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Roleplay - Joker and E.D.I.

I regret nothing... :dummy:

Jeff "Joker" Moreau and E.D.I. © BioWare
Meme concept by me and *emedeme
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© 2011 - 2021 Abadir
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herdustisverypretty's avatar
HAHA christ EDI u nut. When I first heard the "I enjoy humans on their knees" thing I just died.
Yurei-Hanatsuki's avatar
Where has EDI been learning this crap? Shepard.... >.>
this would be so much funnier with edi human body in dominatrix suit
Abadir's avatar
That was made before ME3 =P
Art-loving-Fairybug's avatar
Will there be a redeux of this, not that EDI and Joker are actually a thing?
Abadir's avatar
I don't think so. Maybe When I'll play ME3. =P
GeneralMoskvin's avatar
"So if this thing claims to be the VANGUARD OF OUR DESTRUCTION, I am the first at the lifeboat"

Joker on ME2.
did you put a rape face on a hologram o-o
Abadir's avatar
Yes, it was fun... :XD:
malgrumm's avatar
hehe a quote comes to mind once i read that "this is all jokers fault! what a tool he was...i have to spend all day computing pi because he plugged in the overlord!"
Abadir's avatar
"I enjoy seeing humans on their knees"
"...It was a joke."
KyuuketsukiHikyo's avatar
Love Mass Effect. . . And Joker in particular. He's the only one that was there the entire time, after all . . . Even Garrus went a little wonky. . . .

NeroonCousland's avatar
After reading the title I thought it would be EDI wanting Joker to pley a hacker penetrating her firewall ;) , but this is even funnier.
Abadir's avatar
Naah, EDI is a seriuos A.I., she wouldn't allow anyone penetrate her firewall on the first date... :XD:
NeroonCousland's avatar
LOL, that makes sense ;) !
Dragonwyrd316's avatar

OMG my Kara is about to bitch slap EDI for this! No one can make her man crawl on his knees but her!!

Seriously, this was hilarious! LOVE IT!

I wish I could draw now because I'd so want to create this with Joker and Kara, and Anders with my Aowyn Cousland. Too funny!
Aspheroth's avatar
just add plastic dino toys to the scene and you'll have... ok, time for my firefly disk again :giggle:
Wirls's avatar
I saw this morning that these are getting around! This is the start of your WORLD DOMINATION!!! or is that dominatrix...? :plotting:
Menenu's avatar
Hahah! Impagabile XD Ho iniziato a giocate a mass effect quest'estate e mi sono subito appassionata! Le scene fra Joker e E.D.I. sono sempre esilaranti, spero che dedichino un po' di spazio a loro anche nel terzo :D
Abadir's avatar
Io sono rimasto a ridere come uno scemo per venti minuti quando EDI fa quella battuta durante l'attacco dei collettori, quando giochi nei panni di Joker... UN MITO :XD:
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