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I Still Cant Say It
You were once a companion beside me
One who so highly mattered
You were once a friend, and joy light
Then my world was shattered
Wishing you were somehow here again,
Wishing you were somehow near
Sometimes it seemed
If I just dreamed,
Somehow you would be here
Wishing I could hear your voice again
Knowing that I never would
Dreaming of you won’t help me do
All that we dreamed I could
Lasting stones, cold dirt thrown on you
Lacking so much splendor
They seem for you the wrong companions
You were warm and tender
Feels like so many years,
Fighting back tears
Why can’t the past just die?
Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say goodbye
Try to forgive, teach me to live
Give me the strength to try
No more memories, no tears making their ways
No more gazing across the wasted days
Help me say goodbye
Help me say goodbye...
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Something I Needed To Do
I couldn't take it, couldn't stand another minute
Couldn't bear another day without you in it
All of the joy that I had known for all my life
Was stripped away from me the minute that you died
To have you in my life was all I ever wanted
But now without you, got my soul forever haunted
Can't help but think that I have taken you for granted
No way in hell that I could ever comprehend this!!
I wasn't dreaming when my folks said you were gone,
I was wide awake and feeling that they had to be wrong
How could you leave me when you swore that you would stay?
Now it's nothing but a nightmare every single effing day!
It's like a movie but there's not a happy ending
Every scene fades black and there's no pretending
This sort of fairy tale doesn't seem to end well
There's no knight in shining armor that will wake me from the spell
I know you didn't plan this... It should have been so fun
Never came home, and now there's madness
I'm the one left empty since you're gone
Red like roses
Fills my hea
:iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 0 6
World of Mythos WIP 1
Let's start with something we know about our world. We know it as Planet Earth; it is the third planet that orbits the Sun, after Mercury and Venus. It has been discovered to be one of the most formidable planets to give place to life, thanks to its oxygen-rich atmosphere, its vast source of water, and the workings of the planet's ins and outs. It has been around for at least 4.543 billion years... that we are aware of so far. Humankind is the dominating species, often shifting and changing the balance and nature of the world...
Now, let us proceed to what is not known. To what has only been speculated to the modern day; what is dismissed as fairy tales and folklore. Let's explore the truth that our evolution and advancement has concealed as tall-tale tales only of cultural value. A long, long time ago, our Planet Earth was ruled by several civilizations and pantheons of gods, goddesses, and mighty, supernatural creatures. These beings that provided order, ba
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The LOL Pear Car by AAV-sama The LOL Pear Car :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 3 0 Color Clash by AAV-sama Color Clash :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 7 2
WIP 'Mythical' OC
NAME: Knospe (subject to possible change)
SPECIES: Dragon. Originally born (hatched?) in Germany, but he soon found himself growing up and traveling all around the changing and shifting world that evolved according to the take of the gods' rule.
AGE: 657 It isn't a widely known fact, though--like much else about him. In his humanoid form, he appears to be twenty-eight.
HEIGHT: 5'8'' (humanoid form) -- 30' (dragon form)
WEIGHT: Rather not say
BLOOD TYPE: Unknown. However, blood color is purple.
DIET: Carnivore, able to consume fire. Consumes gemstones occasionally (rarely), though he would rather hoard collect them. Insists rather adamantly that the term 'omnivore' refers to individuals that are capable of consuming gods or other such divine entities, and is very proud of the idea of includin
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Giros y Vueltas Pte 12 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 12 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 6 7 Giros y Vueltas Pte 11 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 11 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 8 5 Giros y Vueltas Pte 10 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 10 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 5 2 Giros y Vueltas Pte 9 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 9 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 7 3 Giros y Vueltas Pte 8 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 8 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 6 4 Giros y Vueltas Pte 7 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 7 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 8 4 Giros y Vueltas Pte 6 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 6 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 6 5 Fanfiction Writer Meme by AAV-sama Fanfiction Writer Meme :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 2 7 Giros y Vueltas Pte 5 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 5 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 3 0 Giros y Vueltas Pte 4 by AAV-sama Giros y Vueltas Pte 4 :iconaav-sama:AAV-sama 6 5
Hope you like all my Deviations! Some of them don't look so good, but I always try my best with them! All to entertain viewers like you! Thank you!


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Wow, look at all these awesome things! Aren't they FABULOUS?! I hope you like them as well, we have to congratulate the efforts of the creators, who have an incredible talent. Thank you, creators, for letting us see your awesome talents!


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Don't you just get sick and tired of being nothing but a tool to others? An instrument...?

"Mija, call this person--or that other one--tell them this, and that, and that other thing. Call me back to tell me what they said! Now, I know it's gotten to the point where I even call you at work so that you will call them for me, but... You can take it, right? After all, it's just one dumb little call. What, you can't help me with that one call?" A translator/interpreter instrument... One I have been since I was 11 years old and I learned English.

"Do you work on X day? No?? Oh, perfect! Could you go with me to help me out with my job? I have to clean this house and it's super big, and it'll take me 6 hours to do on my own, and my knees and lower back and my feet are clinically hurt... Why don't you help me, since it's your day off? We'll be done in 3 hours! You can come right back to your crippling, stressful, overwhelming schoolwork right after this gig kicks our asses." For jobs like that, I have been a good instrument since I was... about the same age... 10-12 and onwards.

"Can you go to the store to get these groceries? Can you go over here? Can you give this person a ride there? Can you pick these things up? We're gonna need your car to take this thing there..." The family's personal Uber/Lyft, at almost no cost. Been that since I was 18, when I got my license...

