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Werewolf 4 detail

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Werewolf #4 Detail, Skinwalkers
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Ginger snaps looks awesome :)
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This is cool. A great blend of both wolf and woman.
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Looks very, very awesome. :)
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i have to say there really isnt enough female werewolves so this is like totaly awesome!
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very sexy indeed
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Wow, that's looks exactly like the werewolves in the movie. 4.9/5
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Sonja from skinwalkers
i've actually seen this movie, and it wasn't bad... i tend to wander my movie rental store and pick out movies that catch my eye (and a lot tend to fall under supernatural) this is really good, considering i'm comparing it to the female were in the movie, you have amazing talent! If you like these movies, have you heard of the Ginger Snaps trilogies? they are also really good
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This is excellent !!! :heart:
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wow, very good!
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Yaaay!! Can I have a date with her? :deviation:
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