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RIFT- Water Colossus



Hi all! :) This is my version of the Water Colossus, done for the Rift game contest.

As you can see, it's a water dragon-snake-angler fish type of
creature that lives in the deep, deep sea. It moves fast and
stealthily. Since the creature is colossal, however, it can't just
pass by unnoticed, no matter how silent, so it prefers to wait
for its prey to come to it on its own.
And it always works, since it has that shiny thing on its head -
a bait that attracts curious creatures - by the light alone, or,
if needed, by sending ultra sound signals through the water.

The Colossus can survive on land for a couple of hours.
When not in water, it moves like a lizard, and it uses
it's main weapon in the same way like in the water.

This is the main boss in the game, so, beating him
won't be easy.. the most important thing to know is:

try to avoid its deadly punches (the tail, especially), as well as
the ultra sound hypnotizing rings (that can distract you by
messing up your orientation sense), while trying to do the main thing -
get as close as possible to the shiny bait and destroy it.
The creature will instantly die.
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sepuede apreciar la profundidad y el tamaño, buenisimo ^^