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Only two weeks to go until I’m back in Melksham, Wiltshire, in time for Melksham comic-con. I’m going to be sharing a table with tomorrowsjoe again and we’re going to be hitting it hard with as many comics as we can carry and as many sketches as we can scribble!

We’ll be there all weekend sat at table 17 so if you’re in the area for the August Bank Holiday come down!

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Well then.

This Saturday, the 4th of October you can find me (and many seriously talented Comics Artists) at Nottingham Comics Convention. The show's being held at Nottingham Conference Centre, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU which is a great central location close to the Trams and several major bus routes.


I'll be upsstairs at table U16 selling Comics, Original Art and knocking out free sketches.

Free! Sketches!

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With just over a week to go it's probably time to point out that I'll be going to Melksham Comics Con on the 30-31st August!

I'll be running a table alongside my exemplary Comics companion Joseph J Morgan who'll be selling copies of his comic Merlot The Rabbit. Hopefully he'll have a remastered version of issue 1. You can see the work in progress on his Tumblr:

I'll be selling new comics too with this being the first convention where I've had a chance to sell the anthology comic T4L Comics issue 1. I contributed a strip called Metronaut and provided the cover too. If you want wait 'til Melksham or can't make it you can buy the digital version here:…

Also on sale will be copies of The Tea Book. An art book with a huge variety of artists drawing personified Tea's that was edited by Bex Burgess. I contributed this piece called Gunpowder Tea:

It's probably worth mentioning that I'm also going to be at the following shows this year:

Nottingham Comic Con - Saturday 4th of October.

Leeds Thought Bubble - Saturday & Sunday 15-16th of November.

Hopefully there'll be more to update on soon but this is it for now.

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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So slow on getting round to doing this but I've been beavering away on page 5 of Metronaut as well as putting in the main shapes onto the Derby City Mural (development photo's of which you can see on my facebook account for those who have it). This years Leeds Thought Bubble was once again with Claude, my co-agent of spite:

We were ably assisted by Dev who helped flog our wares, promote our presence and grab our tea's.

As you can see by Sunday Tea had become a very important lifeline as sleep deprivation started to kick in.

This years show was as always fun as I crashed with Neil & Chris on the outskirts of Wakefield in the Skyfall House for our rapidly becoming traditional Saturday night roast dinner with Neil's Mum as we shot the shit about the year's show. The general consensus: Busy.

Thought Bubble has been my favourite show for a few years now. Even if I only manage one show a year I manage Thought Bubble. But this year with so many exhibitors and the expanding to a third hall to accommodate it felt like things had reached critical mass. Putting nearly all of the big name guests in the back end of New Dock hall had the negative effect of causing massive queues that blocked access to a lot of small press guys table. The combination of such huge names in comics and more small press exhibitors than ever resulted in it being a lot harder to make a return on your investment in table and transport costs than ever before.

I think a lot of the was circumstantial as opposed to the organisers trying to get as much table money as they could. I genuinely sensed the organisers didn't want to let the public or the exhibitors down so tried to please everyone with more guests and more comics. It just felt too large and unwieldy, but the Thought Bubble organisers has always been pretty sharp guys so I'm fairly confident they can manage their resources better next time.

Being positive though Leeds was a great laugh as you get to see the comics community at their happiest. Check out Owen Watts of the Psychedelic Journal of Time for instance:

See? Just happy to be there.

I was personally overjoyed by all sorts of things. One of those things being a chance encounter with Peter Milligan whose comics Bad Company & Hewligan's Haircut I read voraciously when I was a teen only to later discover The Enigma and Shade, The Changing Man in my early 20's. Here he is, holding my copy of The Best of Milligan & McCarthy and even a copy of Fecal Depot 3

Most of my weekend was catch up time with all to brief encounters with likes of Kate Coope (please come back to Comics man, we all miss you), Nick Llwellyn, Bex Burgess , Dan Lester (who was kind enough to give me a free Schmurgen comic!) and even Sarah Burgess…

In fact, Sarah was kind enough to pull her best Dredd face behind a Metronaut postcard:

It was also nice to have some surprise encounters such as Alasdair Stuart who gave me possibly my best ever review earlier this year for the SFX website. He popped by to ask if the review had had any impact on my comics and how far along I was with The Yorkshire Cowboy.

