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WIP:Lords of Noldor: Finarfin

By aautio
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WORK IN PROGRESS: Arafinwë Ingoldo, Son of Finwë

Character Background

Finarfin, Finwë’s third son, was the youngest of his five children. He was renowned for his wisdom, patience and golden hair, the two last ones of which he alone of Finwë's sons seems to have inherited from his mother Indis. He married Eärwen the daughter of Olwë King of the Teleri, and their children were perhaps the fairest of all Elves, being descended from the royal houses of all three kindreds of the Eldar.

Finarfin tried to pacify the Ñoldor after Fëanor spoke his terrible Oath, but could not restrain them, and he followed his brothers on the Flight from Aman reluctantly, mostly because his children wanted to go. After the Kinslaying of his wife’s kin in Alqualondë and the proclamation of the Doom of Mandos, Finarfin turned back with a part of the Ñoldor, was pardoned by the Valar, and named king of the Ñoldor in Aman, succeeding Finwë his father.

Design Concept

I picture Finarfin as tall (6'6" / 198 cm) and fair, with a flowing hair of gold he inherited from his Vanyarin mother and passed on to his descendants (while I picture Ñoldorin and Telerin hair as almost invariably straight, I see waves and curls as a relatively common trait among the Vanyar). Like (my image of) the Vanyar, he wears simple and traditional white robes (and a rather ceremonious cloak.. essentially a toga).

The heraldic design is my interpretation of Tolkien’s original design for Finarfin. The smaller design below his name is my idea for a more simplified emblem of the House of Finarfin: a crown of gold/silver flowers on a white or light blue background.


This is a WIP character sketch for my “Lords of the Ñoldor” project. It combines the scanned, not-yet-cleaned-up pencil lineart without shading or highlights, the current idea for the heraldic device(s) and the Tengwar inscription (I haven't decided yet whether I want to use the regular script or the cursive style, so I included both) to be used in the triptych. At some point I might finish it up as an individual character portrait but for now it’s just a WIP component.

Character drawn on regular copy paper, no references used. The originals are quite small; each character is under 15 cm tall (that’s a bit under 6” for the measurement-impaired). I draw them with a regular HB pencil that I try not to sharpen too much.. gives the line a nice thickness and more lively(=uneven) character. The size also keeps me from adding too many details, which would be lost anyway in the finished piece where the characters are fairly small.

The heraldic designs were drawn in AutoCAD, I looked at Tolkien’s design for reference. Assembled in Photoshop. (--Hard to say what category this should go into, but let’s say traditional, since the pencil drawing is the main thing..)

It’s still WIP, so comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. are more than welcome! :)

WIP:Lords of Noldor: Triptych Layout
WIP:Lords of Noldor: Character Portraits
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Is great!

Can you draw Maglor?

He is my favourite male elf of the Silmarillion.

Bye. ^^
Nebulosa-Dreams's avatar
Wow! what a beautiful drawing of my favorite Noldor!! (yes, my favorite XD). He has a beautiful face & clothes. I really like the roman toga, beacuse I always imagined the LOTR-people with medieval-clothes, and the Silmarillion-people with more "older" clothes (closer to greek/roman fashion, specially for elves), because the time passed between both stories (the fashion must change in five thousand years, I guess )
Well, check out his arms size. I see the left arm more shorter than the right arm. In that arms position, the elbows should be at the same level, near to waist. (it's just my humble opinion )
I'm going to look the others XD!
aautio's avatar
Thank you! :hug: I'm glad you like him. I view the Elves of Aman, especially the Vanyar as very traditional, so I think such ancient clothes suit them well.. the Noldor, especially the exiles, would be more progressive. :nod:

I know.. the problem actually is that his hands (especially the left) are too big.. his elbows are level in the sketch, but the amount of cloth he's holding over his left arm makes his upper arm seem shorter than it actually is.. i should look into that as well when I'll get to fixing his hands.
Nebulosa-Dreams's avatar
OK, now I see it correctly ;).
Zephyr-Zucchini's avatar
As i saw the smaller version of this in your gellery I said, "Is that Galadriel?" But alas and alak, I forgot i wasn't wearing my glasses. Exellent, the hands are a bit big and his left hand is a bit odd...but hands are hell to draw.
Exellent, reminds me of the greek
aautio's avatar
Nope, it was her father! :D Galadriel will have to wait for a while yet..

I'm aware of the problem with the hands and I'll be fixing them later.. I'll update this when I get it done.

Thanks! :)
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And there's Finarfin! :D Lovely job, I think he looks great so far. I like his expression and the hair!
aautio's avatar
Thanks a lot! :)
Sirielle's avatar
He looks like a Greek statue, nice effect. Check out his hands size, I'm not sure if they are not too large.
aautio's avatar
I knew there was something wrong there, since his arms looked short even though I was rather sure i sketched them properly, but I didn't see what.. it was the hands! Thanks, I'll look into it! :hug:
Senekha's avatar
Oo, I really like him :)

"Finarfin, Finwë’s third son, was the youngest of his five children. "

Five? I thought he had three...(but I haven't read all the HoME)
aautio's avatar
Oh, yes.. depending on sources Finwë had 2-3 daughters as well. I've gone with two, as is told in "The Shibboleth of Fëanor" since that seems to have been the good professor's final word on the subject. They'll be coming up next!
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YAY! He's GORGEOUS! I love his hair. This is an awesome rendition of the oft forgotten youngest son of Finwë. I must fave it!
aautio's avatar
thank you, my friend! :hug: I'm glad he's to your liking.. ;)
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It could be just me again, but he looks like Greek philosopher, because of the "toga" and the scrolls. If Fingolfin was Hercules, Finarfin is Aristotle.
Once again, beautiful work. :)
aautio's avatar
Why, certainly! I have no problem seeing Fingolfin as Hercules or Achilles and Finarfin as Aristotle.. and Fëanor as a mix of Plato and Archimedes (although he is perhaps more of a "Leonardo" in my depiction here)! ;) The ideal image I have of Finarfin is pretty much "the wisdom and humility of a Greek philosopher meets the majesty and dignity of a Roman emperor" it would fit well! :) Thank you!
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*is in awe of the folds in his robe*
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He is just perfect!!!!
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