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encore~! - [Contest Entry]

my entry for twrl 's contest,
i hope i'm not late ! i was barely able to finish this because of school, so i had to work on it bit by bit in these past 10 days

i absolutely adore the girl group concept you have! so i thought it might be appropriate to make my entry look like a fansite taken picture,
i fell in love with Utaao because, aside from the fact that she's gorgeous, she's standoffish and i love these types of characters, she would totally own the stage !

i know you said that you will be judging on color accuracy but since stages always have strong colorful lights, i felt like it would affect the original colors (maybe i'm just making excuses for my love of saturated colors hdfgwdjhfd but i'm willing to sacrifice my chances for the sake of making her shiny like she deserves !!)

i hope you like it !!.:Bunny love love:. 

i can't believe i spent so much time drawing stage equipments and adding details to the background only for the blur effect to remove all my work omg i broke my finger over it ;;-; 
also had to reduce the canvas size because my program couldn't support all the layers
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ATTENTION! This girl is too sweet! (i'm already in love Neko love)      
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SO pretty! :love: the scenery really makes me feel like she is a star. Awesome job and good luck in the contest
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thank youuu !!! i worked really hard on it so it means a lot to me !! you're so kind ! .:Bunny loving:. 
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this is beautiful
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thank you so much !! glad you think so !!
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I didn't know you were joining my contest AHH I actually wanted to comm you a full body so bad! and you entered with one. 
this is amazing. the colors, pose, everything. I'm really digging it!
gosh I wanna cry i'm so surprised a friend entered. 
This is really gunna be hard to judge as it's not just me. 

I love you so much!! thank you so so much for participating. Also can't believe english isn't your first language you type it so fluently.

I hope you are well hun! Thank you again <3<3<3<3
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OMGGG I LOVE YOU ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! you have no idea how happy i am ! i'm soooo so so glad you like it !!

i was planning to enter for a while actually, since i found your girlgroup really interesting ! i usually like to finish my drawing on the spot so i thought that i couldn't join since i was busy, but i really loved Utaao's personality and design so much that i decided to finish it bit by bit if i had to, i even gave her own handheld mic instead of the attached ones since she's a main vocal.

so i'm happy it worked out in the end !

oh i hope you don't think that i am using my position as a friend in the contest
, i entered because i was genuinely interested in the characters and concept, i wouldn't mind if you considered this as a giftbesides i'm sure that you and the other judges would make a fair decision either way !
i bet this would be hard to judge ! there are so many good entries ! good luck sweetie omg <3 

also thank you so much for being supportive of me ! even seeing that you Favorited my artwork really makes me happy and means so much to me
, and thank you for complimenting my English omg i try my best !! <3<3<3 

good luck and i hope you're having a nice day love ! .:Bunny love:. .:Bunny love:. 

so sorry that my replies are always so long haha
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So pretty! I love the colors!
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thank you so muchh !! i'm happy you do !! .:Bunny kyaa:. 
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There's way too much to say about this- 
Everything is soo beautiful!! QAQ I love what you did with the composition, it just makes the character stands out and it goes very well with what you pictured her like! >w<)
Speaking about her, not only is the anatomy on point but the style you went for suits Utaao so well! You nailed her expression, and the shading compliments that as well <3
The more I look at the picture the more details I notice and this is so nice! From the different lights and effects you used to the small additions~

Awesome job done on this! >w<)~
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aahhhhh !!!! thank you so much for taking time to write this !! your feedback always means a lot to me and i love that you always notice the little details i put in !! i kept making last minute changes because i was worried so i'm so so glad you like it !!

you're so sweet omg i love you so much bunny hug emoji 
You're much welcome!!~ I'm trying to leave more in-depth comments to make sure the artist knows how beautiful their artworks are- I'm glad it works nice so far and mostly that you like it ;;
Ahaha, the last minute changes are always tricky! You managed to get a very neat result though, best of luck with the contest  

Asdfghj aaa I love you too  Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon 
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OMGGGGGG <333333333
AWESOME! :heart:
You did a good job! <33 She looks so pretty! *//U//*
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thank you so much darling !! .:Bunny chuu:. .:Bunny chuu:. 
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thank you so much !! <33
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thank you !!
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what a beautiful and sweet girl!
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yes she is gorgeous !! 
i'm glad you like it <3
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