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Untitled by Abayomi Untitled :iconabayomi:Abayomi 4 0
For the Union : The Shadow People - Ch.1
Chapter 1
The rooftops of Seneret were tinged golden and warm orange in the light of the rising sun. The hour was still early. The trams from Hetla hadn't yet rattled into town, and the streets were quiet, devoid of what little activity they might otherwise receive. Seneret was not a town of labourers. With its warm sea breezes and pleasant climate, it had long been a retreat for Hetla's wealthier elite, a place where they could escape the crush and stress of the city center and take refuge in the quiet of the countryside. When the trams would arrive in the mid-morning hours, they would bring with them the servants and gardeners that inhabited Helta's Ket sector, a crowded, ragged part of the city that was pushed a little farther to the west every year, and farther from the extravagant houses and genteel existence of the upper classes that dwelt in the better neighborhoods of Terna and Merat.
The Malek family had long owned an estate in Terna, a large sprawling house that was si
:iconabayomi:Abayomi 1 5
The Hebitian-Cardassian Extinction Event by Abayomi The Hebitian-Cardassian Extinction Event :iconabayomi:Abayomi 6 6 Glinn Vibor Khold by Abayomi Glinn Vibor Khold :iconabayomi:Abayomi 13 6 Glinn Procol Hadris by Abayomi Glinn Procol Hadris :iconabayomi:Abayomi 26 20 Kotra - A Cardassian Board Game by Abayomi Kotra - A Cardassian Board Game :iconabayomi:Abayomi 29 13
Ar Manadak (O Pioneers)
Come my stalwart children,
Kh'habetím sekmetuto ú deút.
Children-my stalwart come.
Follow well in order, get your weapons ready,
Fírrok bet úldét, kh'etëatátíbek fírmat ú maĥot
Order-in well follow, weapons-your ready make,

Have you your pistols? have you your sharp-edged axes?
Ebek kh'sekalíbek kalú? Ebek kh'haldatíbek halyewat kalú?
You pistols-your have? You axes-your edge-sharp have?

Pioneers! O pioneers!
Manadak! Ar manadak!
For we cannot tarry here,
An lúm sín íneb tóbek,
For we here cannot tarry

We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger,
Lúm kh'memnetím eka-talak, lúm seprítiëtet ergal eka-nútta
we darlings-my march-must, we danger-of brunt bear-must

We the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depe
:iconabayomi:Abayomi 4 7
The Procession
The street was unnaturally quiet in the still hour just after dawn. Only the shuffle of feet broke the unnerving silence as the procession moved along. Iliana walked along in the place of honour, just behind the bier. She wore the sweeping ceremonial gown of the Honourable Grieving, a featureless, simple gown in the darkest blue, the colour of deepest mourning. The hair she usually kept up off of her neck in elaborate, sculptural styles instead hung loose and long down her back. It was considered disrespectful to attend one's appearance during the traditional mourning period, and she would wear it this way for the next few months, while her father's affairs were dealt with and closed.
The official at the head of the procession began the traditional chant, and she felt herself grow slightly faint. The eyes of all her father's former comrades, subordinates, conspirators, friends, even those members of the anonymous public who had come to pay their respects to the fallen Legate, were upon
:iconabayomi:Abayomi 2 17
The Viper by Abayomi The Viper :iconabayomi:Abayomi 14 21
Mature content
The Butcher :iconabayomi:Abayomi 1 0
Mature content
A Talent for Violence :iconabayomi:Abayomi 1 0
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Yikes, it's been a while since I've updated anything on here. ^^; I haven't had much inspiration lately, so I haven't drawn much. Or any. Blah. But, I've become obsessed with analytical cubism, so expect some really different additions to the gallery soon, and I'll be starting in on an art history degree in the fall, so I'll likely be submitting some of the works that I create for my classes. I apologize for not keeping up with my messages or the Sisters of Gion group! I've done what I can to resubmit the pieces that expired, so if you submitted something and heard nothing, it likely just expired because I wasn't around. ^^; I'll do better about keeping up!



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