Now my nephew is born... And... I gotta help babysit. My sister says at least until October, which is when they're leaving, but... I don't believe that. I know they'll be asking me to look after that little boy time and time again--I just know it.

And I'm an instrument for school that I use. I use myself, time and time again. Exhaust myself, leave no time to myself to do things that I love in the amount of thing I would like. It feels lonely sometimes, because of... everything that is going on everywhere in my life. It throws me out of sync of everything. Out of sync of myself, out of sync of my beloved pets, of my family... Out of sync of even my friends. Because of all the things I am put to use in my life... I don't have time for anything, and I don't see anyone anymore.

I used to have time to cultivate friendships online, at least... Not anymore. We work, and because of all that I have on my plate... When they are available, I am not. I am too busy being put to use somewhere else, in my mechanical life.

I... hate... that feeling. I want the mechanical thing that my life has become to crack, to stop. To break, so that something NORMAL breaks through and takes over again. I want it to be not clockwork anymore... I want it to be organic--fun!

Can you believe that work is the most fun I have? Even in there, I'm an instrument--of course. I'm an instrument to walk and care for dogs, to care for cats, and all animals within the shelter where I work. It's real fun, satisfying, and possesses a wide range of emotions and sentimentalism. It's still frustrating, of course... My fun is here! Online! I'm a geek--I'm a nerd, I thrive doing fun things online, away from people! And I can't even have that... Work is the closest thing I have to fun--at least I get paid for it all. Unfortunately, I can't last there too long, and within a few weeks, the super bitter taste of a tyrannical college (literally--that school is draconically demanding) will overwhelm everything. Even less time... amazing.

I want the clockwork part of my life to stop running so that my rhythm can pump through, and pace forward... I know it's not possible, though. I know it sounds like whining--I gotta be an adult, and keep up with life, and just deal as my life becomes a machine. It's part of being an adult. The quality of your adulthood is defined by the versatility, availability, and efficiency you have as a tool to others and to yourself.

I miss having a good night's sleep. I miss when my life wasn't exactly a machine. Just some cogs here and there, or part of it having turned into a few gears that were still figuring out how to turn... I wish I'd never hoped to become part of this manufactured industry. I miss... everything, guys. Who doesn't...? I'm just one of the people crazy enough to voice this, and probably get flagged down as a whiner who can't take crap.
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  • Watching: Red vs Blue--hah, those were the days
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  • Eating: Whatever's affordable on GrubHub now
  • Drinking: Preferably water, but most likely coffee
Still Active... Part II. Kinda can't believe I'm finally getting around to this, wow. XD My life outside of any nearby electronic device and the scarce social sites I use has been... hectic. Full of indebted heck; I assure you life is doing me a big frighten. But enough of the big frighten, let's get around to this thing that hardly anybody's gonna read anyways.

I got tagged by my best friend and partner in my creative world, Sakura-Araragi.

Le Rulez
  1. Choose as many OCs as you give a damn! Go crazy--who's gonna understand the concept of where they come from or who they are or even care to read the entirety of the journal anyway! Long or short as it is--people are still gonna see it in their inbox and might just delete it without clicking on it, so knock yourself out.
  2. Your OC cannot lie. WARNING: AAV-sama and Sakura-Araragi by association are not responsible or to be held accountable by any possible offense, trigger, response, opinion, shattered hopes and dreams, views on life and aspirations, or any psychological trauma or insults that may result from reading certain character responses. All characters are merely fragments of creator's self, based upon a very small aspect of character's personality and therefore do not reflect to complete accuracy the state of mind and well-being that the creator may find themselves in. Readers should meet an age of at least 16+ as they may encounter aforementioned sensitive content. Minors are always advised to partake in all internet actions under the guidance of a parent or a guardian... And since we're going down that note, 13-year-olds or younger STILL should NOT even be on this website altogether. All entries responded in-character are presented and engaged at reader's own risk.
  3. Journal's title should be 'OC Interview'. 'Cause, you know... You can't go more generic than that. Just in case some people out there might want to actually read a journal you post... If you feel self-conscious about your characters, you'll totally get them to dismiss this stuff with that generic title.
  4. Tag as many people as you want. Which, in my case... I don't want to tag anyone. If anybody wants to join the fun, go ahead, be my guest.

Let's get as crazy as I said in the rules and start things up with some of my 'minor', slightly obscure FMA03/Shamballa OCs, Elisanor & Frederic Hedwin. Yay.

*No images for them because my nonexistent art sucks, and I still juggle their designs around in my head. Sad for everyone.

Bullet; Purple What is your real name and nickname?

Elisanor: Um... Elisanor and Frederic Hedwin...? And... 'Nicknames'...

Frederic: ...

Elisanor: Wow, hahah. That's--that's funny. You must want to die or something, huh? I mean, never mind, never mind. Just some... dumb joke. It's just, the last guy that decided to give us nicknames... Ohh, boy. That was fun. Right, Frederic?

Frederic: ...It didn't end well.

Elisanor: We have military ranks, though, if it counts!

Frederic: Classified.

Elisanor: Right~ That's classified, sensitive government information, sub-categorized as none of your business. Unless you really, really want to die. In which case, let me know and I'll tell you. Blades and water, blades and water...

Bullet; Purple ...Nice. So... What's your current age?

Elisanor: Are you really asking us that? Wow. Talk about no common sense, huh...?

Frederic: *Glances at Elisanor and immediately shuts down question* Classified.

