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This sleepless night...


What is Wildcat?


"Wildcat" is my work-in-progress novel. The story will focus on Ember and Cloud, a father-daughter duo of feral cats, and their struggles to survive in a world where loyalty is becoming a concept of the past.

Moon deco divider by Martith

The things I'm aiming to accomplish with this book are:

Creating a believable, well-rounded cast of unique characters

Building a realistic, futuristic world that reflects reality as we know it.

Avoiding stereotypes (such as pure-evil villains and mary-sues) as well as cliches (such as love-triangles)

Creating a plot and story that seamlessly crosses multiple genres, including mystery, action, and sci-fi

Making even the most stoic of readers cry and/or laugh out loud at least once.

I hope it does not disappoint. ;u; Thank you all so much for your support!

Current Status: 3rd Draft - Writing Chapter 24 of 30(?)

Set release date: to be decided.
I'm aiming for early spring next year, but no promises.

Stranger In The Nighttime


Moon Divider End by ThisPoisonedOne

You are the deepening mystery
When life is full of simplicity
You are the nagging doubt
The hideaway doubter
When everyone believes
Everyone believes
You are the cloud of unknowing
When we know-it-alls know it all
You are never ever ever ready
And I’ve waited for eternity
But I want it all, yeah I want it now
You are, you are, you are
you are dark
When all is bright

Moon Divider by ThisPoisonedOne



Snowflake bullet by SukiieThe Introverted Nerd League Snowflake bullet by Sukiie
~Weird together since 2017~


Owed Art



...tells me tomorrow won't be alright.

Raven Divider by Paws-of-Harmony

Artia | Female

Tiny crow vines by ThisPoisonedOne

Hello, stranger. Some call me Artia, but you can call me "Aart" or "Art". I'm a self-taught visual artist who also likes nature photography, storytelling, strategy games, and books — among other things.
I hope you enjoy your stay and find something you like.

[F2U] Courage by KittensPurrgatory

“Every new beginning comes from another beginning's end.”


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