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Robot Concept 7

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Robot Concept #7, Tethered Islands
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i really like it , it kind of looks like a bionicle creation ... Great nonetheless !

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I love this! Incredible job! 😁
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Beautiful and life like!
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It's cool looking. I love it's design and the sleekness of it. It is AWESOME! You are very talented!
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Wow is so well it real??
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Sweet deal! This is fabulous!
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awesome robot is awesome
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is it real?...its is perfect!
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wow this is cool!
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Worthy of ILM. Very nice work.
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Utterly gorgeous. If I didn't know it was 3D, I'd swear this was a photo from your desk or something.
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How'd u make it?
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what program did you use to create this ?
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if you could make this more real, it wouldn't be real anymore ;) KUDOS great job
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i see lighting on the robot as though it's coming from the left, but there isn't an accompanying lighting of the table on that side
what program do you use to draw stuff like this?

I am just starting out. Im looking around for ideas and tips on how to draw. I got a bamboo fun second generation and i use paint tool sai. But i think you are using a special program.?
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holy crapezoids! this is stupendous! amazing texturing and gorgeous reflections! simply love it. good work.
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only flow i see is if you took a picture of something that shiny at that close you would see the photographer. you should see if you can photoshop your self in with a camera!
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that's not a flaw if you're trying to make the observer invisible.
nevertheless, a good observation
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