Elisanor: No, no, it's alright... I mean, you should never ask that kind of thing to a lady, but... *Sigh* Whatever, I'll oblige. If you must know, we were born in April 21. And, that's around the age we both are right now. We're like, 21, more or less. Heh, I'm just a little bit older than this dork here. Our mother just recently learned that we have most likely and certainly had a toxic, parasitic relationship from the very beginning... Ever since conception and development in the wound. Eh, apparently, we were that pair of twins where one dominates the relationship and takes away nutrients and... other development stuff from the other, and that's why one is a little stronger and more assertive than the other...? Yeah, that's kind of me. Well, completely me. But, let me just make things clear; it's not all because of that. We've just made agreements since very early in our lives. I'm better with words, sorting out everything that needs to be said, especially to everyone out there, against us. Frederic takes care of us better in silence.

Frederic: *Nods* We share responsibilities.

Bullet; Purple What is your favorite food?

Elisanor: I like wraps, honestly. Obviously there are a lot of things I like, but, We eat those consistently because they're so good. So many varieties, you can have them hot or cold... Ohh, I especially love them with olive oil. But... Ugh, when I was pregnant, it seemed like I was never able to get enough popcorn. Even though I hate the damn thing.

Frederic: ...My favorite are still Riza Hawkeye's stew recipes.

Elisanor: Ugh, damn. Which he's not able to say anywhere else out loud but HERE.

Frederic: *Nods* Fortunately, my sister can replicate them almost perfectly. She went through the painstaking effort and practice to show it, and it makes it taste even better.

Elisanor: *Sighs, blushes a little* That's another load of crap that he can't say out loud...

Frederic: *Holds her hand*

Bullet; Purple Okay. And your favorite drink?

Elisanor: I could drink blended vegetable juice for days... I especially like tomato juice with a hint of other fruits and vegetables mixed in.

Frederic: Pomegranate juice. Plain.

Elisanor: What else do we like, Frederic?

Frederic: Vermouth and absinthe.

Bullet; Purple Probably shouldn't ask, but I'll ask anyway... Who is your lover?

Frederic: *Looks at Elisanor while still holding her hand*

Elisanor: My brother is the only reason there hasn't been a severe and particularly male-exclusive population decline in Amestris. Only he has been able to prove to me that men can be good, loyal, faithful... devoted, ever-loving partners after all. And the only one to let me know that out there, people that truly care about you no matter what do exist. People that will follow you beyond their own needs and limitations... Beyond morality, beyond the laws of life and death. Even if it's just one out there in the whole world... Even if it's the person that you were born with... It doesn't matter, as long as such a person is there for you. *Rests her forehead against Frederic's*

Frederic: The only person alive, out there, to give my life any and all possible meaning... *Strokes Elisanor's face and kisses her*

Bullet; Purple Well, that answered the previous question about the kiss. Now, I really shouldn't ask this either. But let's go crazy and do it anyway! Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

Elisanor: Frederic and I were born together. We grew up and raised each other together. ...No, there were no other people in our lives. Really, I mean it. I'm not making it up. Our mother, Lady Isabella Kientrav-Hedwin, belonged to a noble house in Drachma that had begun to fall out of favor. When her family fell, she left the doomed estate, and the doomed life, and escaped under the guise of a military soldier. Before all their connections ended, Lady Isabella pled for a favor from the Amestrian family that had been friends of hers for generations. Together, they orchestrated Lady Isabella's smuggle into Amestris. But they weren't able to help her further.

Frederic: Lady Isabella had no one in Amestris. No one except her first cousin, whom she hastily married to take an Amestrian name.

Elisanor: But our father had been branded a mediocre outcast due to his Drachman heritage. He had nothing to his name. By then, however, we were already on the way. Our mother came to understand the reason our father could live in the town where they did, unbothered.

Elisanor & Frederic: It was because the town was deserted.

Elisanor: Everyone had abandoned it in favor of more profitable routes, better resources. It was mostly just a wild landscape. The few people that stubbornly and desperately remained had to learn to fend for themselves. Gather their own supplies, get what they needed on their own. There was no time or energy to waste socializing. Because of that, 'neighbors' never really knew each other. When we were toddlers, my mother made it a point to leave my father, who had lost his mind to the effects of drugs by then. She abandoned us, and committed suicide in the abandoned orchards. The few residents left hadn't even bothered with the gossip. After that, we were left to grow up in absolute solitude. We learned to speak because my mother had been very vocal about her problems. About her life, about her past. She had nobody else to talk to. We were fast learners; we picked up on the language. We learned to stand and walk by leaning on each other for support, falling on each other. We ate what we could find. We cleaned ourselves however we could. Frederic was the first to find out if something was ever amiss, and he remedied it. We found out there was a world outside because the house had grown too small, too boring. Too frustrating. We learned to gather what there was of resources, and we learned about other people apart from us, by watching those in the distance. But we also learned that everyone out there would always be far away from us. They would never come closer. And we could never let them, because sometimes... Even the people closest to you could do you harm, or nothing at all, like our father.

Frederic: Using our voices, our talk, we learned to read together.

Elisanor: I picked names that we liked, and we named each other with those. We learned what we were to each other, what we were to the world, what we could be and mean to other people. Only there were no other people. So we decided that we meant all of that to each other. Because that meant that there was so much purpose, so much meaning in our lives, that had to be the reason we survived and remained alive in that isolated, starving, barren hell... That had to be the reason life had abandoned us even before we were born. Because our love and meaning to one another made us so strong that we could take all that and more. But there was always anger. So much anger.

Frederic: Elisanor was the first to truly find and hear it.

