eh, maybe...
Me: Or a lady
Me: only if she was a lady, I've had enough of you're tricks
Me Alright, alright, sheesh
Me: Sheesh is like yeesh on meth
Me: That was just stupid. You're losing you're sense of humor
Me: fag
Me: W
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Albert Korzec
United States
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Favourite genre of music: a variety
Personal Quote: flim flam flu
THIS IS MY LAST JOURNAL. I QUIT. That is, on this account, i'm starting anew. I'll friend request my friends soon. Until then, goodbye, fare well, fuck you. I'm off.


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MatsuoTsuraya Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007
if i mailed you a teddy bear filled with my own shit, would you keep it always and forever?

hail the rabanastan army
AbbadonFlare Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2007
the army's currently on patrol in the South Pacific you have what it takes to stand up for your nation and be a noble dalamascan warrior??
MatsuoTsuraya Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
yes, i deleted all my journals. after having decided that there was no literary or even entertainment value to them, as each was a string of bitchy swill all too similar to the one before it.

i did write another part to one of my older stories, though. it's on myspace.

lastly, i wish to go running over break. perhaps we can drag mike's ass along, too. cuz lord knows we're never gonna get hot chicks in the pathetic physical conditions we're in now.
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