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As the title suggests here I'll list examples, prices, and such.


Horned Girl by AB-Anarchy  Himiko Toga - Boku no Hero Academia by AB-Anarchy  Tohru - Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon by AB-Anarchy
Simple or white/transparent Background.
20 per additional character

Alex by AB-Anarchy  Zero Two - DARLING in the FRANXX by AB-Anarchy  League of Legends - Xayah by AB-Anarchy Hi!~ by AB-Anarchy *Shush* by AB-Anarchy  Amatsukaze's Love Letter by AB-Anarchy  League of Legends - Casual Poppy by AB-Anarchy
Simple or white/transparent Background.
30 per additional character

Element Soul - Diamond by AB-Anarchy  Ana by AB-Anarchy  SPJ by AB-Anarchy  Ella by AB-Anarchy  Panda by AB-Anarchy
Simple or white/transparent Background.
Price €40
40 per additional character


To order you must 

Contact me on deviantART(AB-Anarchy) or email (
And provide the following:
Subject: Art Commission
Username: (deviantART, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)
Commission Type: (e.g. Bust-Shot, Half-Body, Full-Body)
Character(s) Reference: (Images preferred)
Characters(s) Description: (e.g. age, height, etc)
Additional details: (Specific pose, background, etc)
Payment details will be discussed in private.

I will draw:
Anything in anime/manga style. Any gender.

I won't draw:
(nudity, to not be confused with ecchi)

I've created a Tumblr account, it's still in development, but here it is
I'll upload any WIPs and different versions of my drawings here from now on.
Feel free to follow me, I'll really appreciate it.

Mosty for anime/manga style. I just want to keep the ponies and anime separated. 

You can watch my second account if you fancy, if not, well, ok. Thanks
As you can see I've started drawing in this anime/manga style thingy.. I hope in this summer I'll learn the basics, but I doubt it. 
I've just made this... the problem is: Bandicam doesn't allow me to record more than 10 min with the free version. Sorry about that, but I recorded the essential in these videos.

This is how I usually make Vectors in Photoshop. Easy! ^^
Vector strokes guide -

Guide -…

Part 2 Strokes……
Strokes -…

Part 3 Coloring…
Colored -…

Part 4 - Eyes and Triming…

Finished Version…
It's annoying how my free time isn't actualy free time. I mean, seriously I'm starting to believe that I have more free time at school than home... It's that even possible? O.o Some things must change that's for sure, but when? I'm not sure, but I think I'll be much more active in March... rather I hope I'll be.
Well, some of my friends requested me to show them how I usually make vectors and I want to show everyone who have ever wondered that.

Edit - I`ve recorded a vectorized sketch, cuz some of my friends haven`t really understood what I`ve made in my first video...

Time taken - 1h 40m

Rarity - Aww yeah...

Time taken - 1 h

Just Applejack

Tagged by :iconalexandru1208: and :iconutterlyludicrous: , I`m a bit busy, so that`s why I made only one journal (I hope you`re ok with this).

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to post five things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the tagger's questions
, then make 11 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. You have to tag 11 people and you have to post their icons in your journal.
5. You neeed to go to their page and notify them that you've tagged them.
6. Tag backs are a no-no >:[
7. You're tagged if you read this LOL is also a no-no. You have to tag them like the rules say.

I`m going to do only what the bold text says.

Five thing + Five thing = Ten thing about myself.

1. I`m single...
2. Brony for Life!
3. I`m a lazy person.
4. I don`t know what to say about myself when asked...
5. When I have to make a group project for school, I usually make the whole project (because I don`t let my group mates to do anything, because I`m afraid that they will ruin the project... kinda paranoid).
6. I`m a party animal.
7. I`m a kind person.
8. I usually do kind things without expecting anything in return.
9. I`m have hidrophobia (I`m only afraid to put my head under water).
10. I can`t stay mad at any person more than 5 min.

Questions asked by :iconalexandru1208: -

My questions :

1. Do you have an OC? If yes, who is your best of them?

Yes, I do. Lutus Breeze, of course.…

2. If you want to move from your country, where would you want to live?

Italy, I don`t know why.

3. Apples or Oranges?


4. Do you like bananas? :iconmolestiaplz:

Yes, I do!

5. Luna or Woona?


6. Do you agree that BF3 and MW series are to overrated?

Maybe, I don`t know... both are good games, despite that they`re short.

7. If you have your favorite OC next to you, what would you do to him/her?

:iconknowwhatimeanplz:, lol, no, well, I have no idea.

8. What phone do you have?

Samsung E250 (so old...)

9. "Let's do this..." or "Let's rock..."?

Neither, I usually use "Let`s roll...".

10. Do my OC's look sexy? o.O

Do you mean Alex? I don`t know what to say...

Questions asked by :iconutterlyludicrous: -

1)Favorite TV show besides MLP. Go.