Elisanor: I heard it. When I was six, I could finally hear so clearly, what all that anger and hatred wanted me to do to make my life better. To give our lives and our love a lot more meaning. I had been scared of that feeling till then, but it was offering us a way out. It was offering us the tools to take courage and go fight our way through the world. It was me who reasoned that a knife; a sharp tool to facilitate activities like cooking and other everyday tasks... could help us make our way through the world. Something sharp enough to cut through the darkness that had been holding us for so long, so that we could break through, and be free, let out into the world. I was the one who raised the knife and stabbed our father to death.

Frederic: We raided the houses for supplies. Even those where people still lived.

Elisanor: They were easy enough to kill; people don't stay very sharp and strong in a barren town like that. But, when a bastard tried to take me, after he saw what he'd done to his rations and his goats...

Frederic: ...I smashed his head with a tile. Elisanor helped me drag him to the tub he kept full of water... So that I could drown him.

Elisanor: We lived our lives however we could from there... Learning time and time again that no matter how sweet people seemed and how nice they acted for a while... In the end, it was only he and I together against the world that delivered us to nothing but test after test.

Frederic: Survival only of the fittest...

Elisanor: Or no survival at all. So... 'Childhood sweetheart'? Yeah; I think this covers it.

Bullet; Purple Who is your favorite author?

Elisanor: Anybody that has ever struggled with any type of psychopathic or antisocial issues or disorders. Seriously--those are the ones that write the best stuff.

Frederic: Whatever Elisanor chooses is always very entertaining.

Bullet; Purple What is your biggest fear?

Frederic: ...*Holds Elisanor's hand again*

Elisanor: ...We... don't like to talk about it... Brings back bad memories... It's not a pleasant thing. Frederic is afraid of a world, a reality, an eternity... whatever--any kind of possible existence without me in it. Without our daughter, without... Without me by his side. His biggest fear is that there would ever come a time where he would be forced to exist without me, for good. My biggest fears are... To... To be alone. After everything we've been through... I just can't be without Frederic. He's given everything to me. He's helped me live. I could never be alone, because... Because I'm scared that... That, when I'm alone, I'll have to come to terms with... with how much I destroyed, and ruined his life, and his... That one chance of happiness that he had years ago, during a visit to Mt. Briggs... I was so scared that he would see that world, that chance, and think of that as happiness... As a way of life, instead of being with me... Doing, whatever and everything that we do and have done until now... I couldn't imagine--I couldn't handle even the IDEA of Frederic leaving me for something like that... S-so I took him for myself... I've taken him for myself all these years... Because we are of each other. We are where the others' happiness and reasons to live and die lie. Frederic couldn't live in a world without me. I couldn't live... in a world where he's gone... and I'm left alone, to contemplate how... because of me, he'd... he'd be gone. We also couldn't imagine ever letting our superior down. Ever. The man that gave us everything, every meaning that we might have failed to give to each other... The meaning of freedom, being monsters like we were born to be; not having to pretend to be good... To help people, when all we want to do is destroy them. It was our superior who understood that and accepted us for that. We would never let him down; we would never disappoint him or not give him every part of us after he's given us everything. No. We'd rather die.

Bullet; Purple Any siblings? Duh.

Elisanor: Him.

Frederic: Her.

Elisanor: There was a brief, fleeting time, however, when we did have two sort of... adoptive little siblings. This guy played the good samaritan, took us off the streets like we were some stray pups that he could just take and try to house break, had us play with his kids and get to know them... It was pretty annoying. But, fortunately the guy finally died, and in the end, the brats hate us just like we hate them, so it worked out after all.

Bullet; Purple Who is your worst enemy?

Elisanor: Well, let's keep it short, because there are plenty out there; any enemy of our superior is an enemy of ours. Whoever our superior decides to target, we consider them as good as dead.

Frederic: And, by connection, any enemy that threatens the public safety of Amestris and any international allies.

Elisanor: Oh, right... Egh, as military officers, it's our duty to protect national security and all that. Speaking of that, there's this damn annoying weasel who totally thinks HE can get away with anything and doesn't have to follow the rules, or even the superior... Thinks he's so definitely above it all. God, what I wouldn't give for a chance, just ONE chance, to rip him open and choke him on his own insides... Ohh, and don't even get me started on that Armstrong bit--

Frederic: Again; enemies to public safety and national security.

Bullet; Purple Alrighty then... Who is your best friend?

Frederic: Besides each other and our baby daughter...

Elisanor: We can always count on General Takaro Hosaka! We know that; even if he's our superior, he has taken us in and given us all the support that we ever needed from someone that wasn't us. No matter what, or when, I know we can always go to him if there is something wrong. And he always trusts that we can handle whatever situations come our way. He trusts us, because we would never let him down. And we are the subordinates that he relies on. Knowing that he would put his life in our hands if he ever needed to is such an honor... Why would we ever need anything else?

Bullet; Purple What would you do if you meet your creator?

Elisanor: You mean our other mother?

Frederic: Not Lady Isabella, because she's already dead...

Elisanor: Yeah, I think they mean the person that created our world and all that? Yeah, we call her our 'mother' by default. Because... Because we were born and all, you know. It's crazy. Anyway... I don't know... What would we do, Frederic?

Frederic: ...

Elisanor: Oh, hey, you're right! I mean, there definitely is something we haven't really had the chance to do... Some crazy, dumb people have wondered what it is like to kill a god and stuff like that... We haven't really ever thought about that. But, ever since we managed to kill our father when we were kids... And, uh, father figure... We have always wondered... What would it be like to kill our mother?? We never had the chance to do so. But, there is another mother for us out there. If we ever met her... Well, that question would pop in our heads a lot.

Bullet; Purple What do you want to be when you're grown up?

