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Amelia e Stanislao - Book Cover by Abadir Amelia e Stanislao - Book Cover :iconabadir:Abadir 6 3
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 10
X: I Am The One

The recruits. Duncan told me about all of them.
All the people Duncan wished to join the Wardens before Ostagar.
My almost-brothers.
Daveth, the pickpocket he saved from the gallows. He died during the Joining as he couldn't bear the Taint.
Jory, the knight of Redcliffe. Had a sudden change of mind and drew his weapon against Duncan, forcing him to kill him.
Dalen Mahariel, the Dalish hunter. He refused to leave his clan and his missing friend. Died for the taint.
Prince Salman Aeducan. He was framed for the murder of his brother, and was exiled in the Deep Roads. He was never found.
Brand Brosca, the castless who managed to win the proving. He disappeared from the Orzamarr prisons. I found his body in Jarvia's hideout, imprisoned along his friend Leske.
Johanne Tabris, daughter of Cyrion. She disappeared the day of her wedding. Her betrothed Nelaros and her cousin Soris raided the Arl of Denerim’s palace searching for her, bu
:iconabadir:Abadir 4 4
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 9
IX: Sins of the Mother
“Are we there yet?”
“Just shut up.” Eloise growled. I sighed: for being our first experience in the Deep Roads -at least for three of us- we were holding it together well, but sometimes I felt the need to joke a bit, to loosen up... a need Eloise and Cullen did not share.
“That's weird.” Carver said, “I don't sense any darkspawn.”
“These are the roads, how can you possibly not sense any darkspawn?” Cullen asked with a frown.
“Creepy isn't it?” Anders joined in, “I sense something, but it's not a Darkspawn it's more like... a warden?”
Eloise looked at him alarmed: “You can sense Wardens? That's... a little too soon, isn't it?”
“Normally I don't.” Anders admitted, “All I know is I sense something, but I'm not sure of what it is... It's like darkspawn... abandoned this place. Look at the walls...” he pointed his glowing staff at
:iconabadir:Abadir 5 1
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 8
VIII: The Shadows Where We Stand
“Ok, now let me get this straight...” I breathed, trying to remain calm, “We learned from that creepy son of yours that one of Flemet's daughters – Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds from the legends who is apparently also your son's grandmother – is a two-ages old sentient broodmother abomination, who has produced an army of shape-shifting emissaries (including one in dragon form) to lure you into the Deep Roads, Maker knows why. And you want to actually go there? Alone?” I sighed shaking my head: “That lyrium wound must have burned your brain worse than we assumed at first, Ewan, you should see a proper healer, not Jowan here.”
Ewan just stared into the fire. We had traveled south for almost a week and now we had set camp by the edge of the forest, south of the Bannorn of Calon, only bogs and marshes separating us from the Korcari Wilds. We were heading to a relativ
:iconabadir:Abadir 4 4
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 7
VII: All Fade Break Loose
“Very well, Mouse... do you really want to fight all four of us?”
The expressionless demon’s mug seemed to smirk... that brought the creep to a brand new level. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU HAVE ANY CHANCE?
“We can’t use magic here.” Jowan muttered, “The risk of breaking the Veil...”
“There's a demon here: the Veil is already broken.” Maker bless practical Eloise.
“You suck anyway.”
“Cullen, that’s not helping.” I grunted, “The Veil is so thin we’re practically in the Fade... so I guess our best chance is to act like we were there: will is your power and all that!” I added charging a Chain Lightning spell.
“Let’s kick some demon’s ass!” Eloise shouted as she cast a Bolt on Mouse at the same time I let loose my lightning spell. Cullen rolled and bashed it's leg with his shield. Whispers and rumbles surrounded us: more
:iconabadir:Abadir 2 0
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 6
VI: Through the Mirror
Valegathe is the second biggest island of the Waking Sea Bannorn. When the Tevinter Imperium ruled this land, this was the location some of the most important places for magic research.
Here stands one of the last Tevinter fortress that were preserved through the centuries that today hosts one of the less known Circle of Magi: Jainen. The architecture of the fortress is very similar to Ostagar: the architectural elements, the materials, the decorations... the similarities end here, though: as Ostagar was abandoned and half-ruined even before the Darkspawn horde swarmed on it from the Korcari Wilds, Jainen is almost intact and well preserved.
The sight was impressive: walls dozens of feet tall, high towers whitewashed by the salty wind and large heavy doors to block the way in... and this was one of the few Circles in which it was more important than blocking the way out. I didn't have to look around to know my companions w
:iconabadir:Abadir 3 0
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 5
V: Keepers of Secrets
We reached the camp we were setting and gathered our gear and supplies: despite being already dark we needed to move our camp into an area that was more safe, more distant from those... “Morrilocks”. We didn’t get far when we heard someone approaching from the woods. We all readied our weapons when I heard a familiar voice calling out to us: “Who are you? Identify yourselves!”
“Grey Wardens.” I declared. I couldn’t quite place that voice until I spotted the man who had talked emerging from the shadows: there was only one man I knew with that shade of red in the hair and a Nevarran accent: “Rory? Is that you?”
Roland stopped and looked at me in disbelief: “Ewan? What are you doing here?”
“Maker’s blood, you scared us, I thought you were some kind of monstrous creature...” I walked to him and greeted him with a hug. I hadn’t seen him since Alista
:iconabadir:Abadir 3 7
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 4
IV: Promises of Pride
“I’m dead.” Wynne said, “And you almost were too. We had only this chance to talk, and I couldn’t miss it.”
I shook my head confused while I stood up. Wynne... dead? Why was her spirit lingering in the Fade? We already had our farewell when she left for Orlais a couple of months before, what could she have to tell me that was so important as to keep her from reaching the Maker’s side and basking in the light and peace she so strongly believed in?
“I’m glad to see you again, Wynne.” I told her with a smile, “Though I wish we could have met under different circumstances.”
She smiled kindly at me with a hint of laughter, and then I noticed a sparkling mass of wisps hovering just behind her. She noticed my frown and stood aside to let me have a better look. “Faith.” she explained, “My guardian spirit.”
“The one who saved you in the Tower?” I a
:iconabadir:Abadir 3 2
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 3
 III: An Archdemon Short of a Blight
Before that day in Dragon’s Claw, I’d never thought I would have ended up like I did, traveling with a Grey Warden.
Ah, the Grey Wardens, the great heroes of the legends... and not the average Grey Warden, mind you, but the mighty Hero of Ferelden himself!
That's right, the Grey Warden who ended the Fifth Blight and lived to tell the tale, the filthy son of a bitch who vouched for the mages who needed to be Annulled for breaking all the Circle laws - how Greagoir allowed that is still a mystery to me, perhaps he was mind-controlled by blood magic...
I was traveling with him and his friend, the maleficar asshole who had already ruined my life before Uldred and - guess what - ran apostate with the help of said Hero of My Ass.
Maker, what was I doing?
Why hadn’t I killed them already?
Well, yes, there was the fact my powers weren’t at their best while theirs were. Ewan had taken my supply of lyrium and
:iconabadir:Abadir 3 1
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 2

