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Well... bit the bullet and just bought a premium membership. I was getting tired of my computer crashing from the viruses in the ads. Oh, well.
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I got a short-lived premium membership by entering one of the site contests. Problem is I actually like having it and it'll be expiring in the next couple days. I don't exactly have the available funds to buy an extention and my rampant llama trading hasn't gained me enough points to use either. That's kind of a cruel thing to do to someone. Give someone something then say, "You have to pay to keep using it." Granted, I know this analogy has been used, if someone gave me a car, I'd have to pay to keep using that too.

Anyway, if anyone feels like helping me out with an extention, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just don't break your bank for my sake. Thanks.
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Over the last year or so, I've been adding many of the pieces of art that I never got around to uploading anywhere. I've also been making more effort to actually draw the designs for each round of the competition I run, called the Conceptual Music Competition. If you're into composing music like I am, please check it out. Unfortunately, some of my better pieces of visual artwork are simply too large to fit on my puny scanner bed. I always have photography, but I want to make sure that the pictures I upload are actually good pictures and not just fond memories I might have of a place. Little by little, I'll add more content to my gallery.

I also find it amusing that I've made one post a year for the last four years (out of the seven I've been a deviantART member). :P
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I picked up a copy of a rather interesting program this last week. It's called ArtRage and it simulates actual oil paints and other media on a canvas. So far, it's working really well. My only problem is that I don't know how to change the type of brush it uses with the oil paints. That and I need to watch some more Bob Ross episodes. :P Eventually, I'll start loading those on here. I can't guarantee much just yet. There's a bit of difference between painting with brushes and painting with a mouse (I don't have a tablet).

Anyway, the new page format has been somewhat a blessing and a curse. First, I like that I can put stuff where I need it and that I now have a way of displaying the clubs that I joined without needing to put it into one of my journals. On the other hand, it's made the page somewhat lopsided. Overall, it's not too bad.
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I just read a satire (…) about DA popularity. While I understand that it was meant to be funny and all, there was actually a pointer that I was able to pull out, in terms of attracting a few more people to my art. It suggested joining a few random, pointless clubs. Rather than doing that, I decided I'd pick out a few that looked promising. Yeah, I know it's not meant to be taken seriously, but why not? The clubs are sort of meant to increase the exposure of artists anyway. Why not take advantage of that?

Anyway, some of them require that I place an icon on my page in order to join. I was going to see if I could place them in my profile itself, but that doesn't seem to be working (please tell me if you know how to). So, they'll have to be here in my journal for now:

:iconbehindthetears: :iconmusic-meisters: :iconmusicians-united: :iconoregon-artists: :iconpoeticpath: :iconthepencilclub: :iconwriters-club:
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So, I've been searching around on deviantART, seeing what I liked and adding a few things to my favorites. In the process, I was thinking about the art that I have submitted. Granted, one should never think less of one's art because of seeing another's, but there's a lot of talent around here. Truth be told, my visual art is not much more than amateur/low-intermediate. Personally, I'm not all that worried about saying such. Most of that comes, however, from the fact that I am primarily a musician. I tried uploading a song of mine and found that the server didn't really want it, so I'll just have to settle. I also tried putting some poetry on here, but that didn't quite work either. I think I'd have to put them in this here journal if I do so.

That said, if you'd like to hear my music, I keep that on my website. I welcome you to go listen. Most of my poetry is also there. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do to make this stand apart from my site. Maybe this is one small step in doing so - except that it now competes with my LiveJournal... hmm...
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