Frederic: We're high-ranked military officials and alchemists, close subordinates and personal employees of Takaro Hosaka.

Elisanor: We get to kill a lot; get rid of as many people as we want! It's all under military operations, basically our dreams come true. So that is totally covered.

Bullet; Purple What is your worst nightmare?

Frederic: Losing Elisanor and our family. Watching Elisanor's dreams and aspirations shattered, out of her reach.

Elisanor: Losing everything and everyone that we've worked so hard to do. Losing Frederic and our daughter, and... Ugh, if our superior ever chose anybody else to replace us... Anything that has the Armstrongs, too!

Bullet; Purple What is your life-long dream?

Frederic: To make Elisanor happy and be by her side, always. Raise our family.

Elisanor: Our superior's plan will be completed, and once that happens... Well, we'll have plenty of quality time to spend with our family! We're going to raise our daughter to be an elite agent, even better than we ever were! We will show him everything that we have learned so she will be prepared for the world. Our dream is that she will become such a powerful warrior--she will be unstoppable. Entire nations will fear her! With her to lead the way in the battlefield--not Mt. Briggs! It will be under her leadership that Drachma will finally fall, and remain where it belongs; at the feet of the military of the improved Amestris, under the control of our superiors! All accomplished by the lethal efficiency of our little Hedwin.

Bullet; Purple What would you do if your dream came true?

Frederic: Um... For starters, we would be alive... We would live a good, long life...?

Elisanor: We would be the best agents that our superior Hosaka could have ever asked for; the military, too. Our philosophies from personal experiences would reach such good breakthroughs--they would become elemental things to learn for so many aspiring alchemists! Oh, and don't get me started on our daughter. O-our little baby would make us so proud! And Drachma would fall to the same ruin that it ultimately condemned us to.

Bullet; Purple Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

Elisanor: Frederic and I can relax anywhere, really. However, sometimes, after missions, and if our superior allows time for it, we like to check into a good hotel in the city where we might currently be. We spend a few days and nights in the most luxury that they can offer us, and just take it all in! It's only natural for us to relax, after all. We do so much, we deserve a lot more than people take for granted, you know?

Bullet; Purple  Last question, what do you do most of the time?

Frederic: We stay on perfect track of orders and assignments offered by both Headquarters superiors and General Hosaka as an independent employer.

Elisanor: And we kill so many damn people while we're at it!! Ohhh, we have a blast, for sure. And travel, benefits, insurance, unlimited access to classifieds, they're all covered! Dogs of the military...? Ohh, yes; forever~

Annnnnd, that's all, folks! If you read through everything... Kudos to you, and, it makes me really glad. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the twins, despite... Well, despite them being utterly crazy and sociopathic. I'll do another one of these some other time, with someone else I had in mind for this, that I'm curious about, to develop.
  • Watching: Red vs Blue

Oh, hey, what do you know! It's that one person that just wrote stuff a bunch of times and hasn't been heard from in forever! I thought this person was just some inactive legend... Hmm. Turns out I'm not! I just felt like doing... this tag thing. Seems harmless enough?

How old are you?😶: 23. I don't care if people know. :shrug: I'm 23, and nobody cares. Including me. XD

😳Single or taken?😳: I am engaged with the arts of remaining single throughout everything. Got plenty of stuff to focus on that regard myself to... y'know... take care of a relationship. Again, not that a bunch of people really care.

Favorite color?: Red. I like dark colors, too.

👪Want kids?👪: Hmmmmmmm........... Mmmmmmmmmmaybe...?

🔢If so, how many?🔢: I don't know. Do animals count? 'Cause if so, then... Uh, where to begin.

👻Snapchat?👻: No...? I do get curious every once in a while about it, though.

Last drink?: Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe and Water.

💄Makeup or not? NO. We will have deadly battles in which critical damage will be sustained by both parties before you are able to force any of that stuff on me. ESPECIALLY if it's from brands that animal test their freaking products. To hell with all of them.

🐱Cats or dogs?🐶: Cats~~~~~! But, honestly, I like pretty much all animals a lot. But cats are my all-time favorite. If humanity was wiped from the face of the Earth, as were any other animals except for cats, I'd settle. Yeah, that would be okay with me.

😈Evil or good?😇: I guess I'm good? But trust me when I say that there is a part of me--or several parts of me--that can take justice into their own hands and fend for themselves if you push me hard enough. If I can imagine these parts of me, that means that they exist somewhere within me. It's Always The Quiet Ones. Besides, people are waaaaaaaaay too complex to be described and catalogued in such a narrow spectrum.

Fave sport?🏀 None, lol. Well, okay, maybe swimming and volleyball, kinda. I really like swimming. It's pretty much the only sport I can participate in properly. I do like rockwall climbing, though, and hiking. Maybe bungee jumping. Anything with a thrill. But... I wouldn't go out of my way to do any of these. And by that, I mean... I wouldn't really... y'know... get out of the house. At all.

🐾Fave animal?🐾: Any felines.

😜Weird?😛: Huh...? Um... Weird covers a great variety of definitions.

🙅Do you have haters?🙎: I don't know. Maybe? You never know. Psssh, I don't think so, though. But again... You just never know.

