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Rainbowdash's Glamour Shot

Ok - Worked on this while somewhat sleep deprived. So apologies for any mistakes here.  May edit in the future. Worked on in Inkscape and As always feel free to comment. 

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Sleep deprived? That must suck... 0-0 Mistakes? I'm sorry have you even looked at this piece ONCE? It looks like it was just ripped from the show!! You did great!
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Hi there!

I hope you don't mind, but I just recently joined deviantart and I was thinking about posting some of the vectors I've created for some of my OCs over time. They were private up until now (so I just pulled whatever parts I wanted from the internet since the images were only going to be for me), but since I'm sharing, I wanted to ask you if you mind the fact that I used part of your image of Dash as a base for one of mine.

Here she is:…

I'm going to assume it's okay unless I hear otherwise - I did link back to you as credit for the original image. Thank you for creating this image of Dash! :D (Big Grin)