I even met new people such as Sajan Rai's Childish Butt-Vomit With a title like that can a Fecal Depot/Childish Butt-Vomit crossover be in the works?

Following on from Melksham I've been trying to get into the habit of drawing sketches at conventions. Partly because after years of shows people have now started asking for sketches and partly because it helps me with my speed and consistency issues. I find it helps to draw things I've drawn repeatedly to help with familiarity so this convention's sketch was The Yorkshire Cowboy for Dev

So that's me all done for this years cons. Next year? I dunno, table prices are rising and my drawing pace is chronically slow so we'll have to see. Hopefully I'll have at least something new for next year but I don't want to play my cards until nearer the time.

Cheers & Lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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This weekend me and Claude head up to Leeds once more with our stack of comics and cheapest suits.

Located in New Dock Hall we'll be there all weekend with our usual brand of cynicism and abusing the general public.

Pop by and I can offer you issues of Fecal Depot, Yorkshire Cowboy poster comics and Metronaut postcards - I'll even be selling originals.
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Well a weeks's past since I went to Nottingham's first Nerd Fest which I think can be safely described as a success for all involved. Kev Brett, the organiser, struck me as a genuinely pleasant guy who took the time to come over to each exhibitor and make them feel welcome and throw in a firm handshake while he was at it. Hopefully this will be a recurring show as it was great to do a convention where I only had to catch a bus to get there!

Here's my table all set up with comics, postcards, stickers and originals. Also on display was the design for the Derby City mural I've been co-designing with Diana Bechmann and Cape & Cowl comics which'll hopefully be on a wall on Derby's Green Lane soon enough.

Through out the day I was ably assisted by my mate Alan "APB" Brown who was at Nerd Fest to get his Judge Dredd Vs Mars Attacks! signed by cover artist John McCrea. If I've learnt anything from years of conventions it's that you need a good table buddy to keep you sane and bounce banter off of. It helps to warm up your sales patter and puts customers at ease. Well, Alan was a great table buddy!

Sales wise things went pretty well, I met people who'd actually bought my comics from their local comics shops before even meeting me which always surprises me. One guy had even bought one of my books previously in Melksham which really threw me considering the distance. The prize has to go this kid in the photo below. His name was Thomas and he kept coming to the table all day with stray adults he'd catch and convince into buying my comics which asking me to sign anything he could get his hands on.  

It was also a good chance to meet artists new and old. Sally Jane Thompson organised an after show drink and draw which was a chance to chill out, eat a gourmet hotdog and meet people like Heather and her boyfriend who're video game developers by day and comics creators by night.

Special mention should also go to Owen MacRae. I met him briefly at Melksham and got a chance to speak him again at Nerd Fest. In a world of webcomics utilizing nothing but digital colours it's refreshing to see the whole thing done in watercolour pencils.

Next up: Leeds and Thought Bubble 2013 with Claude!

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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Cape & Cowl Comics of Derby proudly sponsors me at this years Nerd Fest!

This weekend is Nottingham's first Nerd Fest. Live from the Britannia Hotel the show promises live bands, guest artists, Stormtroopers and even a charity art auction!    

I'll be there with comic collecting sidekick Alan Brown selling various comics, postcards and original pieces as well as cranking out sketches!

The show's 10-4 and if you're based in the midlands a great chance to see some local comics talent!

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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Melksham Comic-Con isn't like most other conventions. If anything it's the kind of thing your mother tries to warn you about when you start to venture into the big wide world.

A cross between the Leeds Thought Bubble and a Village Fete, Melksham has a Darling Buds of May meets The Whicker Man kind of vibe about it that is charming and terrifying in both equal measure. The show for instance was opened by a beauty pageant queen who can be seen in the background of the picture below, with Joe Morgan manning our table in the foreground.