😂Funny or nah😐: I get told I'm pretty funny at times. You see, I like to think of myself as a person that is pretty darn adept at sarcasm and sarcastic humor, as well as maybe something dry, dark at times, and down to earth. Or just... pretty damn f*ing realistic. Ever since I have been finding new parts of myself, I can have spitfire moments in which I get pretty impatient, fiery, and angry. I'm the kind of person that can be pretty scary (and by that I mean... borderline serial killer scary) when angry and utterly annoyed. Because, as soon as people get on my last nerve from how annoying they are, I start thinking murder. In my head, of course. Never carried out. But still. Pretty magnificent, awe-inspiring murder. A piece of art. That, or just... thoughts of many animals and how wonderful they are and how we could all care for them and change their lives for the better every day, with any little thing we do. Like, murdering destructive, cruel, sadistic, anti-animal douche bags.

I feel like I am the type of person that escalates quickly in an endless manner.

I think I finally have time to try and answer this thing. I want the badge! I'm not going to lie, I do. But... I'd like to try and find out more about myself. I also like to believe that is also what these things are about. And your self-discovery efforts are rewarded with a cool badge for dA's birthday! ^_^ Everybody wins. So, here I come. I don't expect some of the answers to be very accurate because it's been so very long, and I don't have a PM (or CM now...) to look at statistics and fancy archives and whatnot, but... :shrug: I'm gonna try, anyway.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I've been here for six, almost seven years, I bet. It's been so long ago... I don't regret all the time I've been here. So many important things in my life have occurred through here. I've met so many nice people here, and done so many things, and developed as a writer thanks to this site. I hope I spend many more years here. I should get the 'Till Hell Freezes Over' membership... They should have a thing where 7+ year members automatically got a membership like that...

What Does Your Username Mean?

My name is Perla Angélica Aguilera Verduzco. Ever since I was little, I've liked writing my name as 'Perla AAV' in my papers, etc. Even my signature is the 'AAV', with the letters interlocked in a (sort of) pretty thing. It's sort of my pen-name... Or... the pen-name I plan to use if I ever become some... I don't know, some hotshot anime author. I'd love to become famous and use that name.

Now, for the '-sama' part of the username... *Sigh* It might've been some little strike of arrogance on my part... I COULD have used '-san', or '-chan', or... whatever else... I've never really been such a fan of the '-chan' suffix, for some reason... I guess I like '-kun' enough (and used on males), but I've never really been such a fan of the '-chan'. Another thing... When I started writing, for the first time ever... I was going through a very hopeless part of my life. I was bullied every day at school. I was bullied after-school, because people called my home just to torment me. I was scared to tell my parents because I 'didn't want to make such a big deal out of everything'. I was so messed up, that I didn't want to turn anyone else against me by pointing fingers. My 'friends' turned against me, even though I hadn't done anything wrong. All I'd done was try to fit in in a poisonous slightly ghetto environment... And then all I wanted was to get those bullies off my back when I couldn't fit in. When I started writing... It became so addictive--I couldn't stop, because... For once, I was finally in control of something. No--when I wrote, I was in control of everything. It wasn't just some control thing. It went deeper than that. In a reality where I was stepped on by everyone else, tormented, made to cry almost every day, oppressed... I wanted to be in control of SOMETHING, even in fantasy. I was their god. I was their mother--I decided the lives of so many people, and, when time came, their deaths, too. I decided their lifestyles. I created poor bullied souls that had nowhere to go or no one to turn to. But, unlike me... I created this marvelous turn of events where a feisty alien companion turned up and changed their world forever. Or they discovered something about their family that they never realized before. Something that gave them the power and change of life that I myself always yearned for.

When I helped them defeat enemies, I imagined I was defeating my own, even though I could never dare to do so in real life. I was their mother, their friend, their creator. I was also their master. And that's what '-sama' means. I am the master of all those worlds, in control of all those fates, to make up for my own, which went astray, and still struggles to find something that is stable. I work myself to death creating the perfect worlds and perfect lives that reflect what my heart desires every waking moment of my days.

By the way--sorry if this turned into a pitiful sob story. I only meant to explain what my username meant... ^^;

Describe Yourself in Three Words

Uh... Hmm... That's... an interesting question... I dislike describing anything about myself, in any way, whatsoever. Because I don't believe I do justice to many descriptions. I am too much of a shadow; too much of an 'I wish'. A ghost of so many lives and souls before me, in my head. But... Maybe, if I tried... Shy. Complex. Um... Loyal? Wow, is THAT one a big thing for me... I mean--I really am loyal. More than I realize I am, probably. But gosh, does that Gryffindor-like word sound like a big crest to wear... I'm sure there's a much more simplistic way to describe that that is more fitting for me... Heh! I don't fit big words. ^^;

Are you Left or Right Handed?

Right-handed, proudly. Even though that's like, the majority, I don't know. :XD: Sometimes I try and practice left-hand, though. And fail epically, of course.

What was Your First Deviation?

I... don't remember. :shrug: I told you some of these answers wouldn't be very accurate. Or exciting, for that matter. Besides, it probably was literature, and who cares about that nowadays? :shrug: At least here. It's okay, really. If it WAS literature, I wouldn't show it in here, because it was over six years ago and surely had A LOT of work to be done to. I don't know how I even dared posting stuff like that. XD Yeeeeeahhh... Sorry, folks. I don't have a CM, so I can't check my timeline and whatnot.

What is Your Favorite Type of Art to Create?

Literature. Duh. Heheh, besides, I pretty much suck at any other kind of art. Again--I'm too much of an 'I wish' person. Meh. I've learned to deal and live with it. ^_^

If You Could Instantly Master a Different Art Style, What Would It Be?

Uh... Art. XD Um, I don't know, I'd like just to be able to draw awesome. Like, comics and whatnot. Not even digital! I'd just settle for traditional art, if it meant the comic interpretations of my stories would still be awesome. I'd love to be able to make them into comics that looked great--expressive, detailed, witty, you know, the works.

