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Ochako Uraraka - My Hero Academia

hello ! i'm sorry i haven't been active at all lately, i hate making excuses but it's been really rough for me these past few months and i couldn't find any motivation to draw through everything that's been happening to me..

i'm very sorry for everyone i haven't replied to ! i haven't been online at all and i'll try to reply to every single one that sent me a message while i was inactive !!

i haven't touched my tablet in MONTHS and it feels like i'm learning how to use it all over again, so please excuse the messy lines and coloring ;;v;; but i hope you like it !!
also i've just started watching boku no hero academia and i'm really enjoying it ! uraraka is so cute  pink heart bullet
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Adorable! (●´ω`●)

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Who you looking at, Ochaco? :3
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I went through the same artist block as well and I am slowly getting back to drawing 
BnHA has been a great inspiration for me these days 
It’s been a while since I found an anime that I feel engaged in

Also Ochako looks so lovely!
She’s such a massive sweetheart 
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it wasn't only an art block, i got caught up in my personal issues and that prevented me from doing what i love. 
BNHA helped me get through it too, i guess i needed some sort of distraction

and thank you so much for the compliment ! it means a lot to me !
and yes ochako is so lovely ! Tiny Heart 
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Everything just looks so light and fuluffy yet sharp at the same time. I'm still amazed on how you manage to do that with your art~
And you've improved alot while you were gone! (Glad you see you're into BNHA XD)
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aaaAA thank you so much !!!! i'm glad you think i'm improving !! i really try my best ;; v ;;;;;;
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Marvelous work!
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thank you !!
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Wow she looks lovely :iconinloveplz: The shine on her hair is awesome 
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thank you so much !! i enjoyed drawing that shine <33
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Amazing~ so cuteee~!! :heart:
Very well done! :clap:
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thank you !! i really appreciate it <33
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You're welcome! ^w^
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My Waifu!!! (Starts fanboying)
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(Starts fanboying even more)
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Ooh, Ochaco looks so pretty!!! This is lovely!
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thank you ! i'm glad you think so !!
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