We were joined by Owen & Geoffrey of the Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, wonderful good humored people who are the purveyors of fine comics and some choice Peter Capaldi jokes:   thepsychedelicjournal.blogspot…

Stuart Gould of UKomics was on the scene with his sketch book collecting drawings from all the artists. I think his plan is to put them all into a charity sketchbook at some point. Here's my contribution:

Through out the day of selling our hard drawn comics me and Joe started to notice that crowds of people were flocking to out table, taking pictures on their smart phones but not making a purchase. Miffed we eventually found out that the Brian's (an elite team of 25 men and women all called Brian) had organised a scavenger hunt and placed markers all around the hall with one behind our table. I've highlighted it here:


Realising this was blocking our table to potential customers I sabotaged it thusly:

I did this because I am a shit.

All in all though I had a great time, the pub across the road was stunning and the atmosphere of the show was lovely. The family theme the organisers had worked so hard to cultivate really shines through and I had to admit that the village raffle packed the hall out.

Me and Joe ended the day by taking a bus to Chippenham and urinating on peoples garden walls indiscriminately.

Thanks for having us Wiltshire!

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy will (courtesy of the fine people at Cape & Cowl) return in:

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I'll be manning a table at this years Melksham Comic-Con along with Swindon's finest, Joseph J Morgan We'll be selling comics, originals and cranking out sketches for the good Wiltshire folk who pop by our table!

Melksham's also the ONLY place where you can get the Metronaut Postcard for free! How? By being one of the first 100 people to come through the convention doors of course! The generous organisers are handing out goodie bags to visitors on the day and 100 of those have Metronaut postcards in them featuring some immense graphic design assistance from Gordon Brebner Design…

Metronaut will be finished later this year and will be appearing in T4L Comics a fantastic anthology ran by Virgil Yendell.

Stay tuned as in the next few weeks and months there'll hopefully be news on a couple of collaborative projects that are at the foundation stages right now!

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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For those of you based in Derbyshire you can now buy my original drawings at Cape & Cowl Comics in Derby.… The picture below shows the drawings currently on offer framed behind the counter, you should be able to see some of my comics on the counter too.

Here's those pieces close up. The Cowboy drawing is obscured by the Ford Timelord picture and is fact a whole A3 portrait piece. As you can see I'm only selling pin up drawings right now as I tend to need the actual comics pages I produce for portfolio samples and occasionally to rescan for reprints etc. Price are 75 for B/W's and 100 for colour. That may seem steep but it takes me weeks to make these in my spare time.

While I was at Cape & Cowl the owner Martin let me take pictures of all the other art he had on the walls that had been produced by local comics artists. I don't think any of it is for sale but it's work that deserves exposure none the less. I don't feel there's a bad piece here and is thus worth checking out.

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Well, I've finally set up a Paypal account after years of only selling stuff directly at conventions or sporadically through a handful of comics shops. So if you've ever wanted to buy one of my comics but never had the chance or even if you've lost your old copies then just message me and I can send a copy your way for only a few quid plus 1 P+P.

Better still if you see any pieces on my DA account and are interested in buying the originals I can now arrange that too!


Titles include:

The Yorkshire Cowboy Poster Promo comic at 2

The final issue of Fecal Depot 3 for 2.50

And Fecal Depot 2 for 3 (only a few copies left of the second print run).
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Leeds could be best summed up with this:

Next year I'll have been doing cons for 10 years and several of those have been with Claude. Here we are in our difficult "too many years on tour phase", waiting for our works to fall back into fashion as either ironic pop culture or desperately hoping we're discovered by a new generation of readers who actually have money on them this time.

Despite this we were ably assisted by Dev who sorted us out for food and drinks, dragged customers to our tables and even tweeted to the world about our table.

On a more positive note my new comic The Yorkshire Cowboy got off to a decent start, the preview poster comic shifting a couple of dozen and outselling everything else I had on sale. Better still I was able to give a copy to John Wagner, the creator of Judge Dredd and even sell some copies wholesale to OK Comics in Leeds

Kate Coope, who helped letter The Yorkshire Cowboy, popped by to claim here free copy. She recently did art assistance on Girl & Boy which was nominated for a National Comic Award…

I even got to see mates I haven't seen in years including Joe and Nick. I forced Joe to pose for this staged photo which was taken long after he'd actually bought the comic.

