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Space: 2099 01 Breakaway

By AbaKon
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Years ago, some friends and I (not least among them our beloved Arcass) developed a ralaunch (no pun intended) of Space: 1999. Our bigest gripe with the series was the whole blasting the moon out of orbit thing. Interesting idea, but...well...not real plausible. So, our thinking was to have an accident with a newly developed FTL drive hurl a space station into deep space.

In essence, the show was much the same...without the moon. The space station was trapped in a field that raced through space at translight speeds. When it neared a star system, the gravity well caused it to drop below light speed. For a brief period of time, it would coast through normal space as the field recharged itself from the solar energy. When it hit a critical level - BANG! - the station would shoot back into faster than light speeds.

So, this is a trip down memory lane to those cool brainstorming sessions with some very talented guys!

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That is an excellent alternate scenaro. I like it very much. You think you could turn it into a series reboot.

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Would you still have the texures for those Alpha uniforms?
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Ouch. Sorry. That was 2 or 3 computers ago...However, it was just a quick mod of The New Adventure costume from DAZ, so you should be able to replicate it easy enough.
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Love it, would definitely read it if you made a web-novel about it! 
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Thanks. My novel days are long past. I think everything I ever wrote is out of print these days. Oh well.
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I love they way you've depicted Victor, John, and Helena. Amazing work once again.
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Thanks! I have learned a lot about character work since then. I should remaster this cover one day!
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This is a very good idea. You preserve the wandering uncontrolled part that made Space:1999 interesting without the entire moon getting launched. It would be great to see a series relaunch.
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This is certainly a show that didn't age well. IMHO it's almost unwatchable today, but when I was a kid...ZOWIE!
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Same here. I loved the show as a kid and still think of it fondly. The geek in me still loves the space ships in it.
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AbaKon, have you been to the Space: 2099 Facebook page? I'd like permission to show this there.…

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I'm flattered. You're free to post any of my Space: 2099 images - all I ask is a credit and/or link to my dArt account. Thanks for the interest!
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One way to have your cake and eat it too would be that "Moonbase Alpha" was on a moon, not the moon. That is, not on Luna, but perhaps Phobos or Diemos. Those bodies are large enough to require ground vehicles (or they would have been present for Mars excursions) but are not large enough to make transiting them into FTL a real conceptual problem?

Plus, you also get to keep the "Moonbase" tag!

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Yeah, but the martians would be pissed if we stole one of their moons...and you know how they get when they're pissed.
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Is moonbase Alpha a space station?
AbaKon's avatar
In this series it is. I think that is much more believable than having the moon blasted out of orbit.
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It is more believable. The only bad part is ground transport. No alpha tank or moon tank and moon buggy.
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They have those because....ummm....they occasionally send out survey missions to the Moon and Mars. Yeah. There you go. That's why.
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More simply, the shuttles and landing equipment were not the station's but were of a ship that was docked with the station when the FTL thingy engaged and comes with it for the ride.

Also gives you a decent in-system craft to ferry the shuttles around without giving them completely BS engines.

Btw, leave the FTL thingy limited by the mass-shadow (or gravity well) of the star and say that a failsafe avoids its activation while close enough to it. The "recharges with solar power" makes it look a little too pulpy imho.

Also, the guys on that thing will have to have enough time to find and load supplies from whatever system they find, or if the station is pretty big and self-sufficient enough, you can add some gimmick to the FTL engine. Like that it needs a steady supply of something (that the guys can find in their travels) or it blows up/malfunctions.
The best thing is having both.
So you have the poor guys scrambling to get both themselves and the FTL thingy fed every time they drop from FTL speed.
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Hey...why didn't I think of the gravity well thing. Damn.


Well done. Thanks for the assist.
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Plus I believe that the meta probe should carry land vehicles to proper scout a planet. It's just a thought. Still it will be awesome to see them. Especially in action.
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A very good point.
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So will you make it?
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