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The Scene by Beesknees67

It's been a while since I wrote a journal featuring an individual artist, but was inspired to do so today when browsing through my Favourites folders and was reminded of the fabulous fractal art of Kim Beesknees67, so this is the result.


Kim was still active on Deviantart when I re-joined the community in January 2015 after a break of many years and this was the first time I had come across her fabulous work. Sadly, she has not posted any new work wince October 2015. I'd like to feature a selection from her existing galleries, predominantly created with Ultra Fractal software.

A Delicate Place by Beesknees67 

The painterly quality of A Delicate Place is outstanding.

Kim's work is inherently abstract, laiden with moody atmosphere and beautiful, subtle textures, somewhat reminiscent in style of Janet Parke infinite-art who was (and still is!) one of my earliest inspirations, but with her own unique slant.

Where Does It Begin? by Beesknees67

The earthy, muted colours and organic textures Kim uses in her work, in particular images such as Where Does It Begin? , evoke an almost visceral response, drawing the eye in to another mysterious world full of beauty and intrigue.

Phoenix Flow by Beesknees67

I Know a Place by Beesknees67  The Stars Go Blue by Beesknees67   Darkest Depths by Beesknees67

Tangled in a Dream by Beesknees67  Lost Dream by Beesknees67  Toward the Within by Beesknees67  Interlude by Beesknees67  Beautiful Disaster by Beesknees67

Many of you will already be familiar with Kim's art, so I hope this will be an enjoyable reminder of her inspirational work!

No Boundaries by Beesknees67

Drift and Flow by Beesknees67

The Departed by Beesknees67

Kim is currently pursuing her other big interest - nail art - and maintains a website on this subject: tenlittlecanvases.com/
She posts photos of her amazingly detailed and intricate work on instagram: www.instagram.com/tenlittlecan…

I am hoping that one day soon we may see some new work by Beesknees67 appearing here on Deviantart, but in the meantime let's not forget about Kim and her wonderful contributions to the world of fractal art!

Her gallery can be viewed in full here:  www.deviantart.com/beesknees67…

The Valley by Beesknees67

A Gentle Fall by Beesknees67

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Aqua Clematis by aartika-fractal-art

We are enjoying some unseasonably mild weather here in the UK, it feels as if spring is just around the corner.

I have been inspired to create a few new fractal flower compositions in recent days, so here is a collection of a few of them, along with a select few from my favourites collection, by the following inspring and talented artists:

:iconwsandid: :icongerda1946: :iconinnac: :iconsallyslips: :iconvelvet--glove:

:iconroup14: :iconcoby01: :iconfractist: :iconmookiezoolook: :iconfiery-fire:

:iconinfinite-art: :icongeorge13: :iconc-91: :iconaartika-fractal-art: :iconlarabln:

First the favourites:

Flower 1 by Wsandid  Lilies Bouquet by innac  <da:thumb id="751272370"/>

Ambience Of Flowers by Mookiezoolook  Untitled 50 by George13  One by C-91

In The Shadow by SallySlips

Flower Chain to Infinity by Velvet--Glove

Flower Chain to Infinity , above, and below right, Avalon by Velvet--Glove 

Chrysanta by infinite-art  Avalon by Velvet--Glove 

Arabesque by coby01

Snow Lotus by fractist

Spinning Leaves by Velvet--Glove  True Belief by janinesmith54

Silk Blush by Velvet--Glove  Fan Dance by Velvet--Glove  La Roja heat by Fiery-Fire  Flowers of Fire and Ice by LaraBLN

And the recent additions to my own fractal flower collection:

Pink Flowers by aartika-fractal-art

Orange Dahlia by aartika-fractal-art  Single Blue Flower by aartika-fractal-art  Neige by aartika-fractal-art

Poinsettias by aartika-fractal-art

Eloise by aartika-fractal-art  Cherry Blossom by aartika-fractal-art 

Lazy Daisy by aartika-fractal-art  Go With the Flow by aartika-fractal-art  Violetta by aartika-fractal-art