What Was Your First Favorite?

I don't remember, either. Probably something to do with cats? I love them cats. You'll get lost in the endless labyrinth that is my Cats favorite folder. Or something to do with Inuyasha? Or some of my friend :iconshard-sama:'s work. She IS the one who introduced me to dA so long ago, after all.

What Type of Art Do You Tend to Favorite The Most?

Uh... Fan-Art, I think... Digital art... Lots of cat pictures. X3 But I also love to support fellow author deviants by faving their written collections of work.

Who Is Your All-Time Favorite Deviant Artist?

I have so many! And, I'm such a small-fry, that I doubt they'll even care if I mentioned just a FEW of them. Too many stuff to do with their lives. Let's see... StressedJenny, TamarinFrog, Inonibird, StePandy, JitterbugJive, Mikeinel I might add more names in the future, when I remember them. 'Cause I don't remember them off the top of my head. Basically, everyone I've faved in my folders. XD

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Who would it be indeed? That's so easy!

:iconpikorichan:, :iconsakura-araragi:, :iconvenegal:, :iconmadame-finitevus1890:, :iconloadingbxy: :icondemonsrulez55:... And I'm pretty sure I'm missing some people. I'll add you guys later on! Don't think I've forgotten about you. Just not like, right off the top of my head. XD

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

I'm not sure how to answer this without going into so many details that make this journal go on forever. Let's just say that they have given me support when it really, REALLY has mattered to me. They've always been there--and they know who I'm talking about, because I've come out and told them about them. Told them what they meant to me, and just how much. I've confessed to them that at many times, their presence, even if it's not right next to me, has been the only thing that keeps me going in especially tough times when I didn't see a positive end to it all. The prospect of meeting them some day has really cheered up my life. Their encouragement, sympathy (without a pity party), advice, support, and their genuine belief in me has left me without words, and has helped me go places that might seem small to any other person, but that I never imagined would ever be reached by me at any given time in my life.

They've selflessly offered me a place to stay (provided I could find a way to get there) when times have gotten particularly hard, in which I've come to believe I have no place to go. They've been there for me where no one else except for four-legged companions would be. Sometimes I got used to things being that way, and kept quiet about stuff that hurt me. However, it was thanks to their concern for me that I managed to expel that poison from myself and get better to get back up and lead a better life.

I still struggle, and it is thanks to their constant support that the ticking time bomb that is my life hasn't gone off sooner than ever. They've helped keep things stable when things seem just too overwhelming for me. That is why I can't give specific details about how they've impacted my life. Because, to begin with, they've encouraged me to keep on with my life. How's that for an impact?

What are your preferred tools to create art?

Paper, pencil, pen. Keyboard, Word Processor, Google Drive/Docs. Simple stuff.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Uh... Everywhere. The place isn't really the problem, and I get the same levels of inspiration. No physical location delivers any more drive, really. From the Internet? Nowhere, really. I guess, predictably enough, the stuff that I get so many awesome ideas for my own is the amazing, wonderful work of my favorite artists. But really, places for creativity really aren't the problem. I could try and get something out from a garbage can concept if I want to, and tried.

What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

I'm sorry, guys. You're counting on me making this answer super nice and detailed and feely and everything, but the truth is that I have too many to count, and most of those involve my friends. I might put details in here about those, but for the most part, I have so many, that I'm sure you all could just relate to every one of them. It'd be lovely if we made discussions in the comments talking about those one experiences that you thought to share, huh? But yeah. Most of those memories involve meeting my friends through many unexpected, random means, and usually beginning a wonderful world of RP with them. Others involve meeting with friends and admiring their art, or... I don't know, finding great art on my own and stuff. And of course, growing as a writer with several trial and error experiences and the few feedback comments I've gotten through the years.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read all this stuff! You may go on with your day/night and activities. May you have a great time of it!
Idea from the-vampire-goddess 

Prediction: Uh... Mulan...? Or Belle


[ ] You have/had long blonde hair
[x] You constantly daydream of another world
[x] You have an active imagination
[x] You're very curious
[ ] You try to show off your knowledge
[x] You are polite or talk very formally
[ ] You don't like books without pictures
[x] You love cats or have a cat
[x] You tend to act more mature than your age
[x] You have been called mad or not right in your head

Total: 7


[ ] You have/had long red hair
[x] Your curiosity has led you into trouble
[x] You have a father mother who doesn't understand you and you often break [her] rules (more like [xxxxxxxxxxxxx])
[x] You are a romantic and often, your head is in the clouds
[x] You're adventurous and curious about the world
[ ] You prefer sea animals over any other kind of animal
[x] You're impulsive and sometimes stubborn 
[ ] You're headstrong and strong willed
[x] You believe in love at first sight
[ ] You are willing to change who you are for the one you love

Total: 6


[ ] You have/had long blond hair
[ ] You have been called "very beautiful" by others 
[x] You are a hopeless romantic
[x] You love to sleep
[ ] You are graceful and lovely
[x] You have a very beautiful voice (I guess...? I don't sing 'beautifully', but I sing well...)
[x] You're a bit naive/innocent of the world 
[ ] You are adopted (Hah. I guess Aurora was adopted)
[ ] You prefer forest animals over other animals
[x] You are very kind to others

Total: 5


[x] You have/had medium brown hair
[x] You love to read and you are considered book-smart
[ ] You are outspoken and a free thinker
[x] You value character of people over beauty or wits 
[x] You don't judge a book by its covers
[x] People have called you odd
[x] You have at least one eccentric relatives
[ ] Many have called you a "beauty"
[x] You are very protective of the one you love
[x] You're very passionate about your interest

