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Superman Returns movie poster

i painted this for my assignment in college. using mixed media: colored ink, airbrush, gesso and color pencils on illustration board. took me less than 30 hours.
this was a great movie and i liked it alot. i think brandon routh is a person choice for superman n he is freaking gd looking and my gf loves him so much. the whole movie was allegant and touchy and the mood was very nice. the art direction was very gd too. its kind of an artistic movie. n it plays alot with the audience's emotions which is very gd, not like those common commercial movies.
anyways, hope u like it!
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love it great work
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fucking amazing dude. beautiful work.
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superman is the best superhero better than ever superhores.
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physically yes :)
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Thanks for the advise :) it was an old college work I did 8 years ago. It still had a lot of room to improve :D
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what odd picture?
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super job man!!!
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thank u so much!
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Returns was epic.

The fanboys can deny it all they want.
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yes i loved it too :) i think the new one is just more commercialised but definitely more entertaining though
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It is more entertaining.

If you go to Superman Returns trailers on YouTube, you will see a billion fanboyotic comments hating the movie....
superman return is not bad movie but wb say this is bad film?
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superman return is good okay but green lantern is worse movie ever see it they pick wrong director
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I agree with this. Green Lantern could've been epic, if the director had been better picked, as well as the main actor. 
this is epic poster
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Que trabajo tan excelente!!!
Merecias la calificación mas alta!!!
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