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I built a new site: for ALL my web stuffs.
Now, my art and photography are at
I no longer own the domain for my former site,
My UU Chalice Art is at
  • Listening to: the wind
  • Reading: the signs
  • Watching: the dust settle
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: my words
  • Drinking: from the well
I built a new site for stuff that I write, but, that doesn't belong on my blog.
Maybe that makes sense, and maybe not, but I did it.

You already know of , the site for my paintings and photos, and, I have my blog, where I share all kinds of geeky, hackery stuff, and news related to my industry (translations), etc., but I didn't really have a good place for my poetry and other writing that I feel doesn't really belong on the blog, for various reasons, so, I made

for poetry, articles, musings, ramblings, etc.

I built it with dokuwiki, which keeps growing on me...great stuff...
  • Listening to: the wind
  • Reading: the signs
  • Watching: the dust settle
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: my words
  • Drinking: from the well
I have changed from one host and domain registrar to another, and, in the process of moving my site, I've made quite a few changes.

The NEW has all new photo & painting galleries, complete with the option to view slide shows (even in full screen) of my work, plus other gro0vy features.

Click on over, have a look, and let me know what you think!
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I've been very prolific, of late...
  • Listening to: talk talk
  • Reading: mario vargas llosa
  • Drinking: pilao - o cafe forte do brasil
Nude with Guitar 2 just sold for $600.00
Not bad for an 11x15 acrylic on aquarelle.
It is now in the personal collectino of a wealthy patron in Guilford, CT.
click here for a review of my mermaid table/work in progress.

I'm wiped.
I'm going to read until my eyes fall out, now.
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I've gotten rather wrapped in in several projects (including starting my own painting business, painting homes, which I've done for 18 years.  Now I'm including decorative finished and murals, as well, though.  And hand-painted signs.)
And, a show!
Several of my paintings (Maiden of the Sea, Still Life with Chalice, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Art of War: Departure) are hanging at All Souls UU congregation, my Unitarian-Universalist church, along with pieces from other artists in the congregation.
I organized the whole thing.
I actually breathed on Vincent Van Gogh's "Night Cafe" today at the Yale Art Gallery.
I wanted to scratch the canvas and lick the paint from under my nails, make it a part of me.  But I didn't.  I just stared, studied, and breathed on it.

It's only about 25 minutes from my home, Yale is.  There was a Picasso, too, and a Matisse, on which I could have breathed, in the same corner, simply by turning my head, so close.
Lotso other cool stuff is there, too.
Art of War: Departure is for sale on eBay.

So is Dope.
(Yeah, I'm selling dope on eBay...Think they'll have a problem with that?)

In other news, I've altered my webhosting situation and will be rebuilding from the ground up.
You know what's fun?  Browsing other folks' favorites.  I enjoy that.
The lovely young lady I painted, "Tiffany by Candlelight", is also a Deviant: here's her DA.
I'm consistently inconsistent, if I'm anything.
I have been attacking a wide array of subjects.
I experiment with various technique and media, but impasto technique with acrylics seems to be where I exhibit the most skill, if you could call it that.
Still having fun.
I suppose some would consider it contradictory for me to paint subject both spiritual and erotic.
I don't.
I hate watercolours.
I will continue to try and master them.
I have several paintings in progress right now.
It's only getting worse.
I can't stop myself.
I should be looking for a job.
I posted a sketch here: grief: a sketch.
Didn't really want to post it to my gallery, so it's a scrap.
I may use it in the series I am planning on doing.
Oh, I didn't tell you, but mentioned it on livejournal.
I've decided to give a shot at doing s series of paintings on the "art of war" theme, in that, there will be images exploring the various emotional, social and physical consequnces of war, in the environment of hte medeival/fantasy world in which I began with the art of war image already posted (which will become "art of war 1: departure").
I intend to create images depicting rage, fear, anxiety, grief, devastation, hunger...all that happy shite.
I've decided that I need to endow the subjects with deeper emotional impact.  The sketch I just uploaded is part of preparing aned practicing for that.
Well...what started as a simple exercise in seeing and portraying light and shadow has swiftly transformed into an exercise in expressing somethings from deep inside: dreams, fantasies, fears.  My fascination with scifi, horror and fantasy has taken over my painting, yet in ways that have shoveled up things of which I do not speak...Things deep within me.
This drawing and sketching I'm doing, I must say, stems from an obsession to understand, to fully GROK the light and shadows.
For years, as a photographer, I have focused on elements such as composition, colour, detail, focus...and light has always been rather an afterthought.
As a result, I have produced many, many images and many of them were successful, but, it occurs to me now, rather hapazardly, because I was barely paying lip-service to the most important elements:
Light & Shadow.
Many artists and photogs speak of capturing the light, but I feel that neglecting the shadow is a fatal error.
Shadow defines the light.
Without darkness, there is no light.
I'm new here.
I'm a photographer and have recently taken up painting and sketching, too.