Adventure Time, The Boondocks, Dragonball, a lot, I really don`t remember many of them.

2)Windows or Mac?


3)Who is best poni.

The Great and Dazzling Rarity.

4)Are you now or have you ever been.. a clopper?

:icontwilightawkwardplz: - umm... no.

5)Favorite style of art?

Digital art (if that`s what you mean).

6) Do you care if people know you're a brony/pegasister?

I don`t care, all my friends know that and they don`t have anything against it.

7)What's your favorite love movie?

Titanic... It`s the only one that I`ve ever seen. (Love movie)

8) Is Photoshop a form of art? [my friend and I were having this serious debate about whether or not it is; she thinks it isn't, but I'm all like GURL YOU CRAZY]

I guess it depends, if you`re talking about photomanipulation, don`t ask me, I only make vectors in Photoshop.

9)What movie poster would you want a pony version of? [teehee i have artists block and want commissions  ]

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (It`s so epic) - joeltalksmovies.bangordailynew…

10) How did you become a brony?

Well, I`ve first seen My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic at TV (awfully dubbed), and I`ve searched for Eng version, and I really liked it. I guess that it.

11) You still have that timer up? How long have you spent on this journal so far?

No, I don`t. Well, about 10-15 min.

Sorry, no questions, no tags.
I make requests in this style… and I make drawings and then I make vectors after them. Example -

If you want to make one SEND ME A NOTE WITH ALL THE DETAILS. Please be pacient because you`re not the only one who is waiting for one.

Work in progress - In no particular order.

1. Nicholas trying to kiss Ellis - Vector - For :iconmother-of-trolls:
2. Pony Rivality for :iconneomen12:
3. Mother and Filly playing together for :iconfluffi-hoodie:
4. Pony vector for :iconthebetrayedphoenix:
5. So awesome Lightarrow Nightsword for :iconquibassi12:

Notice - I`m only doing the requests listed above. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!
  • Listening to: Maroon 5 Feat. Wiz Khalifa - PayPhone
WOW!! :wow: I can not believe that I have reached 100+ watchers in one month.
  • Listening to: 30 Seconds to Mars - Closer To The Edge
I`ll start to make requests in this style only… for now

So, If you want one just send me a note with the subject Request and which character you would like in it.
I was thinking about making requests those days. I decided not to make requests yet, not until I improve my skills and quality.
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: The PC`s Screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
At the moment I have 7 vectors...
Yeah, my first wasn`t very well done, but I`ve improved my skills.
Anyway... If you want to see them search the Gallery :)
  • Listening to: Pendulum - Tarantula
  • Reading: Comments
  • Watching: The PC`s Screen
  • Playing: Nothin`
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Soda
I`ve been tagged by :iconzandaros:

The rules

1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you
tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs.
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to
tag 10 people.

Things about me (sadly only 10)

1-I have dark hair, but I`ve always wanted to be blond(don`t know why).
2-I am a crazy gamer, I mean it, If I start a game that I like I can`t stop until is finished.
3-I have an older brother(he is 18).
4-I like to make people smile(everywhere, everytime).
5-I think about myself as an example for others(even if it isn`t true).
6-I have Arachnophobia, I`m scared to death if I see spiders.
Most disapointing thing is that I can`t play games that involves giant spiders as enemies...
7-I don`t became mad if someone pranks me or anything else. I am like "you got me".
8-I like to keep in mind quotes from movies and games.
9-I am a party animal.
10-I lost my soul to 9gag.

Questions :iconzandaros: asked:

1) What is your favorite television show?

My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic

2) If you were a super hero (heroines) what would your power be?

Electricity Manipulator

3) With that power comes a cool, butt kicking name; what would your super name be?


4) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


6) What is one things that you find attractive in the opposite gender?

The Body

7) Paper or plastic?


8) In a horror movie, who is the first to fall victim to the Slasher?

The first would be the one who isn`t scared

9) What is something that you wish you could do, but can't?

Save Bruce Wayne`s\Batman`s parents! XD

0) What is the nicest thing that has ever been said to you?

"Who`s the man? You`re the man!" - a good friend of mine

5) Did you noticed that i skipped #5 and that the 1 is missing from 10? :ninja:

No, only when I reached this question.(damn I need glasses.)

Questions to answer:
1) Would you like to answer these questions?
2) Rock, Paper or Scissors?
3) Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?
4) What would you do if everyone would froze in time exept you?
5) What is your phobia?
6) If you could travel through time would you go in the past or the future?
7) Wonderblots or Shadowbolts?
8) Who is your favorite character from MLP: Friendship is Magic?
9) If you could be anything what would you be?
10) What do you think of these questions?

Bang, bang, You are Tagged:
(only 8, yeah, you have a problem with that tough guy?)