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Something 4 The Weekend(s) by AaronSmurfMurphy Something 4 The Weekend(s) by AaronSmurfMurphy
A gift for a friend, a portrait in fact. The accuracy of it is debatable and it's possibly more accurate to say it's an idealised interpretation more than anything. My drawing ability in terms of photo-realism has always been quite poor so I made conscience compromises along the way to this final piece.

It actually went through 5 phases: a rough, blue lines initially traced from the rough, pencilled lines, inks and finally colours.

The rough thumbnail was scanned, resized, printed and traced via a Light-box onto Canson concept paper. Once the blue lines were done on the Canson board and scanned for back ups I pencilled over them again with a H lead filled mechanical pencil before scanning it again.

I created two pencil versions on my laptop, one with the line art for the tattoo omitted to ink and one with the tattoo left in as a guide and my signature removed to colour as the tattoo has no outline. At this point I redrew the irises/pupils of the eyes as they were too oval and Manga-like as well as adjusting the nose & lips.

Once I'd inked the line art I rescanned again and printed the inks onto a sheet of acetate. With my printer being an inkjet this took 3 attempts and even a week later the best result is barely touch dry as my style & technique is so black/ink heavy.

The colours were done with promarkers on a seperate sheet and needed about 2/3 applications of each tone to avoid looking bleached and getting drained by the black inks. Once scanned I had a hell of a time getting the placing of the colours sheet to match up with the inks on the acetate. In the end I never quite pulled it off but came awfully close.

Finally I printed the colours onto a sheet of textured Green card, placed the acetate inks on top and rescanned. The result I was trying to go for was the kind Bryan Talbot achieved in The Tale Of One Bad Rat and to a lesser extent Garry Leach's re-colouring of his Warpsmith pages.

Overworked, but my friend seems genuinely pleased with the results so I'm happy.
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April 6, 2014
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