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White Theme For OS X 10.9.2

By AaronOlive
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Only for OS X 10.9 - 10.9.2
:new: February 5, 2014

- Updated for OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 -10.9.2

- 10.8 support removed

- Added Neutraface Text Alt.

Want something dark? try Nocturne OS X

• Credits
Apple Inc.
Alex Zielenski
Andrea Fedi
Max Rudberg
Louie Mantia
Rasmus Nielsen
Chris Carlozzi / ELEV8TOR
Wil Nichols
Philipp Antoni / Infinise Design
Pritthish Chakraborty
Hector Simpson
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Anyone looking for the wallpaper HERE IT IS:…
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Love, love, love the theme so clean, especially the dock, icon of the light bulb, do you mind sharing it, or let me know where to download it?
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Beautifull...always used your theme to change system fonts. Will you update this for Yosemite as well?
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can you share the wall? ty :)
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Now it's crushing all my apps, email apps Wont open just crashing
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how can i unistall it, it keeps on saying "installation cannot proceed, as not all requirements were met. Now all my graphics is messed up, its not white but colourful
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10.9.4 pleaseeee, so clean
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Could 10.8 support be added as a dropbox link? I don't want to upgrade to Mavericks and lose compatibility with a lot of my things :/
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10.9.3? Please! :happybounce: 
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I installed the theme with the Neutraface Text Alt font and the time disappears from time to time. Only opening Date & Time Preferences makes it reappear again. Anyone else is facing that problem?
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cam you share the wall from this shot?
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how can I unistall the theme? The restore theme option gives the same error as the installer: not all requirements were met. 
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I can't seem to be able to install the theme on mavericks 10.9.1
am I doing anything wrong? 
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I have to say, I've been trying to figure out how to theme this mavericks OS for weeks but this is way cooler and easier then my way, props to you man!!

the installer is great, and that font switching and those menubar icons just kill it!

great job
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I ended up switching to Flavours, which works w/ Mavericks and has a lot of great themes (and was worth the $20, to me anyway):
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It's nice ! How can you do this please ? I want the same in pink but my version of themepark doesn't work on Mavericks :(
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Nevermind, false alarm. The misaligned windows derive from setting the dock to 2D on the left side in Mavericks. Unfortunately, this is a shame, since I seriously dislike the 3D Dock in OS X Mavericks. In contrast to Mountain Lion, it cannot be changed as of today. Hopefully, someone will figure out how to change the 3D Dock in Mavericks...
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Awesome theme, however I encountered one problem with it. Apperently, the changed menu bar leads to a misalignment when automatically resizing windows. There is always a small gap on the left side of each windows. Can this be changed somehow? I realign and resize every newly opened windows, which is unfortunately a bit tedious... Any comment would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for the theme.
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CandyBar still works on Mavericks? I can't change the icons :/ 
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hi aaron, my bluetooth icon is just blank after uninstall, could you help please! thanks
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we all have the same issue, i've try to reach him, but no luck mate 
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After uninstalling the theme, the battery icon in the menubar doesn't revert to the original one. ;)
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