Ragged Flowers by aartika-fractal-art

Yellow Flowers by aartika-fractal-art  More Pink Flowers by aartika-fractal-art

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I Love Fractals by aartika-fractal-art

The remit: I Love You Most - Make a journal sharing 5 deviations about a topic you love! #ShowYourHeart

So that's quite easy for me I Love Fractals :D

Floris by aartika-fractal-art

Perhaps, more specifically, I love Ultra Fractal:

Ultra Fractal 6 Stamp by aartika-fractal-art  Ultra Fractal 5 Stamp by aartika-fractal-art  Ultra Fractal 4 ~ Stamp by aartika-fractal-art  Ultra Fractal 3 ~ Stamp by aartika-fractal-art  Ultra Fractal 2.04 ~ Stamp by aartika-fractal-art

I started using Ultra Fractal v2 in 1999 - nearly twenty years ago, that's actually quite hard to believe now!

Looking back at my first efforts with this amazing program, I cringe somewhat now at just how bad they were.

But with perseverence and a lot of help from fellow fractal artists and a few close friends, learning to control and manipulate the fractal mathematics used within the software to create some half-decent images has been a very enjoyable and fulfilling activity which has kept my grey cells active over the years.

So here are a few of my old favourites:

Singing In The Rain by aartika-fractal-art

Wild Imagination by aartika-fractal-art

Pomegranates by aartika-fractal-art

Frozen (2016)

Frozen by aartika-fractal-art

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Pink-Green Felt-Tip Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

Over the last few months I have been learning to find my way around using Photoshop CC, and have used the Mandala/Radial Symmetry Easter Eggs (or Variable Radial Symmetry) to practice with different brushes. This Collection of simple designs are the result!

Blue Flower by aartika-fractal-art  Blue-Spiky Manadala by aartika-fractal-art  Burnt Flower 02 by aartika-fractal-art  Cerise Flower 01 by aartika-fractal-art

Delph Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Jade Flower by aartika-fractal-art  Lilac-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Watercolour Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

  Insect-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art


Lilac-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Mauve Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Multi Flower by aartika-fractal-art  Neon-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

Orange Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Orange-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Pink Flower by aartika-fractal-art  Pink-Chalky Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

Pink-Heart Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

Pink-Green Felt-Tip Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Rainbow-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Rose-Tile Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Yellow Flower 01 by aartika-fractal-art


Snowflake Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Tangerine Mandala by aartika-fractal-art  Target-Mandala by aartika-fractal-art   White-on-Blue Chalky Mandala by aartika-fractal-art

Turquoise Mnadala by aartika-fractal-art

If you haven't already found the Mandala Easter Egg, this video shows you how:

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Moonlit by aartika-fractal-art

A selection of works created using Ultra Fractal 3 and 4 during 2005

Perhaps one of the most useful updates to Ultra Fractal in version 4, released in 2005, was the introduction of the "Explore" tool and 'Eyedropper' previews, allowing a dynamic preview when exploring the parameter values, something I now completely take for granted and really wouldn't be without. Before that, more often than not, it was often a question of guess a number!

The other major addition the software was the ability to easily create Animations, although this isn't a feature I have personally used a great deal. A couple of years I did have a go at making a Christmas Card - this fat Robin Red Breast was the result!

Robin Red Breast wishes you a Merry Christmas! by aartika-fractal-art

Water Sprite by aartika-fractal-art  A Small Picnic by aartika-fractal-art  Multishell by aartika-fractal-art

Kerapesque by aartika-fractal-art  Cherry Bomb by aartika-fractal-art  Crimson Tipped by aartika-fractal-art

As you can see, traditional spiral images were the order of the day!

Shangri La by aartika-fractal-art

Pale Vine Leaves by aartika-fractal-art  Rubrix by aartika-fractal-art 

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