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Michael Jordan in Bulls

this is my latest digital artwork done recently using the loaded palette knife in Corel Painter 9, another words, the oil painting technique.. took 10 to 15 hrs for this.. or mayb more.. this is Jordan taking a free throw showing his concentration when he was in the Chicago Bulls in the 90s..
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Hi aaronwty,

I would like to ask how can I contact you regarding this painting.
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Hi there,

You can email me at, thanks!
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Dear Aaronwty,

I’m writing on behalf of The MY HERO Project.

We are a not-for-profit, project-based learning resource on the internet and I’m the curator of our digital gallery. As its curator, I am always looking for outstanding art to feature in our digital gallery.

May I have permission to feature your “Michael Jordan in Bulls” on our website for Black History Month?

With your permission AND YOUR THOUGHTS about what makes Jordan heroic to you, (this makes each piece in our gallery special) I would be able to make a beautiful digital Gallery Page to share with our online community of 3M+ hits per month (mostly students from over 44,000 classrooms worldwide) – linked to your website, if you have one.

Here’s a quick look at a piece from The MY HERO Gallery that we were given permission to use by renowned street artist Shepard Fairey:


Please write me at

Thank you for your consideration – This is a beautiful piece.

The MY HERO Gallery
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Hi David,

As long as you link my website wherever you post my painting I am alright with it. Sorry I don't have time to write you a proper email, I am currently working in a very busy advertising agency.

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It's been 2~3 moinths that I know deviantart and I think it's the work I love the most :D Félicitations!
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thanks alot :) this is a very old piece of mine
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One Word: Determination
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not 'concentration'?
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I was talking about the look on MJ's face, not the drawer!
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yea i meant his face too.. he is supposed to be concentrating and focused on the free throw
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You have been featured!:D [link]
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this is one of the greatest pieces of art ive ever seen of the greatest player to grace the nba, top notch work man. lovin it!
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thanks alot man!
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