I even managed to sell comics to total strangers! This lady even asked for a sketch (which I totally ballsed up)

General consensus? I need to get The Yorkshire Cowboy issue 1 out next year!

Cheers & Lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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As always I'll be going to the Leeds Thought Bubble Comics Festival this year. which'll be in 3 weeks time at the very recently renamed New Dock Hall. I'll be there along with Claude TC!

I'll be selling copies of Fecal Depot 2 & 3, the Thought Bubble mini comic and this:

The Yorkshire Cowboy Poster Comic Preview!

I may have to shorten that title somewhat but that's essentially what it is. A glossy A2 double sided poster that folds down into an A5 preview comic featuring pages, designs, roughs and breakdowns for my new comic The Yorkshire Cowboy. Featuring some fine lettering from Kate Coope there's only a 150 copies going to print at 2 a pop. And at that price I'm breaking even on every copy sold!

See you in Leeds!

Cheers & Lovely

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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So this Saturday I thought I'd take a break from working in the Financial Services Industry and go here:…

In fact I'm going one further and sharing a table with Claude TC We'll be selling comics, loads of them, to you!

I'll have comics old and new, odds and sods and original pages to sell. There'll even be pages of my new comic The Yorkshire Cowboy on show which is looking like this:

I realise as always I've made this short notice and my planning is poor but I'm genuinely looking forward to finaly going to a Comica event after years of making excuses.

Also: try out these other fine exhibitors:

Right sod this, that's all the excitement I can manage at this time of night - I'm off to bed.

Cheers & Lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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I'll be at the Leeds Thought Bubble Comics Convention at Saville Hall this weekend and co running a table with Claude of Gronk Comics We've both got piles of stuff to sell and I've even got a new comic out called Fecal Depot 3. The cover looks like this:

I'll also be selling older comics and posters and probably cranking out sketch's too.

This is the only convention I'm selling at this year so I'm really looking forward to seeing people and catching up with anyone I met at Comic Launchpad back in June!

Hope to see you there!

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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Well Comic Launchpad went well. There was an after show networking event with free ale on tap and curry & chips that was thoroughly appreciated. More importantly though I got to see seminars by Diamond UK, Markosia and hang around with the Burgess Twins and

I also met a guy called Jon Lock. He writes & seemed pretty cool, in fact, check out his stuff here:

That Super Secret Paid Gig I mentioned last time> Well that was this:

Best 3 working days of my life. I got hired by my old school to go in and teach 12-14's old how to paint on walls from the ground up. I worked with dozens of kids of various skill levels and was actively encouraging them to go at the walls with paint markers, graphite and acrylics! The results are the two walls you see above. I supervised and tidied up the edges but this is mostly the students work - I'm well chuffed. Cheers and lovely to Belper School for giving me the work!

I used some of the money to go up to Yorkshire and hang around with Chris Garside who's just recently won Channel 4's Summer Grafitti Festival. We sat in his front garden and (in the spirit o the KLF) set fire to the majority of the artwork we'd both produced in the last 5 years on a sunny afternoon in August. It was something we'd had on the cards for a while and needed to be done, in fact I need to see if Chris has any photo's - it was a big fire.

Since then I just finished a 3 page strip called "The Girl Who Loved Slaughter". It's in my DA gallery. It's the last strip to go into Fecal Depot 3 which now only needs a cover and at last be finished after 3 years of mucking about.

Which reminds me, I'll be at the Leeds Thought Bubble in November sharing a table with Claude. Please come, we seriously need the money

Cheers & lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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Just a quick update for those who maybe interested, I'm a delegate at this weekends Comic Launchpad event in Birmingham… It's ran by Shane Chebsey who also runs the Birmingham International Comics Show and is designed to be a networking and workshops event for upcoming comic artists.

Two of my old mates from college Sarah and Bex Burgess are also going so it'll be cool to catch up and swap art samples. Theres also portfolio reviews with editors and frankly it's been a few years since i've had a review at all so that'll be interesting to say the least. I'm also looking forward to meeting new artists and writers too!

