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Hugin and Munin



Hugin and Munin - the Ravens of Odin

“Hvginn oc Mvninn
flivga hverian dag
iormvngrvnd yfir;
ovmc ec of Hvgin,
at hann aptr ne comiþ,
þo siámc meirr vm Mvnin.”

“The whole earth over, every day,
hover Hugin and Munin;
I dread lest Hugin droop in his flight,
yet I fear me still more for Munin.”

-- Grímnismál, the Lay of Grimnir, §20 (Hollander's translation)

The two ravens of the Norse deity Odin, Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory), who fly out each day and report the news of the world back to him at night.

An older drawing, this one - it was a request drawn last December as an idea for a tattoo design.. I don’t think the person ever ended up getting it, though.. not this design anyway, so I suppose I can post it now. The border is just some random doodling that attempts to imitate knotwork patterns.

It’s a small and simple piece, but I like it for some reason. I’m not too sure it really fits in my gallery, so I’ll probably be moving it to scraps soon. The Eddas are very interesting, though.. so this might not be the last Norse-mythology-inspired drawing for me.

Pencil, Photoshop.


:iconvigilannie: got this design as a tattoo! :D Go see it! ---> [link]
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great work!! i love the aging effect