Total: 8


[ ] You have/had short blond hair
[x] You live with a cruel relative
[ ] You are forced to do horrible chores (Yep. Plenty of times, sure)
[x] You're hard working
[x] You love to sing and to dream of better days
[x] You prefer pets/farm animals over any other kind of animals
[ ] You are an orphan
[x] You are optimistic and cheerful
[x] You have been called sweet or kind
[x] You don't speak for yourself or you're a little submissive

Total: 7


[ ] You have/had long wavy black hair
[ ] You are fearless and streetwise
[x] You defend others who can't defend themselves or are been treated cruelty
[ ] You are or have been called "outcast"
[ ] You are selfless and only think of the misfortune of others
[x] You value freedom
[ ] You love or do tarot cards, read palms or similar things
[ ] You love to mock others especially authority, guards, or those who are cruel
[ ] You have a "sex" appeal
[x] You had a bad experience with someone who was obsessed with you

Total: 3


[x] You have/had a long brown hair
[x] You're talkative and sometimes talk fast
[x] You're charming and winsome
[ ] You prefer jungle animals, especially gorillas, over any other kind of animals
[x] You talk formally or proper
[x] You love or do some sort of art
[x] You live with your father (and mother)
[x] you sometimes talk to yourself
[ ] One of your parents is dead
[x] You value the wildlife

Total: 8


[ ] You have/had very long black hair
[x] You prefer love over wealth
[x] You long for freedom or adventure
[ ] People consider you a rebel
[x] You have a relative who wants you to do something you don't want to
[x] You have ran away from home
[x] You're stubborn and willful
[x] You'd love to have a pet tiger
[x] People consider you clever or intelligent
[ ] Your kind of beauty is considered "exotic"

Total: 7


[x] You have/had long brown hair
[ ] You are independent
[x] You have been burned by "love"
[x] You're sarcastic and quick-witted 
[ ] You're cynical and don't trust others easily
[ ] People consider you sassy
[ ] You're flirtatious (Hahahahah... What a joke)
[ ] You live by yourself 
[ ] You are afraid of heights
[ ] You're hesitant of trusting others

Total: 3


[x] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[x] People wish you could be a bit more girly (Again: [xxxxxxxxxx])
[x] You've pretended to be someone you're not
[ ] You've had a physical fight with someone
[x] You have/had considered running away from home 
[x] Your parents try to plan your life out
[ ] A lot of your friends are boys
[x] You sometimes find yourself in bad situations (Sometimes? Try the story of my life)
[x] You love your family and would protect them
[ ] You have a need to prove yourself. 

Total: 7


[ ] You have/had long black hair
[ ] You love the Native American culture
[x] You love the environment and often defend it
[x] Others consider you wise beyond your years
[x] People consider you noble or selfless
[x] You are free-spirited
[x] You're adventurous and playful
[ ] You are aware of your dreams and often let it guide you
[ ] You have an exotic beauty

Total: 5


[ ] You have dyed hair color
[x] You have an overprotective mother who doesn't let you see the world outside (OHGODYES [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx])
[x] You're daring and brave
[x] You're energetic and spirited
[x] You love art or astronomy 
[ ] You're independent and don't need others to take care of you or defend you
[x] You're sarcastic or witty
[x] You are a bit naive of the world around you
[x] You're charming or charismatic
[x] You're very determined to make your dreams come true

Total: 8


[ ] You have/had short black hair
[x] You are considered gentle and sweet
[x] You are also very kindhearted
[x] You're juvenile or childish
[ ] You have others who envy your beauty
[x] You are very gullible and too trusting that others sometimes takes advantage of you 
[x] You love to sing and to be with forest animals
[ ] You are joyful and cheerful
[x] You are motherly to those who are younger than you
[x] You are considered "adorable" or "cute" to others

Total: 7


[x] You're motivated and determined
[x] You are willing to go through hard work to achieve your dream
[ ] You love to cook or to own a restaurant
[ ] You don't like to ask for help
[x] You are respectful to others
[x] You don't give up easily
[ ] You're often too busy doing hard work to have fun
[ ] You don't believe in wishes, you do the things on your own
[x] You are very persistent even if others don't believe in you
[x] You are humble and grateful

Total:  6


[x] You love to dream
[x] You love to tell stories
[ ] You have two younger brothers
[x] You have a caring but strict father mother (Yep. Veeeeeeeeeery strict. But she's done a lot for us)
[x] You have a vivid imagination
[x] You are dreamy and imaginative
[x] You're responsible and polite
[x] You are very motherly and protective
[x] You are a romantic

Total: 8

What I got the highest was Belle, Jane, Rapunzel, and Wendy. From there it's Jasmin, Mulan, and Snow White. That's nice! ^_^ Check out which princess you are, friends! :iconpikorichan:! :iconsakura-araragi:! I'm especially curious about the princesses you two would be!


AAV-sama's Profile Picture
Perla AAV
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United States
Current Residence: At Animeholics Anonymous
Favourite genre of music: Classical, jazz, instrumental, pop, movie/anime soundtracks, some musicals
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga!
Favourite cartoon character: Wow... So many... ^^;
Personal Quote: Life is an amazing story, life is a game. Sometimes, someone just has to finish the game.

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Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :D
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Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu!!! :huggle:
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Feliz Cumpleaños :)
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Happy birthday! :D
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's September 15th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

:iconchampagneplz: Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love: :iconchampagneplz:

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Birthdays Team
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Thanks for joining our group! :D
May we be graced by your presence for a long time :meow:

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