I'm just about 2/3rds through pencilling a comic that's essentially a period costume drama with guns and knives. I'll upload a sample panel of the pencils to my DA accounts Scrap folder within the week!

Not only that but there's a super secret paid gig in the pipeline that'll get sorted in the next few weeks too.

Cheers and lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
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So bad at keeping up to date with drawing however...

Just finished my two pages for George Beedham's The Mighty Jambo which should  be going up in the next few weeks but if you're really in a rush you can check them out here:

Speaking of comics I've done at one point or another 365 Zines A Year have reviewed the promo comic I did for the Leeds Thought Bubble ages ago. It's fair, even handed and can be read here:…

Recently finished a 4 pager about Space Dinosaurs for Richy K Chandler too. That won't be going online for a while though as it still needs lettering (and possibly colouring) but in the mean time check out Richy's stuff at his Tempo Lush site

While i'm at it, i'm currently only lined up for one convention this year and that's the Leeds Thought Bubble. I'll be sharing with Claude again because he's the fucking don of poor taste comics.

Finally, I've got a few things on my to do list drawn now and can make room for a few paid jobs between comics if anyone's interested? In fact if I agreed to draw something for you in exchange for cash at somepoint and it did'nt get sorted give us a kick up the arse - it could very well be on my to do list and therefore need drawing out!

Cheers and lovely,

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Right then, I'm off to the Leeds Thought Bubble tomorrow. I'm sharing a table with Camden Comics Craftsman, Claude TC and will be selling a variety of my old comics, posters and stickers at half price. It's generally a clear out of all my end of print runs to make way for a clean slate of comics and posters next year.

The only thing that'll get reprinted out of the old stuff will be the DerbyZilla poster as people still seem to be all over it (but I'll probably rescan it and get the levels right if that ever happens) Well, that and hopefully a cheap b/w collection of all the Fecal Depot stuff once I FINALLY get 3 finished next year.

I'm pretty nervous as I've been out of the comics loop for the best part of a year. The only other con I've done this year was the 'Thing back in March. My sincerest thanks to the likes of Claude, Chris Garside, Kate Coope, George Beedham and Richy K Chandler for being patient and supportive while I've gotten back into the groove of enjoying drawing again.

It's going to be cool to see a whole bunch of people in comics that I haven't seen in too damn long.

Cheers & Lovely,
Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
Between Northern Hills
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It's that time of year again when various comics artists from across the land descend upon Queen Mary Uni in Mile End London for the 7th annual 'Thing. I'll be at table 23 and sharing with George Beedham of Not Regret studio's - home of the Mighty Jambo! Jambo issue 4 will be on sale along with a new batch of T-shirts and various other bits and bobs.

Meanwhile I'll be selling all kinds of stuff including a new poster based on the Samurai Helmet I designed for Derby Manga emporium Tokyo Otaku and it's yearly convention J-Culture Con. It's an A3 poster on matt card and going for just £2 a poster with a very limited print run. I'll also be selling all the usual older posters too at the same price.…

There's stickers on offer too, with my newest batch being the Pub +Breakfast Gang sticker. These stickers are perfect for those who spend too much of their life in the pub and wish to celebrate in a way only homemade arts and crafts can provide. I'll be selling them on sheets of 6 for just 40p each. That's like a 1/5 of the value of the average pint or something!…

Finally, I've excess stock of the Leeds Thought Buble flier comic I made last year. These are single A3 sheet comics folded into a handy A4 tale and going for only 20p each. They're even in outline black and white so you can have a go at colouring it in or something. Hell, the best attempt handed in to me on the day can win a prize or something.…

I'll also be selling final stock of my earlier comics Fecal Depot 1 and 2 before they both go out of print again. There probably won't be a third edition of either of those until I FINALLY get number 3 nailed (only 10 pages done after starting 18 months ago) so if you want them, now's the time to get them.

Right, time to pack up all my gear and head to London.

Cheers and lovely,

Aaron "Smurf" Murphy
Between Hills
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