II. Blood and Bound

The bannorn of Dragon's Peak is quite the place in late spring, when the green of the fields starts turning gold, and a warm breeze makes you forget we’re so south that we get stuck in the snow every other winter’s day. That's why I chose Dragon's Claw to settle down: it’s a small village near the bigger cities, the perfect place to hide in plain sight.
It is true, I'm a blood mage, a maleficar, but now I can finally tell I’m doing something good with my life.
My name is Jowan, but everyone here knows me as...
“Master Lewyn! Good morning!” Devin’s voice startled me. He’s a nice kid, one of the few who are never afraid of me, always tagging along while I do my usual rounds of the village to check on my patients and the elders. Not that the other villagers are scared of me, but I can tell my being a mage unsettles them, even if I’m their healer. They are friendly
:iconabadir:Abadir 2 0
In Peace Vigilance - Chapter 1
I. Keepers of the Keep
My name is Ewan Amell, formerly mage of the Circle of Kinloch Hold, Warden Commander of Ferelden and ruler of the Arling of Amaranthine.
Most people know me as the Hero of Ferelden.
Five years ago I saved Thedas from the Blight, and while I was at it I put two kings on the throne, arranged a royal marriage, ended a millenarian curse, gave the Circle independence and found a lover. It may sound like I’m some sort of superhuman, but it was mostly desperation and common sense driving me, while some help from my friends, allies and sheer luck made me succeed. Only those who really know me believe me when I say that, and there’s few of them.
Perhaps it is better this way: people need someone to look up to, a hero, and while it makes me uncomfortable to cover such a role, well... what can you do?
I have lived for the last five years in Vigil’s Keep, and that’s where I was when a letter from Jerrik Dace arrived, asking me for h
:iconabadir:Abadir 5 2
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With the publishing tonight of the last chapter of In Peace Vigilance, I have uploaded an epub version of the novelization (you can download it here). The file is around 8 Mb as it includes some illustrations (taken from the comic plus a couple of unpublished scenes) and should be compatible with most e-readers and tablets.
Let me know if you encounter problems with it - specifying which device/app you use to read eBooks.

UPDATE: I have updated the file to include more illustrations that were formerly included in the file but couldn't be displayed due to a validation error of the epub (^^;)
The file now includes the very last page of the Comic version as well. The file size is the same.



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